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- Love Mode - Blurry by Selah - ......eeeeee!!! Oh, my god, darling, sweet, wonderful and well-written Love Mode fic about Reiji and Naoya~! *sparkles madly* Oh, I could just absolutely see this, it was so beautifully in character for these two and just makes me want to snuggle Naoya all over again. *hearts* And, of course, I love Reiji being all gruff and irritable, but it's so clear it's only because he cares and the author got Naoya's quiet and reserved and almost shy nature down just perfectly. This was a fic about one of those moments that's small, but so meaningful and just... eeee! Love Mode needs more of these! (Some slight Reiji+Naoya.)

- Love Mode - Sunlight by Ju - You know, I honestly didn't ever expect to see a Love Mode fanfic. And certainly not Haruomi/Kiichi-sensei. But I am terribly glad to stumble over this fic, because, dude. I wanted Love Mode fic, like, a lot. And Ju really did the series justice, the light tone she set felt right for the series and especially these characters. The light touch of humor was nice, too, since Kiichi-sensei definitely has a wicked streak of that. So, yeah, it was a nice start to what I hope will be a developing fandom. (Haruomi/Kiichi.)

- Love Mode - Lives Living Strange by Ju - Love Mode fic is a rare and precious thing, much less Takamiya/Izumi, much less good fanfic. So you can imagine how delighted I was to see this, because I adore this series and this fic just completely did the characters justice. Sparkling writing, wit combined with romance just like in the manga itself, and just a hint of lemon to make me a happy fangirl. ^_~ Takamiya is one of my favorite characters in the series, he's such a happy, kind, caring pervert that I love him to pieces and you can't help but see why Izumi can't resist him. Plus, the ending line of this fic kills me every time. (Takamiya/Izumi.)

- Love Mode - Propinquity by Ju - You know, I do think that HaruomixKiichi-sensei is my favorite Love Mode pairing, but I will always have Takamiya and Izumi in second place in my heart, because... well, I just love the spazzy teenager and his perverted boyfriend. And this story does a fabulous job of catching the quieter, more serious side of their relationship... largely because Takamiya is sleeping during the whole thing. XD The characterization just sparkles here, so sharp and them, and the little things here are things I could just see Izumi doing. Quiet isn't normally something I associate with either character, but the way Ju writes it here... I can see this. (Takamiya/Izumi.)

- Love Mode - The World Comprised by Luz Nocturnal - Have I ever mentioned this immense love I have for Takamiya? Because I do. And while I want to smack Izumi sometimes (for exactly the reasons Reiji wanted to smack him), I adore him, too. And this story was just... lovely and really helped to show just how much Takamiya really loved Izumi, why Izumi could fall in love with him, too. Plus, there's some absolutely lovely imagery in here, with some wonderful turns of phrase that aren't distracting, but instead give the pieces this nice flow. Just... lovely writing and on one of my favorite Love Mode pairings. *fangirls* (Takamiya/Izumi.)

- Love Mode - Circles by Yasmin M. - This story starts of with this paragraph: Aoe Kiichi folds a perfect blue lotus: the Buddhist symbol of wisdom and knowledge attained, of victory of the spirit over the senses. His fingers move with surgical grace, pressing neat folds and points into the origami paper. That's the beautiful, graceful, elegant tone of this story as it focuses on Aoe Kiichi--with a series like Love Mode, I often times expect silliness or wackiness with the fanfic because that's what I'm used to the focus being on. But this story is much more... sharp and bittersweet (and yet not depressing) and just so beautifully complexly Kiichi. This is the character who will, one minute, steal Reiji's credit card and boyfriend to go on a shopping spree and the next minute he'll be staring off into the distance with an unreadable look while Haruomi stands next to him. Beautifully written. (Kiichi/Haruomi, implied Reiji/Naoya.)

- Love Mode - Eclair by Meg - Okay, see. It's Meg's fault yet again. At least this time I'd already read the manga (or what's available of it in scanslations), so rereading it only took up one night and I actually am glad for it because I ADORE this series and even rereading it makes me sparkle like mad crazy and THEN SHE WROTE TAKAZUMI FIC. I have mad, mad love for Takamiya. And Izumi. Especially TakaZumi that involves suggestive things with pastries. Because Takamiya WOULD SO DO THAT. Her dialogue is just fantastic with these characters and one of those things that could easily have slid right in between the pages of the series itself and I can just SEE the whole entire thing unfolding in my head like manga pages. Much, much love. (Takamiya/Izumi.)

