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Kamen Rider Kabuto: Six people who aren't allowed to touch Kagami, and one who is by Tammaiya - So. How much do I love that this fic was supposed to be kind of short except it blossomed into a really kind of long piece and it's all about how crazy in the head Tendou can sometimes be? I love that it's set at various points of the series (so Tendou's levels of Crazypants fluctuate) and that it shows how... so many of the relationships that Tendou had with the other Riders and people around him were often based on Kagami's relationships with them, usually in the way Tendou didn't like them because of it. It's so much fun to watch Tendou's crazy and Kagami's confusion because Tendou really does Give Him A Headache and then the scenes with Kagami/Tendou in them are fantastic. I love the ending scene so, so much because that's just. That's so Tendou. He threatens everyone else who so much as looks at Kagami and then doesn't actually do anything until Kagami makes the first move. With another fic that might have come off as cliche, but here it works so totally well. So many little touches of wonderful that I just. Love it. ♥ (Kagami/Tendou.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: Four Times Tendou Startled Kagami and One Time Kagami Surprised the Hell Out of Tendou by Meg - Five scenes! Five scenes of super awesome Kagami/Tendou retardation! Kagami's life being full of pain because Tendou is there and Tendou Is A Headache and yet he's hot, so it's probably worth and then there's an Arashi crossover and let me tell you that I was pretty super-happy about just hearing the idea of that, much less how awesome it was when Tendou and Jun went off to exchange recipes and talk about clothes. You know. After Jun got upset about something disturbing one of his concerts. .__. And then making fun of Kagami's total lack of fashion sense and then, yet again, no matter how crazypants Tendou gets, it's always up to Kagami to make the first move and it's beautiful. Seriously, the final scene is just perfect, especially when Kagami finally asks him out on a date. ....maybe this fandom won't be so painful after all. ;__;b (Kagami/Tendou.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: En Paco, Flugas by Estirose - [Note: There are major spoilers for the entire series in this fic and this rec.] There are a couple of things I really kinda liked about this fic. One, the use of Gatack and the author's take on the zecter and Kagami and why it attacked him the first time and yet could still be his Chosen One. Two, this line: Of course, he had no clue what the Zecters' energy sources were. Maybe partly solar, though probably not completely, not with the power they went through. Maybe it was nuclear power, though he hoped not; he hoped to have kids someday. Maybe it didn't matter. It was a thoughtful piece from Kagami's perspective post-war against the Worm and I liked how much thought the author put into the actual plot and its affect on the characters. A nice little piece. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: (take it) slow by Tammaiya - [Note: This fic will have spoilers for the end of the series.] I love that pretty much every fic Tammaiya's written for the fandom so far has blown up to be surprisingly long, especially when it's a fic that deals with Tendou bringing Kagami home to meet his grandmother. I love the little bits of culture woven into the fic, but that it mostly focuses on Tendou and Kagami's relationship and what social idiots they both kind of are. It's probably my favorite Kabuto fic of hers so far, I love her take on Tendou's grandmother, that totally fits with how I imagined her, and I love how nervous Kagami is around her and yet he finds his way through all this crazy around him somehow. But it's really the scene at night, when they should be sleeping, where Kagami can't quite drift off and he starts to realize a few things and Tendou is so... Tendou that's my favorite. It combines the start of a relationship with established retarded boyfriend dynamics beautifully, it has that sense of intimacy between the characters that's even better than porn (blasphemy, I know) and the end of that scene at night may have made me wibble kind of an embarassing amount, shut up. ;__;♥ It's just. This fic got me, played on how much I fell in love with the characters and wanted them both to be happy, how much I really do feel badly for everything that Tendou went through and how much I truly love Kagami. ♥ (Kagami/Tendou.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto/xxxHOLiC: Daytrip by moonbyrd - One of the best things about the fic wish list meme that went around is that sometimes those fics are actually getting written. And I of course loved the idea of Yuuko knowing Tendou's grandmother/as Tendou's grandmother as well, but I never really expected to see much of the idea, maybe a drabble from Meg someday or something. And then moonbyrd comes along and actually writes it and, wow, does she ever do a fantastic Yuuko (and Watanuki) voice, she's just so... childish and yet so much the Dimension Witch, all in the span of five seconds' time. Plus her interaction with Kagami (and Gatack! ♥) in La Salle is A+++ and these two series just... fit, it's hilarious. ♥ This was FABULOUS. *loves* (No warnings/pairings.