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- Lost - Respect by Alexa Jones - So I was randomly perusing Lost fic communities this morning (I don't know why, I like to torture myself, I guess) and I happened to stumble across the Lost fic archive. I immediately hit the gen section and found this lovely little Locke piece that just... hit all the right buttons for me. The way Locke's life has changed since being on the island, the way I could damn near hear his voice while reading this, about the way it was about respect and how perfectly it fit with Locke's character. For someone who's still rather enigmatic and bordering on philosophical, he could so easily have slipped into pretentious writing with this piece, but I found him wonderfully in character. And it fit with that mysterious air to the island without giving too much away and there really are some brilliant lines in the story as well. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Lost - The Olive Branch by hackthis - Oh, how I have a growing thing for Sayid, which is only exacerbated by this story, which nails his voice and the sense of... it's hard to put into words. It's a sense about it, that it fits so damned well with the character, with the hardships that he must have faced, that must have shaped who the person we see now is, and... I don't think it was quite intended, but there's also a sense of that... something being unsettled or unresolved, that there're lingering issues that need to be cleared up, just like with everyone else. The tension between Sayid and Sawyer is also beautifully done and it's got this sense of intensity and harshness to it, yet still so lovely. A lot like the show itself, actually. Wow, that was a crappy rec for a really, really good fic. (Supposedly Sawyer/Sayid, but I read it as gen.)

- Lost - Stay (Faraway, So Close) by hackthis - I hesitated for quite some time on this fic, because it was listed as Sawyer/Sayid/Kate and I refuse to read pairings for Lost (just not my thing, there aren't any pairings I 'ship yet), but I liked the author's previous fic (The Olive Branch) and her take on Sayid so much that I had to read it. And I'm really glad I did--aside from some light references in the beginning of the fic, it could almost have been gen and the author's take on Sawyer is great. Makes him just as much of an asshole as he actually is, but, at the same time, gets inside his head a little and explains the character. Sawyer isn't just a walking cliche, but he's not nice here, either; his dynamics with both Kate and Sayid are wonderfully reflected, saying so damn much about both him and them but without ever really saying it at all or giving it away. Much like Sawyer. I weakened on his character after this. (Slight Sawyer/Sayid/Kate, but it could damn near be gen.)

- Lost - Okay by sparky77 - Something about this fic was really intense and just... it was all those things that Lost is, for me. It's simple in some ways and complicated in others. It's clean in some ways, messy in others. And it's gripping and moving, giving a depth to Hurley's character that you know is hidden there behind his helpful attitude and general positive mood. I think that's what won me over with this fic (besides the writing, which is lovely), that it fits with the sense that you always see Hurley being the peace keeper, that he likes to keep things even and smooth, likes to help out, likes making friends with people. The way the fic touches on so many of the people on the island and the way Hurley sees them (especially Charlie and Sawyer) is really well done, the imagery/metaphors used really well done, when they could have been over the top or overly angsty. It's... not, though, it's not terribly angsty and, in some ways, that's what made it hurt a little more for me. At any rate, a really good Hurley fic. And how many of those are there out there? (A little background slash, but it's not the point of the story at all.)

- Lost - Nobody's Fool by sparky77 - So that above fic? That got me weakening on Sawyer, despite not really liking the jerk that much previously? Well, this one just knocked me on my ass and wouldn't let me get back up or even catch my breath again. Every word of this is just fantastic, showing an amazingly in-depth Sawyer, but without losing an ounce of that asshole attitude that you see. The two go hand in hand, actually. The writing is gorgeous, the details amazing (Every single time Sawyer would think about Jack, about the way he sees him and reacts to him and why he acts the way he does, I was left in amazement because it all fit together so seemlessly. Not to mention really damned funny in places, especially: Sawyer also hates Jack. He hates him so much, Sawyer thinks he could write a poem. It would be entitled an "Ode to the Many Ways in Which Jack Sucks." It would start with the way he always squinted and always looked so tortured. It would end with how stupid and ugly his feet were.), and Sawyer's take on life, from power and privelage to the nicknames he gives people to the History Channel, were all awesome. I wish I could write a better rec for this story, because it damn well deserves it. I cave on Sawyer's character, dammit. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Lost - Alone, Together by Northlight - I didn't think I had a chance of finding any good Sun fic, but this short fic was really lovely, capturing the sense of her character in these beautiful, lovely words. There's a sense of... a cultural difference, of being different and yet not so different, of yearing to be like them, but unable to do so for various reasons. Really captured the feel of the character, I thought.

