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Kamen Rider Den-O: The Trouble with Time Trains by ellipsesbandit - [Note: This is set post-series, so there may be some spoilers for Den-O here?] Omg! I don't need to claw at Den-O fandom anymore. I just. I wanted one good fic with Yuuto and Ryoutarou and this fic is exactly what I was looking for. The author captures Yuuto's spastic flailing while trying to be cool and distant, she just totally nails the way Ryoutarou acts towards him by the end of the series and Yuuto is a spaz. Even Deneb is awesome here. ;___;b But, really, it's the fantastic and genuinely sharp and clever Yuuto narrative that makes this fic a great read. It's just. It's so easy to see, too! (Yuuto/Ryoutarou kind of implied.)

Kamen Rider Den-O: Fears by Whisper - This is just a short little piece on Ryoutarou and Yuuto post-series and it's really cute for that! But I think I actually wound up liking Airi-san's brief role in this almost as much, somehow she just sort of makes the whole setting. XD (Implied Yuuto/Ryoutarou.)

Kamen Rider Den-O: Amusements by Whisper - ;alsdkfjaslkj I kind of despaired of finding much Den-O fic with Yuuto and Ryoutarou in fandom, but! Even if this wasn't even quite 400 words, it's one of those fics that makes me that much more satisfied with fandom because. Because. Because it's Ryoutarou and Yuuto at an amusement park and Yuuto is acting about as you'd expect Yuuto to act (NOTHING makes him happy, Ryoutarou knows, oh, god, I was kind of dying) and full of great little moments and costumes and junk food and I-- yes plz. (Yuuto/Ryoutarou.)

Kamen Rider Den-O/Kamen Rider Kiva: Three Times Ryoutarou Crashed into Wataru's Life by niav - You know. For all that I used to be not that into crossovers or crack crossover pairings, I certainly eat them up with a spoon these days. Especially if they're written as fantastically as this one and I just-- I love the idea of taking the two woobie characters from these two series (that have already been crossed over in Climax Deka, despite that this is not really set in their shared universe precisely) and writes this gorgeous fic about the two of them, somehow this just totally makes sense. I love that it's set through Wataru's eyes and the way Ryoutarou crashes into his life (sometimes rather literally) and we, the audience, know what's going on, but Wataru's confusion and his quiet reactions were fantastic! And, oh, this would be kind of hot, wouldn't it? (Ryoutarou/Wataru.)

Kamen Rider Den-O: Gross by Whisper - You know who I kind of really didn't like at first but grew to be really super-fond of? Ryuutaros. And I ♥ this short little fic for walking that line between keeping his childlike nature and how he was more perceptive than most people might give him credit for. I love the opening lines: Ryutaros thought it was gross. He got it, but it was still pretty disgusting. and the way Ryuutaros just sort of lets them go on on purpose. XD (Implied Momotaros/Urataros?)

Kamen Rider Den-O: Contraband by capncosmo - [Note: This fic and this rec have huge SPOILERS for the ending of Den-O.] This was super adorable, with little Hana-chan and her parents and her uncle sneaking her chocolate despite her mom's crazy dietary restrictions and her dad being adorable and, well, we'll blame it on Uncle Ryou if we get caught! :D and Ryoutarou being... well, Ryoutarou. This was charming, omg. <3 (Implied Sakurai/Airi.)

Kamen Rider Den-O: Whispering Truths by capncosmo - This is one of those fics that I've wanted from the Den-O fandom pretty much since I started watching the episodes and was torn over the whole Ryoutarou - Yuuto - Airi thing, because it doesn't really say anything one way or the other, how Ryoutarou feels, it's kind of a big jumble of emotions, which is perfect. I love that it's Urataros that lightly questions him and Ryoutarou evading the question is A+ here. *__* (Maybe some implied Ryoutarou/Yuuto or Yuuto/Airi.)

Kamen Rider Den-O: Working It Out by EllipsesBandit - You know, as much as I'm all about Kiva lately, I still love Yuuto to ridiculous amounts, so when fic with Yuuto and Ryoutarou pop up, I'm totally all over it. It was set post-Climax Deka, though, I don't know if there are really any spoilers for it, more that context would simply help, and it has that beautiful batshit quality of Yuuto being Yuuto and Ryoutarou being kind of run over by everyone but still standing up for himself... sort of... and alskdjfalksj there are a lot of great little details in here but mostly it's the delightful character voices and the total LOL of this piece even as I'm all AAAAWWW BABIES GO MAKE OUT FOR AWHILE OKAY? at them. <3 (Yuuto/Ryoutarou.)

Kamen Rider Den-O: Just a Coincidence by Whisper - You know who I love with all my fangirl heart? Yuuto, that's who. Well, and Deneb, too, becasue Deneb is the best mommy Imagin ever and Yuuto is such an adorable spaz with trying to keep his dignity while the universe clearly conspires against him. I love how much he obviously likes Ryoutarou and how much Deneb means to him even though this fic is a non-stop stream of complaints about all of them and every time the fic gets to Deneb's excuse to go stop the train, I start laughing because it's so easy to see. XD (Yuuto/Ryoutarou.)

Kamen Rider Den-O: A Simple Explanation by ellipsesbandit - One of the things about Den-O and shipping Ryoutarou and Yuuto is, of course, the Airi factor and how all of that is supposed to fit together, so this fic... kind of goes along really well with how I felt about the situation, too. That Sakurai-san and Yuuto aren't really the same person anymore, that Sakurai-san disappeared and this Yuuto is this Yuuto, that even the Ryoutarou that he'd previously met isn't the same Ryoutarou anymore. I love that it's Urataros that explains this, I really liked the way the conversation unfolded and Yuuto was so... Yuuto. It's one of those fics that neatly fills that void I'd been feeling with the Den-O fandom, even with as much fic as it's gotten, because this issue kind of needed to be addressed, especially if it had some great character voices and a really solid ending. Plus.