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: fic meme by Meg - [Note: The Kabuto ones are here, here, here, here, here, and here. Alternately, you could probably go through them here, but I spent all that time linking them, I'm not deleting it now. :| ] I love these drabble memes, like, so much because they're a great way to get little snippets of ideas I want to see done without having to drag the author through writing something far too long. Instead, they're delightful little ficlets and this one starts off with Tendou whining about Hiyori's first date and then it's Hiyori and Juka bonding over Tendou being kind of hugely socially inept and, seriously, it never gets old how... how brilliant and deft Tendou can be while at the same time being so... socially inept. ALSO THERE'S VAMPIRE AU. *beams* I love Meg, like, a looooooooot. ♥ (Some Kagami/Tendou, some gen.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: King of Silence by Meg - What I said about this fic still remains true. Even though I want more more more more Kabuto fic, there's a part of me that can kind of be forever satisfied to some degree with the fandom after this fic. It's sort of a pwp, but it's not really what one thinks of when thinking of "pwp fic" because it's not just about the porn, it's also about what Tendou is going through during those episodes, the sex and the emotional aspect are so entwined with each other that you can feel it long before they ever even touch each other. That's my favorite part of this fic, I think. There's a lot I love about it, but that you can feel the tension between them long before either of them lay a hand on each other, that you can feel it even when they're walking to Kagami's apartment, when they're making tea, when they're taking a shower ahead of time (how much do I love this fic for working in details like showers and condoms and all the things Tendou would totally have a cow about and makes them part of everything that's going on? that's so much of why this fic was so satisfying, even beyond the porn) and the spot on take on both the characters. Both of them are so right for where they are in the series at that point, both of them aren't just simple characters, there's so much going on with both of them, and I can't decide who I love more, Kagami or Tendou. Or Meg for the amazing, amazing fic. *__*♥ No matter what happens from here on out, some part of me can be satisfied with the Kabuto fandom now. (Kagami/Tendou, NC-17.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: untitled by reversedhymnal - This was a delightfully fun little ficlet from a meme that's why I love going through these memes in the first place. Kabuto and ghost stories and it's the whole cast and it's mocking Tendou just a little bit (or maybe a lot) in a way that is so much fun. (No warnings/pairings.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: The Journey, Not the Desination by Meg - While I was serious about being somewhat satisfied with Kabuto fandom after the previous fic from the author, I also still really wanted more fic from this fandom. Especially of the porno variety. And what Meg does here is that she takes two semi-cliche (or at least they would be if a larger fandom for this show existed) and makes them really hot. And, as if makeouts against the Extenders or blowjobs in a ridiculous throne-like chair weren't awesome enough, they both have the perfect tone to them, just self-aware enough that they're this brilliant combination of it and still being serious makeouts. A...also, the use of description is some of my favorite, it's so sharp and she knows how to paint a really hot scene without even having to really go beyond an R rating too much because she knows exactly how to skirt the line so that it's perfect. These two short fics don't need any more or any less, just... exactly this. And I mentioned it was really hot, right? (Kagami/Tendou, not quite SFW.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: Wanna Taste It by Circe - This was really fun to read! Generally, I don't lean towards the idea that Kagami is that clueless (despite that I've written him that way myself) but a good author can make me forget just about anything and I kind of seriously loved what Circe did here. Which I mention because it's the mark of a good author that can pull me away from the direction I usually lean. ♥ The imagery used, the sense of timing she has, the way Tendou's moodswings are fearsome and kind of frightening without being too much, then there's Gon and Daisuke who are so much fun and I especially love the ending because that's Kagami for you. Even when Tendou confuses the hell out of him, he gets it eventually and does things his own way. Also, she totally does some A++++ double entredres with the food and that is what Kabuto fandom should be all about. (Kagami/Tendou.