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- Megami Kouhosei - Twenty-Nine Seconds to Drown by Violet Beck - You know what? I'm going to not even try to rationalize why I like HieadxZero so much and just go with it. This one was kinda interesting, I liked several things about it. First and foremost was that Hiead and Zero's rivalry wasn't just swept aside after Hiead kissed him--they even beat the crap out of each other afterwards. And, I admit it, I'm a sap and liked the part about Hiead looking much nicer and almost angelic while he slept. I think he would. ^_^;; (HieadxZero.)

- Megami Kouhosei - One Step Forth by Yumemisama - *melts* Oh, this is exactly what I needed; I couldn't have asked for a better fic. Beautifully written in such a way that it captures the feel of the original series, the characters so very much themselves (Ernest's elegance and composure, Garu's... vivideness and humor, everything was perfect.), and so clever and intelligent. It fixed exactly what needed to be fixed *glares at Curriculum #8* in a way that I could believe and then gave me a nice sex scene. My new favorite MK fic. Seriously. (GareasxErnest.)

- Megami Kouhosei - Succumb by D-chan - Okay, I like HieadxZero. Almost as much as I like GaruxErnest. And since this is a small fandom, I generally try to give at least every HieadxZero a shot, and I'm glad I do, because I get to read stories like this one. It was a bit odd, since it was an AU setting of them in college for no other reason than to give them private time, but I found it didn't really matter, because the characterization was solid, the writing good, and the plot really fun. And nice sex. Really nice sex. Which sounds like a half-assed rec, but you should read it if you're a Hiead/Zero fan, 'cause it really is good. (HieadxZero.)

- DNAngel/Megami Kouhosei - Collect Files [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh. My. God. I am just... deliriously in love with the art. First of all, it's difficult (or at least it has been so far, for me) to find DNAngel fanart, much less Megami Kouhosei fanart, much less BEAUTIFUL art like this; it's really just stunningly gorgeous. The colors are fantastic, really on par with the original mangaka's and just vivid and beautiful. The lines/proportions are fantastic, the shading is wonderful, the CG style absolutely, positively perfect for for the art she does, and the poses have me *hanyan~*'ing all over the place. Plus, she draws some of my favorite things--Daisuke and Satoshi from DNAngel, with a little Dark mixed in, and Gareas/Ernest from Megami Kohousei. Seriously? Words cannot begin to express my glee at the Gareas/Ernest and my love for this site. *_____*

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