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- KareKano - Perfect Blue by Vain Girl - Admittedly, the writing of this was just a touch stiff, the events of it happening a little too quickly, but these are both small quibbles in the face of the larger whole. The more I read of KareKano, the more I desperately OT3 the Hideaki/Arima/Yukino triangle, it's one of the few that's genuinely balanced all the way around. And what I love about this fic, even aside from that it focuses on the three of them and it's set from Hideaki's point of view and that Yukino is so beautifully in character with her sparkling and laughing and evil dictator look, is that it made me wibble and ache in that way that made me want to cry. Because it hurts to see Hideaki on the outside and because they're not going to leave him alone. Because it's that same feeling I get when I read the series itself and want something EXACTLY LIKE THIS more than words can convey. (Asaba/Arima/Miyazawa.)

- KareKano - Vitruvian man by tin - [Note: The fic is locked, but the author friends anyone who friends the journal, so I'll make an exception for it.] tin's work has this way about it. She has all this rich, intelligent cultural background in her fic that create something that feels very much like a painting to me. With other authors, it often feels pretentious or like they're trying too hard, but tin's has a natural sort of grace. Which fits very well with characters like Arima and Yukino, so something as simple as them looking at paintings because this beautifully layered piece that has meaning and subtle bits of characterization that... well. tin is one of those authors that I trust to write about pairings that are nearly complete in the manga themselves because she does it right and this one is no exception. (Arima/Miyazawa.)

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