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: untitled by Circe - I love that Circe drops little commentfics all over the place because they keep me non-starved in such a small fandom and they're so often these delightful little snippets that are based on a really hilarious little idea. This commentfic is Kagami and Juka having a special secret from Tendou and you pretty much know where it's going, yet you still dissolve into laughter every time you get to the ending anyway. Of course that's how it would go. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: untitled by moonbyrd - And moonbyrd also occasionally drops commentfics which delights me a whole lot. I really like Kagami's denial of his attraction to Tendou here because he's talking to Hiyori and Hiyori should not know these things even if you'd have to be kind of blind not to know that Tendou's hot. I really like this take on Hiyori, too, she's so straightforward and no-nonsense even when she has to put up with multiple idiots around her. ♥ (Some Kagami/Tendou, it's only half the point.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: untitled by EstiRose - Okay, this was really, really cute and fun. I adored the Zecters in this series, I totally think they have personalities, too, and obviously I do kinda ship them right along with their human partners. So. A fic that starts out with Gatack having gotten Kabuto pregenant? I should be going ".....", but because of the way the author wrote it, I am DELIGHTED at this. Just. AHAHAHA OMG YES. ♥ (Kagami/Tendou implied.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: The Dating Lives of Tiny Robotic Bugs and Other Things ZECT Never Considered by Circe - Do you know who I love? Aside from Circe, that is. (And I've probably said this before, but it bears repeating.) The Gatack Zecter. I love that little crazy motherfucker bug-shaped robot, every time it's batshit in the series (a;lsdfkjasl;kj when it chews on the Worm's arm, I crack up every single time I see that) I love it more and so. This fic. That is half about the shenanigans of the human cast, but paired up with Zecter craziness. And, oh, man, the personalities Circe gives the Zecters, the way she takes the personality hints we do get in the series (how much do I love that the show managed to give the bug-shaped robots personalities? SO MUCH.) and then just totally runs with it, but. Even more than that. It's the way the Kabuto and Gatack Zecters are totally Meant For Each Other (you can tell) and the way she's just so... so smart and clever and funny in this. There are a lot of moments of totall LOL, but there are at least three moments in the fic that. I had to stop reading just to sit there and laugh for awhile. Three. In one fic! It's that kind of fic where you want to quote lines at people because you're just so violently in love with it. Plus, it's Kagami and Tendou following Juka on her date and Tendou being crazier, but nobody is crazier than Gatack Zecter, and there are makeouts and just. as;dlkjfasl;kj yes. Sometimes fandom gives us nice things. (Some Kagami/Tendou, it's not really the main point.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: untitled by Meg - Eeee! One of my favorite personal bits of potential fanon is the idea that Kagami is totally good with cats, which you know he totally would be, given how well he deals with certain people who are very much like cats. (Not that that couldn't describe pretty much every other Rider besides Gatack. Kagami's life is hard. It's hard being the only dog in a room full of cats, you know.) But the best part is the way Tendou would react to another cat and good lord how I laughed at Kagami trying to get sympathy from Misaki. I'd have reacted just like Misaki, too. Beautiful, I'm still half-laughing even now. Also, the discussion of the other fic idea? I would pay A WHOLE LOT FOR THAT. ♥ (Implied Kagami/Tendou.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto/GoGo Sentai Boukenger: Tunnel (to Hell?) by capncosmo - So, recently capncosmo did this meme where she wrote about the relationship between two characters and, because of Ai no Kotodama starring Yasuka and Hidenori, there was a request for Masumi and Yaguruma. This was fantastic, because it so amazingly sums up both of their personalities and what they both need/don't need/are looking for/aren't looking for, in less than 300 words. It's just a brief encounter, but it's perfect. (No warnings/pairings.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: Five Times Tendou Did Something Like a Normal Person by Meg - You know, I read Circe's prompt for this and spent a little time trying to think of things Tendou would do like a normal person. I had a lot of trouble coming up with any examples. So, Meg is a very good person to have written this, especially because I love each and every one of them. Number 3 is totally my favorite, but I really do love them all because they're funny or show Tendou's damage or show the hotness of the show or are just interesting. This is why I love five-things memes. ♥ (Some Kagami/Tendou, I suppose.