- Love Mode - And Get On With My Day by astraplain - So, after Meg's fic, I had to go on a Love Mode spree again and this was one of the first fics I'd found and I'm glad I found it first, because it's... I wouldn't say it's quite angsty, but it does deal with Takamiya's feelings about what happened the very first time he and Izumi had sex, how he processed what he'd done and how he lives with it. It was done in such a way that it was respectful to what had happened, didn't treat the subject lightly, but also dealt with it in a way that I felt both the Love Mode series and the Takamiya character would. It beautifully used the depth Takamiya has, but also kept him very much anchored to the sunny, cheerful personality we see from him all the time. Beautiful, beautiful fic. (Takamiya/Izumi.)

- Love Mode - Sticky by astraplain - And still more pitch-perfect TakaZumi fic! *twirls and sparkles* I have such love for those two and astraplain writes them just SO DAMNED WELL, all the way from Izumi wanting to take care of Takamiya when he's sick, still being IZUMI, to the friendship between Aoe and Takamiya (that doesn't have to be focused on to be felt) to the slowly budding friendship between Izumi and Naoya to how Izumi really does love Takamiya and wants to be a part of the relationship, but is still IZUMI. I know I say this a lot, but it's still true here--this is one of those stories that captures everything about Love Mode so wonderfully that I can just picture it in my head and if I didn't pour over this series so much, I may have confused it for, "Okay, now did that happen in the series or did I read it in a fic somewhere...?" ♥ (Takamiya/Izumi.)

- Love Mode - Flight by astraplain - OMG, serious, serious love for the Izumi and Naoya friendship, which was just SPOT ON and really kinda touching in its own way. They're so... different in a lot of ways and yet their interaction and parallels here make such perfect sense and the snapping and snarking between Aoe and Izumi continues to be so PERFECT (Aoe and Izumi not liking each other AT ALL amuses me every time I read the series <3) and Izumi's characterization is wonderful, right down to how much he's matured in the past few years but is still Izumi. I also adore this fic because it's one of those most "complete" stories, in the sense that it's not just a single character/pairing moment, there's actually a bit of a plot going on (with Izumi missing Takamiya and preparing to fly out to be with him while in Europe) and it's all just... ...Jesus, I am rapidly losing the ability to write a coherent rec, so I'll just end this with GO READ NOW OMG GOOD WRITING GOOD DIALOGUE GOOD CHARACTERIZATIONS SPARKLED THE ENTIRE TIME LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH. There. If that doesn't do the job, I don't know what will. ^_~ (Some Takamiya/Izumi and Reiji/Naoya.)

- Love Mode - Sweet by astraplain - *happy, happy sigh* TakaZumi~~ Sometimes I think TakaZumi is probably my favorite Love Mode pairing, I just adore the dynamics of it SO MUCH and when it's presented in such a gorgeous fic like this... how can I not be utterly in love? Izumi wanting to make a nice dinner to surprise Takamiya and cheating with take-out food, Takamiya being just so... Takamiya, and all that's said about their relationship without it having to be said at all, wrapped up in lovely writing and sparkling dialogue. I just... god, I was a wibbling pile of GOO by the time the story was over, just like I am with the series proper. I love these characters so much. <3 (Takamiya/Izumi.)

- Love Mode - Coming Home by Rhoe - Reiji/Naoya fic has to be written just right to hit me, since I tend to be more attracted to the louder, more hyper pairs (....or whatever it is that you want to call Kiichi) and the sort of slower, softer, quieter Reiji/Naoya can be more difficult to do in fic, I suspect. However, this fic captured that same quality I feel when I'm reading about them in the story. And Naoya's characterization is wonderful--unsure of himself and his place in Reiji's life, quiet and reserved, all too human, and yet never crossing a line into whiny or annoying or self-pitying, like he never did in the manga, either. Just... a perfect balance for a Reiji/Naoya fic, I can't say it better than that. (Reiji/Naoya.)

