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- Meine Liebe - Appreciative Audience by Jan - Oh, well, what a lovely way to start the Meine Liebe fandom off--with Orpherus/Eduard smut! And not just regular smut, but good smut. Admittedly, I tend to find handjobs not not be as well-done/satisfying as often as other forms of sex, but here... here, this was wonderfully hot and intense and nicely in character. It's also not just the sex, but that it's very clearly Orpherus and Eduard here, with their surprisingly complex (given what you'd think a series like Meine Liebe would be) done justice, how wonderful the characters really are. Not to mention I had absolutely no trouble picturing this in my head, I adored the insights (the way Orpherus looked at Eduard and the note the story ended on were some of my favorites), and I mentioned that the sex was hot, yes? Okay. ♥ (Orpherus/Eduard, NC-17 content.)

- Meine Liebe - Push Shots by iniqincognito - There's something about this fic that I wound up just utterly LOVING, something about it that really captured the spirit of the series so well that I could just picture it. Orphe's narrative voice was really nicely done, especially the way he looks at Ed, how it's never too obvious, but the meaning underneath is obvious how much he cares for the other. The idea of a pool hall isn't something I would have thought up for the characters msyelf, but it works wonderfully well to bring out facets of the characters and I could just SEE it in the same style as the anime that I wound up falling in love with the fic. Really good ML fic, YAY! <3 The world needs more than just two of them. XP (A little bit Orphe/Ed, but could really be gen, too.)

- Meine Liebe - Links of the Chain by trixie_chick - Oh, man, trixie's use of hair in this fic is wonderful, the way she uses it to say so much about both Ludwig and Naoji, the way it fits so well with the series and the way this was so... Naoji. And, hell, Ludwig was perfect here, from the way he presented himself to the way Naoji saw him to the way their hair is an important focal point in the story. Just... I could see the dark blues and purples and reds and all the elegant colors that made up the anime in this fic, without trixie even having to remark on them. Lovely. (Ludwig/Naoji.)

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