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: dirty dancing by Meg - I am generally not one for dancing in fic or the whole club scene, but this was Kabuto and it was my OTP and it was Meg, so I wanted to give it a shot anyway. And as;ldfkja;lskjalskj oh my god I love Meg a whole lot because that was seriously one of the hottest things ever. There's just enough detail (without making it the focus of the fic, which is instead centered on the whole atmosphere of it) and Tendou is just pushy enough and Kagami may not agree, but Tendou is a really good person for dragging him out onto the floor like that. This was... really, really a gorgeous piece, omg. *___* I-- I may have reread it a few times. *__* But... the clothes and the touching and Tendou's dialogue, it's all... I mean, I wouldn't even rate it R and yet it's hotter than a lot of porno I've read. (Kagami/Tendou, maybe not entirely SFW.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: Tendou in a dress by Meg - al;sdkfjal;skj speaking of things that I don't usually go for but that I'll read if it's the right author. Tendou in a dress. Kind of shouldn't be as hot as this is and yet. It's Tendou. So of course he's this hot in a dress. And I love the little touches in this fic, the ones you almost don't register because it's a kinkmeme ficlet--but Tendou fixing Kagami's tie because his dad wasn't a great teacher or Kagami wondering why this always happens to them (because Meg is a good person, that's why), the little things that make this so fantastic. *__* (Kagami/Tendou.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: Bike by Meg - Okay. Making out against bikes. Always something the Kabuto fandom needs more of. And blowjobs. There should always be more of those. And, again, this didn't even get up to an R rating and it's still hotter than a lot of porn I've read. But. My favorite thing about this fic. And this is true of pretty much all the fic Meg writes about the Kabuto characters. It's more than just the physical aspect of it. My favorite thing about this fic is that it's a perfect example of how Kagami knocks Tendou off to the side a little just by being himself and calling Tendou on his stupidity without being antagonistic about it, how Kagami might be a bit of a spaz at times, but when it's important, he steps up to the plate. That happened so many times in the series and it's reflected here, while not being just about that, while just being about making out against bikes (yet it's Tendou and Kagami, so of course there's often something more going on) and just. asldkfjal;kjas I love them such ridiculous amounts. T___T♥ (Kagami/Tendou.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: The Ballad of Kaga Bishin by capncosmo - [Note: The comments on this post may contain spoilers for Kabuto, I would advise probably not reading until you're finished with the series.] So, in episode 27, there's a comment on the structure of Kagami's name and how maybe it's not really his name, that they just misread it and it was actually "Kaga Bishin" instead of "Kagami Arata" and capncosmo started playing around with this in a comment thread and then this beautiful thing blossomed. I-- I really want to detail every little piece of what I loved about this fic, because the concept for it is just brilliant and perfect, what kind of person Kaga Bishin is, what kind of fate awaited him, and the parallels/contrasts drawn against the Kabuto characters themselves. There is so much LOL here, but I also love it because it fits in with the feel of Kabuto just so well. Right now, I love her more than I love all of you. Especially for the follow-up ficlet she posted with Kaga Bishin and Ten Dousouji because she's wonderful. (No warnings/pairings, I don't think.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: untitled by Meg - Possibly I should not be putting a short ficlet on the list, but you all shut up. It's everything I want from Tendou and Kagami makingout and what I really wanted from this prompt and makes me happy in my heart. A lot of it is that I want Tendou to be happy and in a good mood and peaceful, he's really hot like that, especially when he's sliding onto Kagami's lap for makeouts and I-- I am seriously going to treasure that image forever. a;sldfkjals;kj so, so hot, I want Meg to write them forever. *__* (Kagami/Tendou.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: untitled by Circe - I don't think I recommended this one before? When Circe did her links roundup thing, I remembered it and a;lsdjkfasl;kj I love this one. There really ought to be more Kagami and Juka-chan interaction in fandom because they would be adorable together and Juka-chan totally needs a second onii-san and every time I get to the end of this scene, I just break out the giggles again. ♥ (Nothing I'd warn for.