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- LOVELESS Fanfiction Recs - Originally, I didn't think I'd be able to split up the pages like this, but I figure once I have at least four to sex recs for each page and I'm really interested in finding more, I can go ahead and give myself the leeway for that. This section will most likely be almost pure Ritsuka x Soubi, because their relationship is half of what made me fall in love with the series so hard. (The other half being Soubi himself. ♥) I'm absolutely fascinated by the dynamics of it, the way it's not really all that shota-like as it might first appear, the way Soubi is both so self-confident and so agressive while being so submissive and so screwed up in the head. It'll probably be mostly stuff that just vaguely skirts the edges of romance, since Ritsuka, as he is now, is too young to DO STUFF, but... I would not be opposed to speculative Ritsuka/Soubi futurefic, either. And, I suppose, the occasional gen piece may sneak its way in here, too.

- LOVELESS Fanart Recs - There's not really a ton of LOVELESS fanart out there, sadly, and a lot of it focuses on the Zero teams, while I tend to be more obsessed with the Ritsuka/Soubi side of the fandom. There are a handful of really pretty sites, but this section may always be a little on the small side. I will generally rec anything as long as it's pretty, my pairing preferences tend to get a lot more lax (since there's nothing I absolutely hate so far), but I'll still try to generally steer my recs in the direction of Ritsuka x Soubi. <3 (I'll also make a note here that there may be a bit more fanart for this series on the artbits&sketches page if you're desperate for a fix.)

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