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- Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction Recs - Gen/No Pairings - I didn't intend to like much beyond Roxas/Axel because that's the only reason I caved into looking at the KH series in the first place. And then I went and actually played KHII. And suddenly, oh, it's not as childish/fluffy as it looks. And suddenly people were writing these gorgeous little gen pieces or kickass humor fics with the other characters and then, too, suddenly I was sort of in love with the whole concept. I mean, I still go for the pairings a lot, but I really do like gen almost as much. There are some REALLY cool interaction pieces out there!

- Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction Recs - Riku x Sora - As well as with the gen aspect, Riku/Sora wasn't something I expected to like. I mean, I was sure they had their fans for a reason and all, but I was interested in Roxas/Axel more than anything. And then. Man, Sora was CUTE and FUN and I really liked playing as him. And then he spent all this time looking for Riku and there were these incredibly emotional scenes and the game SHOWED us how much he cared about Riku and how much Riku cared about him and then there were MORE scenes that totally pushed me over the edge and... yeah. I totally ship them now. I sort of fear the fic, though, so this section'll probably be small for awhile.

- Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction Recs - Roxas x Axel - Roxas/Axel. The reason I decided to try out KHII in the first place. Sadly, my views of the characters don't match that well with a lot of fandom, so this section will probably always be small (you can find more art on the artbits page, though), but! There are some really lovely authors already and I'll keep looking and bit by bit the page will grow, I hope. Plus, asdfl;jadsflajk, oh, my god. I love these two. So much. Axel was totally acting like a jilted girl over Roxas and it just makes me love him more. And Roxas is lovely and I actually really liked playing as him, too.

- Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction Recs - Other Pairings - I like other KH pairings, too. Like, I'm totally head over heels for KH!SephirothxCloud. (I want to eventually give them their own section, but I don't have enough recs for that for now.) And I pine for KH!Rinoa or KH!Zack to pair with Leon and Aerith. Or occasionaly I'll deign to read a Leon/Aerith fic that's actually really cute. There will also be the random batshit pairings or something that was just too good to miss and... well, really, whatever I feel like. I'm not super-super-super obsessed with KH, so I'm not reading everything that comes across my path, but I branch out enough that this section won't be totally empty. ^_^v

- Kingdom Hearts Doujinshi Recs - Given that KH doujinshi is generally pretty underground thanks to Disney Japan, there won't be a ton to find out there, but occasionally some sneak through. A lot of times it's cutesy stuff, but every so often there's a really gorgeous one that I totally pounce on! I'll focus mostly on Riku/Sora, since that's my pairing of choice in the fandom (art-wise, that is) after I've settled and, thankfully, it's probably the most popular pairing available.

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