- Love Mode - When Doves Cry by Rhoe - This is a story that... well, I'd only read a tiny little bit with Tien Li when I first saw this fic and then later, after reading the text translations for volumes eight through eleven (I HAD to know the background story and how things were going to turn out!), I came back to it and just... knowing what I know now makes this story so much more bittersweet and touching. It's lovely, soft and accomplishes such a mood even in such a short drabble. And makes me hurt for Tien Li and somewhere deep inside me a 'shippy fangirl starts rousing and peering curiously at Tien Li and his brother.... >__> (Hmm, no real pairings, but if you know Tien Li in the series, you'll know about where this fic is focused.)

- Love Mode - underwater moon by Jennifier D. - I want to make sure to mention a couple of caveats about this story first--I suspect that you'll need to have read the entirety of the series to understand the story, because you learn things about Reiji and Kiichi's relationship in the final volumes that I know I sure as hell couldn't have fathomed in the first eight volumes or so. Also, the story isn't going to be for everyone, because incest is a squicky topic for a lot of people, even if it's in the series itself. But what I love about this story is that... it hurts me in the same way that Reiji and Kiichi's relationship in the series hurts me, because it's so complicated and not easy to sum up so simply, because it doesn't make things any easier, because it doesn't just fling them together and give them a happy ending, because they found those happy endings with other people and yet... it's not so simple as that. Because unresolved matters aren't so easily set aside, even years and years later, even after you let other people into your heart, especially when you still love those people. Reiji's feelings for Kiichi here just... they make me ache because he knows, he knows and Kiichi knows that it would be bad, that it's like that underwater moon, that moon reflected on the surface of a pond at night that you occasionally see and want to touch and hold in your hands so badly, but the moment your fingers make contact with it, it all falls apart and they know that and Kiichi will never, ever ask because he knows it would be wrong and Reiji can't do that to Kiichi and just... it's all so lovely and elegant and bittersweet, just like the manga itself. Plus, the final scene? Where Kiichi askes Reiji what he's thinking about and right before he leaves? Shiki's influence in the story? My little fangirl heart aches all over again just thinking about it. I... just... I'm still very, very solidly in the Reiji/Naoya and Haruomi/Kiichi camps, but... this fic makes my heart long for these two as well. I can't express how much I adored it and want to cry over it. ;__; (Reiji/Kiichi, potentially vaguely spoilerish?)

- Love Mode - runaway by Jennifier D. - I just... well, okay. First of all, I'm going to put a spoiler warning on this rec, because it deals with issues brought up in volume 11 that a lot of people in the English speaking fandom haven't read. So skip if you haven't read them and don't want to be spoiled, even a little bit? I've been having discussions with Jenn-san over the Love Mode series and we're both particularily fascinated by Reiji and Kiichi's relationship, because it's such a complex thing, because there was so little resolution, and because it's the kind that just does it for us. But sometimes it's hard for me to look at the characters and go, "....argh, why don't you just grab Kiichi and run, idiot?" And that's what I liked so much about this fic, because it illustrates what's going on between Reiji and Kiichi at the time, why they're pulling away, why Reiji is running away, why Kiichi lets him go, explains what's happening so that I understand it. One of the things I love so much is that the fic really just sort of nails Shimizu-sensei's style for me, that I have trouble telling what's straight out of the manga and what's made up for this story, because the vibe of it matches the original story so damned well for me. Plus, Jesus Christ, it breaks my heart, despite knowing, KNOWING that they find happiness and peace later in their lives. Just like the manga did. ;_____; But it's lovely and conveys so much of what I could never say half as eloquently about Reiji and Kiichi's relationship. (Reiji/Kiichi, some spoilers if you haven't read the final volume of the series.)

- Love Mode - Change by Meg - *happy, floaty sigh* From the beginning, where Kiichi is teasing Reiji (and Reiji demanding he get out <3) to the end, when Reiji comes back home to Naoya, this was a wonderful little Love Mode story that I also could really have used after the 2004 election. It's just... it has that sense of delightfully hysterical comedy and teasing with Reiji and Kiichi (and, god, Takamiya's short conversation with Reiji had me grinning like an idiot) to that soft, sweet, meaningful, heart-tugging interaction whenever Reiji and Naoya are together that're both so present in the Love Mode manga. Just... yeah, this is what I loved about the series. <3 (Reiji/Naoya.)

