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Man, did I fucking love this movie and am really charmed by some of the fic out there! So, here's my first round of fics I've enjoyed so far. ♥ Plus, in addition to some really cool fic out there (I need all the worldbuilding fic, okay, because the world here is actually super fascinating to me), there have been some great fanvids! Here are some of the ones I've loved:
Mario Kart: Fury Road (Parody Trailer) - Fury Road meets Mario Kart, including some delightful editing to go along with some truly inspired moments.
The Unbreakable Furiosa - Another amazing crossover with some incredible editing. Fan-fucking-tastic.
Yakety Max - An '80s metal version of Yakety Sax to some of the action scenes of the movie? A++++, what a good.
Mad Max Fury Road - Benny Hill - As much as I love the metal version, there's just always going to be something about the original that's fucking magical and this one's no exception.

Aftermath by kaasknot, 4.7k
    It's one thing to stand and scream "We are not things!" It is something different to sit down in the quiet that follows and find what that means.
    This is the first fic I read after seeing the movie and it absolutely set the tone for what I wanted out of fandom and is the fic I would recommend if you're just getting started or if you only want to read just one fic. It's a gorgeous look at the characters and what they want to do next, the lives the wives settle into are especially fascinating and fitting and satisfying. Such a good, good fic.

Dust and Fire by xyphe. 2.7k
    The first ones show up three months after.
    I really liked this as a look at Furiosa post-movie, the people that Max sends their way and the connection between them. It's a fic balanced between these things and has a sense of growing, of people making connections, doing this together, as is at the heart of this movie.

The First History Man by DarkAllie, 1.4k
    This being the true accounting of the rise and reign of the first Impress of the Fury Road, Furiosa the Defiant.
    This was such an interesting fic! It's told as a legend of the events of the movie and afterwards, focused on Furiosa, but also everyone else. Given that the Mad Max series has leanings of being told as a story within the canon itself, this was a really cool piece to come across!

As Long As The Tale Is Told by DarkAllie, 2k
    The WarBoys need new myths to believe in, after Immortan Joe is dead and torn apart. That's how it begins.
    You can read this as a sequel to the previous fic or on its own, as it follows the Citadel post-movie, the new traditions and ways of life they create, how it's difficult there but good. The lives the characters forget together, the sense of community here, is perfectly matched to the movie as well.

The Things Men Do by palimpsestus, 51.5k wip
    These are the things men do. They steal and they hurt and they kill the world. But they love and they cry and they kiss their babies too. These are the things men do.
    This is a fascinating look at the women of the movie, especially the wives, and what they know of men, what they don't know of men. (Or at least as of the time of this rec!) It fits the movie so very well, it's lovely writing to go along with the character insight, making it really good.

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