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- Medium - the breakfast first date by Zau - I honestly sort of thought that I would never see Medium fic in existance, but I should learn not to doubt that Zau will eventually provide me with most things I crave that are sorely lacking in fandom. ^_~ She just. What she did with Joe and Allison here is beautiful, the way they're so much younger here, yet with that same magic and certain something that makes them so... what I'm trying to get at is through this gorgeous use of details and little touches and smiles or gestures, the author weaves something that's so identifiable as these two that I think I could have identified it even if the names and pertient details had been stripped away. It's Joe and Allison, it's them meeting and falling in love and the little things between them that absolute does justice to one of the best shows on TV right now. So much love for this fic and for Zau. ♥ (Joe/Allison.)

- Medium - Missing by brightbear - Omg! More Medium fic! Fic that really feels just like an episode, where Ariel has to be the one to save the day because Allison and Joe go missing. The dialogue is spot on, from the beginning scene with Allison and Joe to Ariel calling Lee Scanlon to the very end. The imagery in the girls' dreams is really creative and felt perfect for what the dreams were trying to show/tell them, the way they were often child-like in so many ways (because the girls are still children) and reflect parts of themselves as much as showing what had happened, and the entire fic was perfect and brilliant all the way around. Fantastic. (Nothing I'll warn for.)

- Medium - A Morning Conversation by Melody - And, see, this is why I love Yuletide, because there's another good Medium fic and it was an utterly delightful, brilliant conversation between Joe and Scanlon. You'd think with a series like Medium, that doesn't really need a lot of extraneous or supplemental fanworks to fill out the edges of it, fanfic might almost be pointless, but this was perfect and the conversation between these two that I never knew I wanted until I had it. The dialgoue and characterization are fantastic, it reads like it's right out of an episode. ♥ (No warnings/pairings beyond canon.)

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