- Love Mode - Past Wounds by darkgloom - (Note: There may be vague spoilers in referenced in this story or even this rec if you haven't read the end of the series.) This fic makes me want to cry. But in the way it was supposed to, because... part of me feels guilty for liking a Reiji/Kiichi piece where Haruomi was never introduced into the situation at the Aoe household and the way things ended differently because of that, especially because it was not a happy time for them and just... this story captures the rage and helplessness and awfulness of life under Aoe Shougo's household, even years after he's dead. Every little detail about this story, from Kiichi's expressions to the imagery of his abuse to the cigarettes to Reiji's emotions/reactions was beautifully done, utterly did the series justice, I thought. If things hadn't gone the way they had... I honestly believe this is how they would have. It's heartwrenching and yet beautiful for that. It made me want to cry. ;___; (Reiji/Kiichi.)

- Love Mode - Best Laid Plans by astraplain - I swear, this fic is probably the best use of the "Best Laid Plans" I've come across in a long while. But it's also... eeeee! Takamiya and Izumi! I have such tremendous love for them and the author, every time, manages to capture that special something about them that made me love them so much. Right down to the little details about people trying to steal the happy idiot away or how Izumi really Does Not Like Aoe and the clear, lovely writing that gets across the humor and genuinely touching moments of Love Mode so well. They're the kind of stories I can read over and over again (much like the series itself) because it's just so readable and once I get started, the flow of the piece just sweeps me along and doesn't let me go. Plus, god, Izumi's so cute trying to move the sofa. ♥ (Takamiya/Izumi.)

- Love Mode - imprints by Jennifier D. - [ part 01 - part 02 - part 03 ] - (Warning: This story, and possibly this review as well, will contain spoilers for some of the later Love Mode volumes; if you're avoiding spoilers to wait for the scanslations, you may well want to skip this one.) This story... in some ways, I can't wait for more of it, since things are taking slightly different turns in the characters' backgrounds and will eventually lead to more ReijiKiichi and I'm fascinated by that, but in other ways... good lord, does it hurt, some of the things that have been changed. Especially the end of chapter three and the way the Haruomi/Kiichi relationship has to be changed and the way Kiichi will be changed and just... as much as it hurts, that's a good thing for the story, because it's supposed to hurt, and it's certainly doing a lovely job of capturing that sense Love Mode has. It's both lovely and painful at the same time. Jenn-san does a really wonderful job with Reiji and Kiichi's relationship, the way she writes/explores it in these stories fits so completely with the characters, the way she understands them, their motives, what they're thinking about, why they react the way they do, why Reiji can't just leave, why Reiji tries to keep himself at arm's length, why Kiichi looks at him the way he does and tries to hold himself back as well, it all comes together and paints a whole picture. And I mentioned the ow, ow, ow, owwie right? ;___; (Reiji/Kiichi.)

- Love Mode - imprints (chapter 04) by Jennifier D. - Jenn-san continues to write an utterly... well, there are so many words that I want to fling up to describe this story that I'm not sure which ones of them to settle on. It's so painful, but in that sort of way that fits with the series, that is lovely in a way, despite how much I just want everything to be okay. This chapter is the scene at the hospital after the incident with Miyamoto's son, after Reiji couldn't get to Kiichi in time, and the ending of the chapter... just... watching Kiichi go through his reactions, watching him try to stay calm, watching him hear the news, watching him starting to shake, watching his anger roil and crest, it's all so painful and the ending of this chapter... my little fangirl heart clutches and cries. ;___; (Eventual ReijiKiichi.)

- Love Mode - untitled by Shi-Lin - *flutters* Oh. Kiichi. This is so utterly the Kiichi I know that I flail in fangirl glee. Shi-Lin finds a way to get across the way he plays with people, yet also get across why I could never hate him for it, why he's just so... Kiichi. He plays with people, he knows he does it, everyone else knows he does it (Reiji's reaction is priceless, I swear <3), but because he's Kiichi.... Plus, beautiful writing and, guh, the almost-pr0n is lovely, no matter what she says. It's just... ugh, I think I already used up all my coherence for this one, so instead you're getting squees. Squee, squee, squee. Haruomi/Kiichi the way it should be done--intense, lovely, and deep. ....shut up, I love them, I'm going to fangirl over them. ♥ (Kiichi/Haruomi.)