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: Different, yet still the same by Circe - [Note: There are SPOILERS for towards the end of the series in this fic and this rec!] I love that there's the fannish idea floating around (that popped in my head while I was watching the series as well, seriously, SOMEONE needs to get out of SOMEONE's brain, I'm just not sure who yet) that a lot of the Natives only copied people who were already dying, rather than killing the person like the Worm do, especially because I can't imagine Tadokoro-san being any other way. I had other ideas in mind with my prompt for this one, but Circe did something brilliant with it here, Kagami and Tadokoro-san and then thoughts of Ryou, all mixed together in one laid back piece that is just the right tone. It's a touch bittersweet, but mostly just peaceful and it's perfect for these characters and this series. I cannot express my love enough, this totally happened in my personal head canon now. It really is amazing how much was packed into this little fic. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: happy summer wedding by Meg - Do you know how much I love Meg right now? It is more than all of you, for serious. Because I am and always will be one of those fans, the kind who wants to read fic that marries off the two dudes I slash and I want bridezilla Tendou and I want Kagami being like what the hell, Tendou and I want it done in such a way that it strikes that perfect balance between actually being IC and totally not taking itself all that seriously, which Meg does brilliantly. I grinned the entire way through this, I practically bounced in glee with how beautiful it is and, oh my god. The final scene of this post. With the two conversations. Just. I was kind of crying. I love it. I love it. I love every little detail Meg puts into these things that fits the characters and I love all the little throw-away jokes that are just as lol-worthy as anything and I love her characterizations. Her Hiyori is wonderful and just. a;sldkfja;lskj her Tendou. A+++++ for serious. (Kagami/Tendou, but it's only half the point.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: 'the pretty ones are always stupid' by Circe - [Note: You'll probably have to read part one and part two of my fic to fully understand this fic. Or, hell, you can just go with the summary--it's a Kabuto/LOVELESS fusion. There. o/] Oh, man. As if the Gon/Daisuke cuteness in the beginning couldn't get any better. Then Circe takes up the awesome another notch by having them go to La Salle where the others are and just. I really, really love her Gon. Her Gon is SPOT ON and her Daisuke is pitch perfect as well and then Gon figures things out and I love it so much I could burst with it. Also, her Gon and Tendou? ADORABLE. I would read about them being kindred spirits FOREVER. Seriously, this was delightful and perfect and everything else I couldn't possibly explode enough over. (Sort of Gon/Daisuke, I'd say. Sort of not. They're... you know.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: Happy Summer Wedding (part 2) by Meg - ....have I not recommended this one until now? Well, a lot of that was having taken so much time off from doing recs, but. a;sdlkjalskj you have no idea how much I love this fic. As much as I loved the lolz of the first part, I think I love the balance of this one even better--Tendou's crazy versus Kagami's sanity, the best cagematch just about ever. But I also love it because it illustrates one of the best parts of their relationship--Tendou is gorgeous and you want to give him whatever he wants because you care so much about him, except Kagami actually isn't a pushover. There's a smoking makeout scene here, but even more than that, I love this chapter for how it gets to me as a fan and, even as frustrating as it is, it went exactly how it was supposed to go. It was delicious. *___* (Kagami/Tendou.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: Sunny Side Over Easy by capncosmo - I-- I can't even-- I cannot tell you how much I love this fic or how much it makes me love Tsurugi all over again. I love that it's from Kagami's point of view, because Kagami is that character who has all these connections with people, I love that this fic touches on so many of those friendships and relationships he has with people without feeling crowded, I love that it does all of this on top of stunning characterization for everyone, especially Tsurugi and Renge. I just. Tsurugi and Renge in the same scene together, you wouldn't think fic would be able to capture all that awesome and yet this one does. And then the end is just... the perfect note to end on, given a series like Kabuto. (No warnings/pairings.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: Happy Summer Wedding by Meg - [Note: This is all three parts combined together, so you may want to skip to the new stuff. This rec will mostly focus on the third part of the fic, since the previous two have been recommended already.] There are certain things that just need to happen in fandom and certain things you never get tired of. One of my favorites is Gatack being a vicious little motherfucker who is batshit crazy and I could read about that forever. Meg uses it to especially good effect in this fic, I don't think I stopped grinning the entire time any given Zecter was on the screen, and then she wound it together with Tendou having to talk about his ~*feelings*~ (also awesome) despite that he'd rather gnaw off his own leg rather than voluntarily talk about them (feelings belong in a tiny little knot in your stomach where you don't have to deal with them, not out in the open where you can resolve them, gross) and Kagami being awesome and sensible and strong and having his head on straight and yet still making awesome headache faces. Because their relationship is fantastic here, all the crazy and all the issues and all the reasons why it still somehow works. *loves* Also, having Kagami Riku's involvement in the fic (and the way he was/wasn't involved) was just that much more satisfying, because I love that it's not anger at him so much as distance and it fits perfectly with where they were after everything that went down. (Kagami/Tendou.