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: Merlin - Arthur/Merlin Fanfiction Recs - [ page one - page two - page three ] - Arthur/Merlin is very clearly the fandom's OTP, you can hardly take a single step into fandom without running straight into it and I'll admit that that's why I originally watched the show, I was curious about this super-slashy pairing. And I fell in love with them in the canon and immediately craved fic and dove into fandom... pretty much obsessively. The fandom exploded and I exploded along with it, especially because I was working on finishing up my goal towards the end of 2008 and there was all this amazing fic coming out, I couldn't stop reading. And the fic is indeed amazing, so many talented authors are flocking to the fandom and there's porn and fic with plot and just about every kink I could possibly dream up (Merlin in a dress! Wingfic! Cat-tails! Merlin turning himself into a girl! Plot that uses old legends and gives us actual action scenes!) and it just. Hasn't stopped yet. *__*

: Merlin - Gen & Other Fanfiction Recs - Occasionally I will read something that's not Arthur/Merlin, maybe I'll find a Gwen/Morgana I piece I like or it'll be a character study or an interaction piece between Gaius and Merlin or occasionally I'll get curious about how Merlin/Morgana would play out and I would like to see some Uther/Igraine someday and so. This is the place I dump all that fic. I'm not going to put most of the Arthur/Merlin pre-slash stuff into this catagory because the lines between gen and pre-slash get so fuzzy sometimes that I don't think I could separate them out. Unless something is purely gen, it'll be in the other catagory. All the other random pairings will get chucked into this section instead. <3

: Merlin - Other Fanworks Recs - Since this is a television fandom, the vast, vast majority of stuff I recommend is going to be fic, of course. But occasionally there will be other things as well! Maybe a cute comic strip or someone who does some cute fanart someday. And I've already started looking into some fanvids, which have the potential to be really fun. So, whatever's not fic or doesn't quite fit into the above catagory, it'll get tossed into this section. Which means it probably won't be very big and it'll be kind of a mess of a collection, but. It should be fun. :D

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