- Lost - The Weak One by Northlight - Holy crap, good Shannon fic, who is a character that I would not have thought I would want to read fic about. And... this fic really brought her to life, really explained so much of why she is the way she is on the island, didn't make her a one-note character, instead brought a sharpness and clarity to her that was really awesome to read. This isn't a walking empty-headed bitch stereotype, this is a three-dimensional person and I can't imagine the character being any other way than this. Especially in regards to how she sees her brother, that was gorgeous. Excellent, excellent story. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Lost - Inventory by AndreaLyn - This wasn't a very long fic, but it still managed to pack quite the punch despite that. Sawyer making an inventory list of the things he has on the island, doing a vague sort of commentary on each of them and their usefulness (or lack thereof) that had this really... Sawyer quality to it. But the end is where the real punch is, that moment was just excellent, really made the fic for me. *__* (I'm not even going to count the vague potential references to any pairings, it really doesn't count.)

- Lost - The Incredibly True Adventures of Scott and Steve by Miss Windy - This is quite possibly my favorite Lost fanfic ever--the concept is one that's great, but even more than that it's pulled off with deftness and flair. There are a lot of people on that island and we don't know everyone yet, so what Miss Windy did here was take two of them and set the episodes from their point of view, all the major action happening in the background and focusing in on the utterly hysterical reactions to all the weird shit going on from these two. And it's hilarious, it seemed like every other paragraph had me in stiches because the writing has that style that's just so easy to read, that it just sails right along, but it's also got fantastic comedic timing. A lot of other people weren't so lucky. This one guy survived the crash and then like FIVE MINUTES LATER got sucked into the jet engines, which was totally disgusting. Gah. Talk about shit luck, right? You survive the crash and then you get eaten by the plane anyway. Brilliant fic. I want more of it so very badly. (Not sure there are any warnings/pairings, maybe a little language?)

- Lost - The Watch by Queenb - This was... wow, what an incredibly gripping piece. This story grabbed me by the throat and wouldn't let me go until it was damned well ready to, this amazing little piece from Hurley's perspective while he watches Sawyer. It somehow really fits with the style of Lost and the feel of the island, yet something still so very, very... human. Hurley watches Sawyer on the beach and somehow this becomes a fascinating thing to read about, the way it changes things and yet maintains a precarious balance, the way it could have been so easily cliche, the way this built something, even if half of the participants were unaware of it, the way it said so much about the characters and fit with them and I'm babbling now, I'm sorry. Just... really good fic, especially for Hurley. And who doesn't love Hurley? (Slight pairing references, but they're ignorable.)

- Lost - Under the Twinkling of a Fading Star by Rheanna - This fic was so cool. It's a little bit dated, since it was written awhile back, but it's surprising how much sense it still makes given what we know. (Or at least what I know as of 1x06.) There were a ton of details that suddenly started to click into place, why certain things were there that you couldn't explain any other way (like the polar bear or the crash) and why they've been stranded there that really made this premise work. Not to mention the writing was fantastic, the sense of atmosphere in it amazingly done, I could practically feel Jack's reactions right along with him. The subtlty of everything in the story is fabulously done, too, and I really don't want to say much more to give it away. Just... a really excellently done theory-piece about what exactly that island is, for the time it was written. Worth reading for the idea behind it, the creepy atmosphere, the genuine emotion of it, and for Jack's character. <3 (I'm not going to count any pairings, since anything that you might read into it would have been canon.)

- Lost - Dead Man's Float by Mala - I. Er. Okay. See, I've been mostly avoiding any Lost fic with pairings, it's just not quite my thing. But I have this sort of weakness for anything with Sayid in it. And after reading some of the fic and after "Confidence Man", I have a very strong soft spot for Sawyer as well. So. I. Er. Kinda am gravitating towards anything with the two of them in it, at least so long as it's sort of in that pre-slash area right now, since that's where I'm and then this fic comes along and is just... man, Sawyer is almost painfully perfectly IC in this, every line is sharp and clear, so cutting and yet not too over the line for it. Sawyer's not a charicature here, but he doesn't lose any of that sharp edge, either. And Sayid's interaction with him, especially when he finds Sawyer in the pool, the balance between anger and sadness and something like amusement is wonderfully done, the something between them there, but not really over the line there, either. Which makes sense in my head. Anyway, fabulous fic, I'm terribly glad to have read it. (Sayid/Sawyer pre-slash?)

