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- Gundam Wing/Cardcaptor Sakura/Lord of the Rings - Izumi 01: The Fountain District [ Fan Art Site ] - I believe I've rec'd this site before, but it was probably for just the Gundam Wing stuff (which is the predominant series here) and I wanted to re-rec it because there are a lot of other series here as well. AlexeCinz's art style took me awhile to get used to (it's not a typical style), but once I did... she does some of the most gorgeous anime fanarts out there. I'm not really sure how to describe them, other than lush, gorgeous, beautiful, etc. It's also wonderful to see that she focuses on all the characters equally, and no blatant favoritism shows up. One of my absolute favorite GW sites. Ooh! And her Cardcaptor Sakura illustrations are gorgeous, too. Babble, babble, babble. (No single pairing theme, really.)

- Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings/Fujimi no Orchestra - mondschein [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *squeaks happily* Fujimi no Orchestra fanart!!! XD XD XD And gorgeous fanart at that! *hyuuu* Becky is a happy, happy fangirl. (I don't know why I was so taken with Fujimi no Orchestra, but I just adored it.) *ahem* Okay, calming down, I utterly adore this artist's style, it's more of that gorgeous, lush, very nearly glowing fanart that, were I an artist, would make me want to cut off my own hands. (A little bit SiriusxHarry/SiriusxJames, AragornxFrodo, and KeixYuki.)

- Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - There is just something about this art style (that was used for several illustrations) that appeals to me... at least when it comes to HP and LotR. I couldn't tell you why, and normally I'm not crazy about it, I thought it really worked here. And the colored painting-esque illustrations were lovely, really capturing the darker feel to certain moments of both series. There's a Marauders illustration, where they're making the map, that I just adore on the site, too. (No warnings.)

- Hellsing/Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings - M1A1 [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Damn, there's some kick-ass Hellsing fanart out there--and this site is definitely one of them. This is top-notch use of CG work, I just love it to pieces--the colors are those gorgeous dark shades that fit Hellsing so well, and the coloring/shading/skill is amazing! There's an incredible one of Alucard and that dog here, as well as some fantastic group images that, well, I also adore to pieces. Just... cool. +_+ I'm not as crazy about the HP stuff, but there are some fantastic group illustrations and holy crap is that a gorgeous Legolas. +____+

- Yu-Gi-Oh/Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter/Hikaru no Go/Naruto - Spring Villa [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, no, no, nononononoooo! Not Yu-Gi-Oh! But... but... but.... *sigh* They're so freaking pretty. I still don't get the show, but, damn, this art is pretty. Gorgeous colors and gorgeous details and great poses and fantastic drawings and *cries* I can't believe I caved on a Yu-Gi-Oh site! (No offense to the show, I haven't watched enough to scorn, but I don't even watch it, and yet I'm finding fanart. >_<) The Lord of the Rings was much easier to take, even if it was Aragorn/Boromir. ^_~ There was a beautiful Legolas to distract me, though. ^_~

The Harry Potter fanart is adorable and gorgeously detailed; Harry and Ron look so cute! There are also two beautiful ones of Draco and Snape that impressed the heck out of even me. And then the real reason I love this site.... ^_~ Hikaru no Go and Naruto art! Okay, I admit, the Hikago fanart kinda freaks me out, but I doubt anyone could see Ogata in a pink female nurse's uniform, standing over Touya and not be at least a little twigged. ^_~ The Akira illustrations are adorable, though. ^_^v And, of course, the Naruto illustrations are wonderful--there is a gorgeous Kakashi-sensei illustration that is offcially my favorite Naruto fanart. *heartheartheart* (Lots of yaoi, mostly Boromir/Aragorn, Harry/Ron, Touya-sense/Ogata, and Akira/Hikaru.)

- Lord of the Rings - Masque by Eruntalince - *wheee!* I've been looking for a good Aragorn/Legolas fic for awhile, so it's really nice to be able to find one! (.....okay, so I haven't been looking that hard.) There were a few things that I found to be a bit on the cliche side (a masqued ball?), but I couldn't really hold it against the story, because it fit into the universe (I'm a cranky slash fan, I'm not crazy about a lot of the stuff that happens a lot in slash/yaoi fic. I don't like cross-dressing either. I'm such a wet blanket. ^_~), the writing was really nice, and no weepy uke Legolas~! The sex was really, really nice, and the whole story left me with a warm, happy feeling. That's what I've been looking for~! (Aragorn/Legolas.)