I mean, any fic that opens with these lines has to be gold: Yuuto sat at Nogami's desk in the Deka office, considering exactly what kind of a jerk he was.

He knew he was a jerk. He had met himself on several occassions and each time was struck with a desire to punch himself in the face. Therefore, he figured it a pretty safe assumption that most people (even Nogami who tolerated four Imagin inside his head at all times) at least sometimes wanted to punch him in the face. But that was fine, because usually he didn't care what other people wanted and he had good enough skill and luck to get out of the way. (Yuuto/Ryoutarou.)

Kamen Rider Den-O: ROUTAROU BEING KIND OF OKAY WITH NOBODY ELSE REMEMBERING YUUTO by Meg - You know what there needs to be more of in this world? People being nice to Yuuto and him being unconscious so he can't bitch about it. Because baby needs more people being nice to him and him not spazzing their affections away. I really liked this ficlet a lot, it's not too sappy or overdone, but there's something really touching and quietly powerful about it. ....also, maybe I am a sap for Yuuto and Ryoutarou, shut up. (Implied Ryoutarou/Yuuto, I guess.)

Kamen Rider Den-O: Waltzing Odebu by ellipsisbandit - The other day I was on YouTube to look for a clip of Yuuto's transformation sequence and then I started watching other clips of Yuuto's scenes and it was awhile before I could drag myself away. Because Yuuto is what really sold me on Den-O, he is so completely inside my wheelhouse of character types and this fic both came along at the right time to feed into that and does a delightful job of capturing the Ryoutarou/Yuuto/Deneb dynamic. Plus. Yuuto (and Ryoutarou) trying to search for an Imagin contract holder at dance lessons. It was made for hilarity. XD (Implied Yuuto/Ryoutarou if you want to see it.)

Kamen Rider Den-O: passing torches by surestsmile - So, what really made me fall in love with Den-O was Yuuto's character, both what he had to go through and just the character himself. So, when I get into fandom, I'm all over Yuuto fic and this one hit me just as it was intended to. I really like the narration the author has for Sakurai-san's POV, which we never really got that much info on in the series, but it felt right here. And the sacrifice he made and everything that Yuuto had to go through here, it tugs at my fangirl heartstrings just as it was intended. ;__;♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

Kamen Rider Den-O: Clutch by Whisper - asl;dkfjasljk this isn't even 200 words, but yet I love it kind of a lot. Yuuto tries to learn how to drive a car. He can ride a motorcycle and drive a train, this shouldn't be that hard, right? And yet he's so Yuuto about it and it's just adorable. XD (Implied Yuuto/Ryoutarou, I'd say, but.)

Kamen Rider Den-O: untitled actualize - *thoughtful* I was pretty sure that Sakurai-san disappeared and the implication of the series was that Yuuto was to live his own life now, so I'm not sure when/how this is supposed to take place, but setting aside that (because I can just call it AU or whatever and I'm fine with that <3) this was a nice little piece and I love Yuuto so, so much. Trying so hard to look like he doesn't care, but still showing up to make sure things go right and letting Ryoutarou do whatever he wants because it's not like he cares or anything, alsk;djfalksj he totally made Den-O for me. And he's adorable here as well. XD (Some Sakurai-san/Airi, it's only half the point.)

Kamen Rider Den-O: untitled? by actualize - wrong linked me to this author the other day (and that's how I started going through the comm's REBORN! fics as well XD) and asl;dkfjalskj I'm so glad because MOAR TOKU FIC PLZ, especially if they're Den-O fics that focus on Yuuto. It's set post-series and what I really liked about it, aside from Yuuto being adorably spazzful, even if he'd never admit it, is the way he's slowly unwinding and not trying to close himself off so much. It's a really nice thing to see for him and I like the way it's done here. Plus! DENEB = HARTS. (No warnings/pairings.)

Kamen Rider Den-O: untitled? by actualize - wrong also linked this one and asl;dkjfalskj I have this conflicted feeling about Yuuto and Airi. I really kind of loved that moment where she almost remembered him. And the flashbacks with Airi and Sakurai-san were super adorable, I could totally OTP Sakurai-san/Airi. But... Yuuto is not really Sakurai-san and that's where I get into trouble with them. So when a fic comes along that's about them, I get kind of wary, except I'm really glad I read this one because it's SO CUTE and it's just. An adorable pre-series fic showing their little family slowly coming together, getting inside Sakurai-san's head (and how he is, in many ways, like Yuuto, even if he's unlike Yuuto in just as many other ways), the scenes just warm and happy with the three of them. Also, the image of Ryoutarou falling into snowbanks is A+++ for me. XD (Sakurai-san/Airi.)

Kamen Rider Den-O: With Deliberation by capncosmo - I don't think I've recommended a whole lot of capncosmo's fic, have I? Which is a serious shame because she writes some really fantastic stuff, her prose is clean and smooth, her characterizations are lovely. This is a short piece between Ryoutarou and Urataros, where Ryoutarou is worried about losing the Imagin and Urataros trying to figure out how to respond to his mood, where the really lovely thing is that it doesn't need to be any longer or shorter than it is, it fits the series and the characters just right. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

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