- Lost - First Do No Harm by Mala - I'm so glad to have run across this fic, because it is a perfect compliment to the Sawyer episode, something that fit so well with the episode that I have trouble imagining that it didn't happen. Sayid's reaction to what he did, how it haunts him and the conversation with Jack afterwards that's just so pitch-perfect for the characters and the episode. This... is not a happy piece, but it does justice to what Sayid was going through after, the hinting at what Jack had to go through after what he'd done as well, and the power of it was very nicely done. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Lost - Grunt Work by bexless - I have such love for Hurley fics, especially when they include 'HurleyandCharlie friendship' antics! Especially when they're funny antics and Hurley is just so beautifully Hurley and Charlie is just so beautifully Charlie, especially because of the way he tries to do work around the island. And that's what was lovely about this--it didn't forget all the little things that trouble them, the way Charlie feels useless sometimes, the way they're all frightened of whatever's on that island, but it's not a depressing fic, it's a fic about... well, the lighter moments on the island, working together, and just putting a smile on the reader's face. And, man, I love Michael so much after this fic, because his comments were brilliantly in character. And, oh, man, HurleyandCharlie friendship antics while lifting logs for the whatchamacallit Michael's building! Such great dialogue and I didn't even have to work to picture the whole thing in my head. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

- Lost - The Curse of the Would-be Jedi by hackthis - This is one of the best Hurley fics I've read to date, I think, though, I suspect it'll be difficult to explain why without spilling everything about the story. It's just that I can so easily see this with the way Hurley reacts, the way it's not easy for him on the island, the way he sees the way people look at him, the way he's not really an aggressive guy and genuinely wants to help, the way he sees the others on the island, the way being the big guy makes people look at him differently and make assumptions about him and that is not cool because Hurley's doing the same as everyone else and then you add in the Jedi references that are just so perfect... man, this fic made me love Hurley even more, which I didn't think would have been possible. (Slight references to pairings, but I'd consider it more gen than anything.)

- Lost - Extra Charges May Apply by Yahtzee - This story was just... when you hear the concept (A fic about "Helen", the woman Locke talked to so often.), it immediately strikes you as the type that could be rather dull and boring or brilliantly executed. This? Was amazing. It breathed life into a character that we don't really know much about, that made her three-dimensional, human, and utterly fascinating to read about. The impact of the story, especially the end, never really lets up at ay point in the fic and it has so many of those little details (like Helen of Troy or Sun Tzu) and the way she looks at Locke all weave together to create an incredible little story here. Just... wow. (No warnings/pairings, not really? One-sided Locke/Helen doesn't really count.)

- Lost - Sawyer's Book Club by eponine119 - Amanda pointed this one out to me earlier today and I settled in to at least read the beginning (despite not having watched Lost in awhile) and promptly got sucked into the story. My one quibble might be that Hurley is a little dumber here than he actually is, but the interaction between him and Sawyer is brilliant. It's subtle and I didn't have to work at all to hear the voices, it just popped right into my head. The references to each of the books, the way Sawyer thinks about them is both intelligent, but not too fawning over the character--meaning that it shows that Sawyer is an intelligent guy, but doesn't back down from his asshole personality. The way he interacts with Hurley, the way something slowly starts to build there, the way Shannon gets involved a little, the way these books pass the time, it's beautiful storytelling. And! Little details like the Bride magazine being the closest thing to porn that they had or the Watership Down book, all really made the story come alive, made it fit with the feel of that island. And, wow, that ending was amazing. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Lost - Me Crazy.You Asshole. by sparky77 - You know, it really didn't help that I had the Sawyer version of the Llama Song going through my head while reading this. Seriously. Imagine THAT in your head while you're reading the thoughts going through Jack's head. It's driving me CRAZY. It's not coming OUT, dammit. Anyway. So, I've been meandering around TV fandoms again, poking at fic and now then since both Lost and Alias are over and given the turn of the series lately, I've been reeeeeally pinging on the idea of Jack/Sawyer. So, who was I to turn down fic by an author that I remember liking previously? Also, I liked the title. The fic itself was wonderfully written, I believed Jack's thoughts and feelings and his spinning out of control and how hard everything is for him and the way he fixates on Sawyer and the way Sawyer just... the ending of this was perfect. Lovely, lovely fic. Oh, and Jack's take on Kate? Brilliant. (Jack/Sawyer, R-rated for language.)

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