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- Kyou Kara Maou Fanfiction Recs - I admit, I didn't think that MaraMa would get much fic that I would like... being the heathen Konrad/Yuuri fan that I am. ^_~ But I also read the occasional well-written Wolfram/Yuuri and I love, love, love Gwendal/Gunther, so both of those rounded this section out nicely. However, it will still be mainly geared towards Konrad/Yuuri fic, which I know breaks away from the majority of the fandom, but whenever I watch the series, I just can't help being utterly taken with them and my little fangirl heart only wants them!

- Kyou Kara Maou Fanart Recs - It drives me a little insane that there's not more fanart for this series out there, because it's such a delightfully fun little series and I want more fanart for it! *stomps foot* Plus, it's been on the air for 25 weeks now, shouldn't there be more??? ^_~ However! There are a handful of sites that I liked well enough to recommend, so I at least have a nice little collection of art going so far. Like with the fic, this'll be almost purely Konrad/Yuuri, but occasionally some Wolfram/Yuuri might sneak in and I would love to see some more Gwendal/Gunther, but it seems to be terribly rare. (Thankfully, Konrad/Yuuri seems to be one of the big kids on the playground with the J-fen, too, so it makes it easier to find the stuff I'm looking for. <3)

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