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- Kodomo no Omocha - The bones of a lover's spine by meemee - So, I had a cranky day and some serious irritation at The Intarweb being frothed up, when along comes Hayama/Sana fic and thus fragile pieces of my faith in The Intarweb are gently glued back together. It's a lovely story with some great images in it--Sana and Hayama on the roof together, naked and sticky, shouldn't have worked quite this well, but somehow it was so very them, from the way they were tangled up in each other to the way they were completely ignoring anything that was traditionally "romantic". A lovely little piece set somewhere in the future that just made me happy. (Hayama/Sana.)

- Kodomo no Omocha - The Language of Flowers by meemee - The first half of this fic is really an almost sweet interaction between Sana and Natsumi about flowers and the meanings behind them. And then I clapped my hands together in delight/glee when Hayama, in that way he has, asked to borrow the book of flower meanings, sending Sana some flowers the next day. And the second half of the story? Perfect. So very perfect for Hayama and Sana. XD XD XD (Hayama/Sana.)

- Kodomo no Omocha - The Sound of Waves by meemee - Oh, god. More Sana and Hayama, this time at the BEACH. Such great fun and just so like the two of them, right down to Sana loading the car down with every possible thing they might need to the way Hayama pushes her into the waves when she gets too sappy. The ending, once again, is absolutely perfect for these two and I utterly cracked up at the end. I just... yeah, this deserves a better rec, but instead you're just going to have to go read it. So Hayama and Sana, really. <3 (Hayama/Sana.)

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