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- Kenran Butoh Sai - Cerulea [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know, I didn't actually expect to find any Kenran Butoh Sai fanart, much less of the Yagami/Grahm variety, much less pretty fanart for the pairing. But what I really love about this site is that it captures the style of the anime, the art looks like the anime, only softer. But the characters look fantastic--there's one of Yagami in priests clothes that looks terrific or the one of Grahm looking freaked out that's got lovely colors or the wonderful b&w sketches that look so soft and pretty or the absolutely adorable chibi illustrations. All in all, this is one of those sites that makes me sparkle that it exists because... WHEE! Kenran Butoh Sai fanart that's just about all I could ask for and when I was done going through the site, I found myself actually wishing there were a fandom for the series, because this site made it FUN to like the show again. (Some Yagami/Grahm, a lot of gen.)

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