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- Prince of Tennis/Last Exile/Wolf's Rain - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, this site is so very, very, very bad for me. Last Exile fanart. The appeal of this artist's style is difficult to explain, it's not necessarily something everyone would go for right away, but the lines are very smooth, the colors nicely subtle, the details wonderful, the poses lovely, but more than that... there's a feel to the art that's just nice. As much as I love pretty art (and this art IS pretty!), what keeps me coming back to fanart again and again is the feeling it invokes in me and this site had me twirling around the room with her Prince of Tennis art. There was one of Tezuka and Fuji in winter scarves and gloves that I just LOVED and then one of them sharing ice cream that was just FUN. And then her Lost Exile art (Dio is especially beautiful, but the one of Alex has to be my favorite, I think *loves*), and the Wolf's Rain art was just fabulous. A really great site for me to explore and I'm so very much looking forward to getting to tackle some of the other LE sites out there. *twirls* (No single pairing themes, perhaps a little TezukaFuji, but it's really more of a multi-pairing site.)

- Last Exile - Hideaway [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Admittedly, I hesitated on this site, since Alex/Sophia really isn't my thing, but I kept clicking through the gallery and... well, damn the artist draws a beautiful Alex Lowe. It's more than just that he's physically pretty (though, that's very nice), it's also that he has that feel of Alex to him, that driven, intense, dark feel that was so attractive about the character. And if you liked the Alex/Sophia pairing, the illustrations for the two of them will probably be right up your alley, since they're quite well done. :D (Some Alex/Sophia.)

- Last Exile - Eventually by Alphard - Do you know how long I've been waiting for a fic like this? A very long time. The post-series Vince/Sophia relationship is one that holds some of the most potential for me in the series, the one I would have liked to have seen explored the most, but sort of feared because it would take a very deft hand to do it properly, but, oh, this fic did what I had been hoping for. They missed Alex, but it wasn't just about him, there was a hint of them in here, too, and the conversation is perfect for these two, so subtle, yet full of deep undercurrents and this sort of... elegance and old-world, vaguely European feeling that I got so strongly from the series itself. Sophia is a Queen here, but she is also Sophia, Vincent is a captain here, but he's also Vincent and... it was just exactly the right notes they needed at this point. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Last Exile - A school of morality. by alfard_alshuja - Oh, oh. My heart flutters over this fic, because it's so very Vincent and the writing is so beautifully... I mean, there was this certain style to Last Exile, a certain delicateness to the art while still being solid, and this fic somehow puts me exactly back into that feeling, right down to the way I pictured everything slightly softened like I remember from the anime. As well as the way the author captures Vincent's chivalry when he thinks about Sophia, the way his character practically shines here, the way my heart flutters over the way I could feel how he missed Sophia and longed for her, but without going over the top. There was something so wonderfully understated between these two characters, yet still so there and, oh, my, Vincent/Sophia done the way it should be. I loved this more than this rec can convey. (Vincent/Sophia.)

- Last Exile - Like Hamlet by alfard_alshuja - Much of what I said about the previous fic is also true about this one, there is an elegance and delicateness while still being sturdy to the writing of this fic. The tone of the story, as Vincent and Sophia reflect on Alex, the real Alex that they knew and the way the rest of the world remembers him, is this gorgeous not entirely melancholy, not entirely bittersweet, not entirely hopeful tone that just steals my breath away. Both Vincent and Sophia shine here, they feel so true to the characters and the world and it just makes my fangirl heart flutter to read more interaction between them and the ghost of Alex the way it should be written. It makes my fangirl heart also sing to see these stories, honestly, because I have wanted these stories for so long. (Not Vincent/Sophia, but not not Vincent/Sophia.)

- Last Exile - She left her life on Monday. by Shi Lin - One of the interesting things about 31_days is that the themes are very intriguing and I've found I've been particularily enjoying those that come of She left her life on Monday and this fic is no exception. There's something very right about Sophia dressing in her uniform for one of the first times, the way it feels, the way everything is precise and neat, the way Shi-chan describes her so that I could picture it perfectly in my head. There's something that really clicked with me and Sophia's characterization as an officer with this story, as well as the lovely writing as always. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Last Exile - A boy. by Shi Lin - And not only does she do lovely Vincent-and-Sophia, but she also does beautiful Klause-and-Lavie interaction that has that same sense of sweetness mixed with bittersweetness after all that's happened, yet still so happy, because... as long as Klause and Lavie are a part of each other's lives, it's hard to imagine that things wouldn't at least be all right. And Shi-chan has some beautiful turns of phrase and some absolutely lovely details about the way Lavie things and you can just feel how she feels and it's just that right mix between Maybe Something More and Exactly What You See that Klause and Lavie always had. (Not not Klause/Lavie.)

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