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Kamen Rider Den-O/Kamen Rider Kiva: Three Times Ryoutarou Crashed into Wataru's Life by niav - You know. For all that I used to be not that into crossovers or crack crossover pairings, I certainly eat them up with a spoon these days. Especially if they're written as fantastically as this one and I just-- I love the idea of taking the two woobie characters from these two series (that have already been crossed over in Climax Deka, despite that this is not really set in their shared universe precisely) and writes this gorgeous fic about the two of them, somehow this just totally makes sense. I love that it's set through Wataru's eyes and the way Ryoutarou crashes into his life (sometimes rather literally) and we, the audience, know what's going on, but Wataru's confusion and his quiet reactions were fantastic! And, oh, this would be kind of hot, wouldn't it? (Ryoutarou/Wataru.)

Kamen Rider Kiva: Strangers by Cosmos Senshi - Possibly I am easy for Nago/Wataru fic and this is an admittedly short fic, but. What makes me love it is that, even if it was set very early on in the series, when only a handful of episodes were out, you could already feel the crazy coming off Nago and even now it's-- it's kind of easy to see him being this batshit crazy at Wataru. For his own good. Really. XDDDD Also, Wataru's hesitant passive attitude was just. Hee. ♥ (Nago/Wataru.)

Kamen Rider Kiva: The Perils of Employment by Niav - ....did I never rec this fic until now? It's one of the best Kiva fics in the fandom (which is entirely too small, seriously), taking a simple concept--Ramon and Riki try to get jobs and don't exactly last very long in them--and just totally running with it. It's sharp and clever and funny and, oh, man, I could watch them try to hold down jobs like these all day, as written by this author. I love their friendship, I love that Ramon is pure evil, I love that Riki is almost sort of sweet, and that last one. a sd;flkjasl;kj crying. (No warnings/pairings.)

Kamen Rider Kiva: 10 Things About Wataru Kurenai's Facebook Circle by Niav - AHAHAHAHAHA, the cast of Kiva plus Facebook, there's so much potential with that idea and the author pulls it off beautifully here. There's a sense of humor about the cast, but obviously coming from love, as all the best mocking/teasing should be. It's also genuinely clever and funny without stretching the premise too hard, so it was just a perfect little read. (....nothing I'd really warn for.)

Kamen Rider Kiva: A Little Less Conversation by Mousapelli - So, I started on Kiva earlier in the year and, no matter what else happened in it or where the series went, I imprinted on Nago/Wataru early on and I'll probably forever stay with that pairing. I occasionally didn't mind other pairings, but what I really wanted was the Nago/Wataru. And not fluffy, light stuff, either, I wanted batshit crazy Nago who was obviously kind of crazypants around Wataru and this fic really, really helped scratch that itch for me. It's not just that it was porn (though, the sex was very nice), it was that it kept the characterization of the series--Wataru practically idolized Nago and Nago was controlling and kind of really crazy in the head, which is what drew me in in the first place. I-- I am not quite so dissatisfied with Kiva fandom after this! (Nago/Wataru, NC-17.)

Kamen Rider Kiva: Love Triangle by Mousapelli - More Nago/Wataru fic! \o/ And it also has one of my favorite Megumis ever, because she's so... she's such a great older sister figure for Wataru, especially because she's not always right or because she's kind of traumatizing. But it's also more of Nago being crazy in the head and Wataru still kind of idolizing him a little and it's all the hotter for how it is kind of messed up and the fic strides the line between teasing the series/character for that (especially with Megumi's explanation) and taking it somewhat seriously, which is pretty much the perfect line to take with these characters. Also, the sex was hot. <3 (Nago/Wataru, NC-17.)

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