- Love Mode - On the Edge of Summer by Ju - This was a lovely story and one of those that makes me a little glad to know that I'm not alone in that there might have been a Moment or two between Reiji and Takamiya, but that... well, what I loved about this was both the writing (which captured the feel of Love Mode nicely) and that the relationship/interaction was just right. There was a certain sort of faint tension, but it never stepped past what I felt in the manga, either. Plus, Shiki and their thoughts as they're heading inside were great. XD (A teensy bit Reiji/Takamiya, but.)

- Love Mode - Then and Now by Ju - Okay, see, this story starts out with Reiji and Kiichi interacting in that great way that they have and there's no way I could not immediately pouce on a story like that. Plus, Ju does some of the best Love Mode fic and every time she writes something, I always wind up sparkling like mad. What gets me is that... the fic is sparkling and makes me laugh one minute then sigh wistfully and make my fangirl heart twinge the next, the way the smallest actions say so much without having to state anything explicitly, just as the manga itself did. The smallest action from Kiichi or the vaguest reference to Haruomi or the grumpiest word in that tone that Reiji has, that utterly fails to cow Kiichi... all of it was perfectly done. I'm not sure if I want to laugh or cry, which is the exact right reaction I'm supposed to have, I think. (Errr. Whatever was in canon will be hinted at here.)

- Love Mode - Flight 2 - In Transit by astraplain - I shall never, ever tire of sparkling Love Mode fic, I suspect, especially when it's by an author who utterly does justice to the Takamiya and Izumi characters. One of my favorite things about the author's writing is that she finds that line between softening Izumi's character and making him too obnoxiously "This is all your fault!" and, instead, makes him the likable, wonderful, and sympathetic character that I adore so much. The stories always manage to sweep me up into them, full capturing my attention and refusing to let go for even a second while I'm reading and that makes me just glee every time I sit down to read one, because I know I'm going to be entertained. Which is more a comment on the author's style in general, rather than this fic, but this fic needs to be read for Takamiya's gift to Izumi, because it's such a darling thing and Izumi and Takamiya trading bites of food during dinner. *shamelessly fangirls* Oh, and the quick image of Takamiya in a toy store? Priceless. ♥ (Takamiya/Izumi.)

- Love Mode - Being Out by Tanzy - Takamiya and Izumi fic! Takamiya and Izumi fic that's both well-written and something that's almost subtle (or as subtle as the characters can be >__>a) and actually shows the progression of the relationship really well. Takamiya was just... he continues to be perfect and I liked the way Izumi was growing up just a little, but still Izumi and everything was just so... CUTE. <3 (Takamiya/Izumi.)

- Love Mode - Special Chocolates by Meg - *ufufufufufu* Kiichi + Haruomi + Special Chocolates = Best Love Mode Fic Ever. ♥ Meg's Kiichi is brilliant, just in the way he lounges and still manages to make Haruomi wary of whatever it is that he's planning and the way her Haruomi reacts to Kiichi is just as brilliant. You get all these subtle nuances of the relationship, you see all of that history they have, all that's between them, what Kiichi wants, what Haruomi wants, what they can each give each other, but it's not the point of the story, it doesn't burden the amusement factor, it doesn't take away from how funny this is. And, god, so many lines in here that are hysterically funny because they're so right, especially when Haruomi wonders if he could get away with fleeing or when you realize the sheer attraction between the two, even on top of all they've been through together. Seriously, best Love Mode fic ever. (Haruomi/Kiichi, some graphic content.)

- Love Mode - untitled by Ju - ......*cracks up* Oh, my god, see, this is why I could never stay mad at Izumi, either! Because he's so cute when he's embarassed, especially when he's trying to talk to Naoya about their sexual relationships. Just... god, this was so funny and so perfectly Izumi and Naoya. (Takamiya/Izumi and Reiji/Naoya referenced.)