- Prince of Tennis/Lord of the Rings - Cherrymania [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is one of those sites that may not appeal to everyone but that I found that, even if it didn't have my favorite pairings (Well, I like KamioShinji a lot. ♥) I was won over by the sheer level of detail with the images. The artist puts a lot of time into each and every one and those who are Senbe fans or Fudomine fans will probably really like it--the artist also does really nice things with her colors, though, I'm at a loss how to explain just exactly what that is. They're very shiny/glowy, though, but in a really nice way. It's also nice to see the occasional site that's all over the map--while Senbe and Kamio/Shinji seem to get the most attention, there are also some really beautiful Rikkai illustrations here, there's some wonderful group Hyoutei illustrations, there was a nice AkuSen as well, it had one of my new favorite Jackal/Marui illustrations, too... so probably something here for everyone. ♥

Now, originally, I wasn't going to put this in the LotR section because there's only about six illustrations or so, but. There's this one of Legolas on a horse while he leans over to kiss Aragorn that was just absolute stunning. There was also one of Aragorn kissing Legolas at the end of Return of the King that was just absolutely beautifully drawn and also took my breath away. These were some of the most flat-out beautiful LotR fanart I've ever seen, so I had to include them. (Main focuses are Senbe and KamioShinji, but it's an inter-school site, with a good dollop of Rikkai on it. Aragorn/Legolas for LotR.)

- Lord of the Rings/X-Men - ES [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I came here for the X-Men fanart, but noticed the Lord of the Rings fanart first--I swear I didn't go looking for Aragorn/Legolas fanart! It just jumped right out at me! Not that it's really terribly obvious, even the most suggestive ones could nearly pass for gen. The artist does a really lovely Legolas most of all--there are a couple that are just absolutely stunning in these galleries. She has a look that's almost soft, but not too much so that it looks girly, just enough to be really pretty. And then there's her kick ass Evo fanart--there's this one of Kurt and Logan that's just amazing with the lines, the shading, and the soft coloring she used. There's also some really neat movie-based art and one in particular of Scott that I totally fangirled over. Of Scott. When the hell did I become a Scott fangirl? Plus! Eeeee! She has a few little Evo images tucked away on the pages, one of which was Lance/Kitty! *luffles* (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Yu-Gi-Oh!/Lord of the Rings - MOSCOWMULE [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I, of course, still don't get the YGO! thing or why there's some really nice fanart for it out there, but I try to let that go and just enjoy the pretty artwork, because I know I kinda like the character of Seto already and that I really enjoy seeing Yuugi (or whatever form he's in) fanart as well. This site is really kinda cute and I like the details on her single-character illustration images; her couples are as solid, but they're hardly bad, either. Nice use of colors and the site is really worth it for those Seto illustrations. The Lord of the Rings stuff is adorable and I totally ♥ the artist's Legolas, especially when she draws the chibi-esque versions of him and when she's drawing him interacting with the other characters. The colors are nice, very light and breezy and... all right, shut up, I'm won over by the Aragorn/Legolas art, which made me smile and threaten to put little hearts in my eyes. But, really, you're going for that image of the Fellowship in chibi form that is so freaking cute towards the end. <3<3<3 (Some het with YGO!, some liiiiiight slash with LotR.)

- Juuni Kokki/Cowboy Bebop/Vagrant Story/Lord of the Rings - TEHANU [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I came to this site for the Vagrant Story fanart, but wound up staying because there's a lot of really amazing stuff here. The Cowboy Bebop lines/colors are clean and smooth and genuinely pretty, probably some of the best I've seen for the series. Her Spike is gorgeous, there's a beautiful one of Ed that I love the eyes of, and there's a wonderful one of Spike and Faye in space suits. And I mentioned her Spike is gorgeous, yes? Okay. Oh, and the one of Faye laying back with her shirt half open? WOW. Beautiful. And, okay, there are only three Vagrant Story images here, but I had to include the site in this section because her Sydney is utterly gorgeous and these three illustrations are some of the best I've seen for the fandom. The one of Sydney, Joshua, and Hardin is just... whoa. Beautifully colord and drawn. The 12K stuff is more of the same--beautiful, almost delicate lines, gorgeously warm colors that fit the series and, wow, her Youko is beautiful and her Taiki adorable and I love the oekaki. And, finally, the Lord of the Rings stuff is also just amazing--she did an illustration of each major character and they look just terrific. ....I gush. A lot. >__> (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Lord of the Rings - Sun and Moon by Cairnsy - I don't read a lot of Lord of the Rings fic, I simply don't have the drive for it, instead I let the right fic come along to me and this one... wow, this one just hit me exactly right. The tone of it is beautiful and brings to mind all these lovely, elegant images, of moonlit nights or sun-brightened days, but doing so without going near cliche. It's utterly brilliant for the way it blends Aragorn's love for Arwen (which is genuine and true) with his love for Legolas (which is just as genuine), the way it balances the two together without lessening either relationship. The comparison and contrasting of Arwen and Legolas, while making each lovely and fascinating in their own way, was brilliantly, brilliantly done, the kind of fic... oh, god, I hate to say it, but the kind of fic that I feel is believable and the kind I would hold up as one that could be used as an example to say, hey, yeah, sometimes this pairing I like so much but acknowledge is kinda random and sometimes shallow, hey, shut UP! because it's genuinely GOOD. (Aragorn/Arwen, Aragorn/Legolas.)

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