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Icka! M. Chif - You know what I love? When people make other people write fic for DW codes. Everyone wins that way. And this was an interesting, neat take on Kagami's character and the circumstances he finds himself surrounded by/caught between. Gatack and Tendou and the Worm and all of these things are incredibly difficult to deal with and it can be a bit much sometimes, all of them take so much out of a person. And I like that the author balanced Kagami being a normal person in these abnormal circumstances and how it's overwhelming sometimes, but also that Kagami always finds his way through and holds things together in that way he has. I really liked how sharp everything was in this piece, how much it kind of almost hurt a little to read. (Kagami/Tendou.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: sunday morning by Meg - Do you know who I love with the passion of a thousand suns? (Besides Meg, that is.) Tendou. Because he is kind of crazy in the head sometimes. And I love that this fic captures that so very well, how off kilter Tendou is and yet how much I love him for it, while also showing that there's something more there to him. The way Tendou looks at Kagami, the way he watches him, the way so much is said without having to be stated, the way I just sort of want to give Tendou a great big hug until his ~*feelings*~ spill out all over the place... that's what I love about this fic. ♥ (Kagami/Tendou.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: untitled by refracting - I really liked this take on the Kagami/Tendou relationship and Tendou's crazy skill level and it... it has this tone that Kagami can't quite entirely parse Tendou sometimes, but he also doesn't see Tendou as this perfect person (that Tendou actually isn't) anymore, either. I love it because the narration is lovely, the turns of phrase are pretty, but also because it says so much about the both of them and their relationship with each other. I really like this Kagami, who is so solid here without losing any of his personality. All while set around Tendou's training and wondering where it came from. The last paragraph in particular is very, very pretty. <3 (This is entirely gen, but Kagami/Tendou fans should enjoy it, too.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: untitled by Meg - And again. Skeevy servant AUs are one of my favorite things ever and I love the Kabuto one because, yes. Yes, of course this is how it would go and Tendou would be that much of a freak and Kagami's life would be hard because Tendou is crazy in the head. Also, the thought of Kagami trying to be Tendou's servant fills me with lolz, because that's not a job I would wish on anyone, nothing would ever be right. ♥ (Kagami/Tendou.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto/Gekiranger: untitled by Circe - Out of the blue, Circe drops this amazing commentfic that I pretty much made :D :D :D faces through the entire way. You know, when I wasn't just about bawling at the amazingness of it. Because it's everything a Gekiranger and Kabuto crossover should be! Hilarity of putting all those crazy people in the same room (oh my god, Jan and Tendou in the same room and it is as beautiful as you would imagine, I love her Jan with a fiery passion, but also her everyone) and the contrasts and comparisons against each other are lovely , but mostly it's just screamingly funny. She has an amazing way of making every character shine even with just a few sentences, because I loved every single person in this fic, for real. Just a short commentfic from her and I'm back to being in love with the world again, man, Circe should be in every fandom I'm ever in. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: Atarashii by Circe - I was going through my pile of links and stumbled over this fic and realized that I'd never properly reccommended it, which is a damn shame because, oh, it's perfect. I love the way Kagami and Tendou spend the minute up to Tendou's birthday, the way there's something so quiet and understated about them here, yet the waters run deep. Circe's writing is lovely and, the way she writes it, just the simple act of one's hand in another is enough to make me do that heavy sigh of FEELINGS BOMBING that I get. So, so many feels for these two, still. (Kagami/Tendou.)

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