- Love Mode - Post Mortem by meguchan - *___* Haruomi and Kiichi fic! I had no idea what the fic was going to be about when I first clicked onto the link and, often times, if I don't have an inkling of what it's going to be like ahead of time, I get lazy about actually reading, but something about the very first couple of paragraphs of this story caught me. The fic felt like it really got the complexities and pain of the Haruomi/Kiichi relationship, especially after Shougo died, but without having to specifically remark about them to the reader, without having to beat us over the head with these things. What was really impressive is that... I mean, there are all these little things about the characters that sometimes I have trouble making sense together, the way Kiichi can be so evil one minute, but so serious and solemn the next, or even a little of both, depending on the time of day, the way it almost seems like all they've been through weighs on Kiichi, but, at the same time, his relationship with Haruomi is the most precious thing to him. All of that comes together beautifully in this fic, from the immediate aftermath of Shougo's death to the trip to Greece, to the way things haven't changed when they return home, yet in some ways, they have. Really lovely fic and I totally blanded this rec out, didn't I? Just go read! (Haruomi/Kiichi.)

- Love Mode - Baggage Claim by astraplain - You have no idea how much I adore Takamiya/Izumi fic that's slightly in the future, that's actually doing stuff with their lives. Even with as simple as Izumi being at a party for Takamiya's press tour, it's part of a larger future being built for them... while, at the same time, touched with all these little moments in poor Izumi's life. And, oh, god, the interaction between Takamiya and Izumi, where Takamiya could have anyone in the room he wanted, but he only has eyes for Izumi and Izumi still being all frowny, but obviously caring for Takamiya so much... yes, all of this just utterly makes me squee and I have no trouble seeing/believing this course of events for the characters. (Takamiyu/Izumi.)

- Love Mode - A Takamiya for all Seasons by sunflower1343 - This fic is short enough that I probably should put it with the 'drabbles' section, but what the hell. This was just... I love the theme of Takamiya and Izumi across the seasons, I adore the little details of each season (Takamiya carpetting the ceiling with mistletoe and chasing Izumi around the place is probably my favorite) and the little touches of characterization. It's just... yes, this is the reason I love this pairing. ♥ (Takamiya/Izumi.)

- Love Mode - Lessons Taught in Whore Houses by Cairnsy - I'm not sure how I missed this fic previously (given that I watch fic_on_demand), because it's an incredible fic, one of the best I've seen in the Love Mode fandom. Shuuhei isn't a character that gets a lot of attention, but it's easy to be drawn into the story through the sense of family with the characters--it doesn't hurt that I have such love for Haruomi or that I found his scenes with finally accepting Shuuhei as his brother to be some of the sweetest in the manga itself. The writing is lovely, the characterization is spot on, but what really knocks the lungs from my breath over this story is the lessons learned in whore houses, to borrow the phrase. The way their upraising taught them to behave, the way, even now that they're free of so many hurtful people, that they still can't break free from the same reactions and patterns. Watching Shuuhei trying to deal with the loss of his fiance, watching Haruomi not being sure of what to say, the way so much hung in the air between them, but they were just never the type to put themselves first... it created a dull ache. At the same time, it's not a depressing fic all around, there is love in their household, so much more than there used to be and my love for both characters grew even further after this story. Everything was just... pitch-perfect for this story. Brilliant read. *__* (Mainly gen, with references to het and Haruomi/Kiichi in the background.)

- Love Mode - la vingt-deuxième erreur by Ju - Izumi and Takamiya will always have a place in my fangirl heart because they were the first Love Mode pairing I fell for and this fic is a lovely example of why. It just captures the dynamic those two have, Izumi being cranky (but not really that cranky) and Takamiya being kind and perfect and just a little lecherous (but in the way that actually makes him really rather sweet) and something so simple as trying to plug in a computer can be just... perfect. ♥ (Takamiya/Izumi.)

- Love Mode/Viewfinder - untitled by Ju - I've long thought that there should be a crossover between these two series, that they'd somehow work together really well... but I had no idea just how well a meeting between Kiichi (and Haruomi) and Fei Long would go in this author's hands. The crossover is seamless, I didn't even have to think about suspending disbelief, because I could so very much picture these two series being in the same universe. But it's more than just that, there was also this... certain atmosphere to the image, something that was helped along by the depth of these three characters, the way they interact with people, the way Kiichi and Fei Long would talk to each other, the way Haruomi would not quite hover protectively over Kiichi, the little details of how they touch each other, the little background details of the setting. Just... zomg, this is the fic I wanted, only better and it's beautiful. (Some Haruomi/Kiichi, but it's only half the point.)

- Love Mode/Viewfinder - Proprietary Interest by MadamHydra - I literally got one line into this fic and came thisclose to sqeaking in happiness. Asami Ryuuichi took a drink of the very expensive liquor in his glass and asked in a deceptively casual voice, "What would you say if I asked to join your club?" Part of the reason I fell so hard and fast is because I've had similar thoughts of a Love Mode/Viewfinder crossover, of Asami trying to form a business relationship with Reiji... and to discover one of my favorite authors has written it? Squee. And it was indeed lovely, the way Asami and Reiji interacted, two amazingly powerful men, both so different and still with so many similarities at the same time. The way she drew the parallels and contrasts, the way she drew the two characters into the same room, the way she had them both walking away, all of it was brilliantly done, the two universes slid so smoothly together. The characterization was a thing of beauty as well, both so incredibly themselves in the way they dealt with business and with their own "kitten" and everything was just... subtle and deft and intense and really, really good with this fic. I squee. ♥ (Reiji/Naoya, Asami/Akihito both referenced.)

- Love Mode - Unexpected Places (part 01) by Cairnsy - I love that Cairnsy writes in the Love Mode fandom because it's a fandom that desperately needs more fic. And I love her sense of sharp humor and subtle little details (the way Shuuhei isn't a complete doormat, the way he can be evil, if not as evil as Certain Other Characters, while still being such a nice person) and the way she writes them all. While the fic definitely focuses on his character, it's also completely worth reading for the group scenes (with Jin and Katsuki) and, omg, Kiichi. I love her Kiichi and the way you know everyone loves him even if they're sort of wanting to run away from him because he's evil. I'm also tremendously curious where she's taking this fic, if Shuuhei really will go through with the proposition, what the OMC will be like, how all of this will end. (OMC/Kashima, some Haruomi/Kiichi, Jin/Katsuki.)

- Love Mode - Differences in Between by darkgloom - [Note: Spoilers for volumes 6 and 9.] My only real complaint about this fic is the length, it's so short! I wish it had been longer, even though I know the fic was the right length needed for the premise--to take a scene from canon and change it, tweaking that night Kiichi was shot and changing it just a little. The feelings and sensations going through Kiichi, the way I know what's happening, but still feel Kiichi's confusion, the lovely writing of the piece... I just... *wistful sigh* Haruomi/Kiichi/Tien Li is one of those pairings I desperately wish could have worked out somehow. A fic like this sort of makes that wistfulness that much stronger because it's good. (Tien Li/Kiichi/Haruomi... sort of.)

- Love Mode - The Road Taken by Ju - *breathless sigh* Oh, this was. This was. A story where Kiichi made a different choice, where things happened differently from then on and everything is different and yet some things are eeriely paralleled to canon. The writing is lovely, the relationship between Kiichi and Tien Li being beautifully written, and it's full of these gorgeous little touches (Kiichi reading the medical texts especially got to me), but mostly... mostly it's the way it's almost happy, it's almost a good thing for Kiichi here, but it's so depressing when you realize what all has been changed, what's been lost, what will never happen here. This fic absolutely does justice to the Love Mode characters/storyline that I fell so hard for, the emotional impact of it is brilliant and makes me ache, just like the manga itself did. Love. (Tien Li/Kiichi.)

Love Mode: Integrals and Derivatives by Aishuu - Somehow I missed this the first time Aishuu wrote it, which is weird, because I usually pounce on Love Mode fic. And augh this makes me want to go reread the series again because it's seriously one of my most favorite series ever. And this is really cute, I love the take on Izumi here, the way he's grown up a lot from who he used to be and how he treated Takamiya, but he's also still very much Izumi. And her Takamiya is so sweet without being cloying, which is perfect. And this just. This made me all happy and glowy to read this morning. ♥♥♥♥ (Takamiya/Izumi.)

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