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- Maruhen Prince - So One Prince Said to the Other Prince... by Vikki - MERUPURI FIC. AND IT'S REI/JEILE. WORDS DO NOT DESCRIBE MY FLAILING GLEE. No, really! See, Merupuri has been making the rounds lately 'cause of Meg and god knows we're all her bitches, so we read and squee over the retarded shoujo crack and then Vikki goes and writes this fic that's so wonderfully just like the series that I'm left running into walls because my brain cannot do anything other than emit high-pitched squealing directly to my ear. Because Aram was just so Aram in his bratty princeness, Airi was still dorkily herself, REI WAS LOVE, and Jeile was the most retarded thing evar and it was so perfect. Because she got the dynamics between the characters down so perfectly, even in such a short fic--you can tell how much Aram and Rei are fond of each other, how much Airi and Aram love each other, how retarded the relationship between the brothers is, how much of a spaz Jeile is around Airi, even the batshit relationship between Rei and Jeile THAT I SWEAR SENSEI INTENDED. It hits that same style of retarded shoujo the series was, but it's also still SUBTLE and it's FUNNY and I hug it close and will never, ever let it go. MeruPuri fic! That works and is brilliant! YOU HAVE TO READ. ♥ (Some Rei/Jeile, but blink and you'll miss it.)

- MeruPuri - Everything I Need to Know In Life, I Learned From Sentai Shows by Jaelle - You know, if this keeps up, I might actually have to make a MeruPuri section on the site. Horrors. Anyway. Jaelle! Writing MeruPuri! Whee! Especially because she captures Aram's sense of childish joy at times and smirky, hot bishounen at others, and even both at the same time sometimes! ♥ And the Aram/Airi relationship is SO CUTE and I loved Airi thinking Aram was so cute and the use of the sentai shows was awesome and, omg, the DOGGIES and the use of favorite colors and HEE HEE HEE, LOVE. (Some Aram/Airi.)

- MeruPuri - Roses, Roses Everywhere by Tammaiya - You... you have no idea how badly I've wanted someone to OTP Rei/Jeile with me. Now, when Tammaiya was looking for shoujo suggestions, I oh-so-casually (read: screamingly obnoxiously XD) suggested MeruPuri, she liked it, and we fangirled Rei/Jeile. Because I'm convinced Hino-sensei isn't opposed to the idea. And then! Then Tammaiya wrote fic because she had a fic meme going and she wrote Jeile being such a loveable retard and Rei being cool and distant and you can't really quite read him, you can't quite tell if he's being serious, especially if you're a retard like Jeile and there are roses and she uses them beautifully. This is Rei/Jeile like it should be, the way that maybe it's a step towards more (and deliberately ignoring Nei, which I was perfectly a-okay with! *thumbs up*) in the way that I could believe. It was lovely and... even if she never writes more of them, I'm happy and satisfied now. (Rei/Jeile.)

- Merupuri - Keep Away by Pyjamas - I was browsing around FFNET earlier and was reading one of the author's Host Club fics and happened to skim the summary for this one. Oh, hey, Jeile in a fic, I'll have to at least check that out. It looks--.....wait, what? There's a Merupuri catagory at FFNET?? And I promptly dove towards the fics. And this was a cute little piece set from Jeile's perspective about his feelings for Rei and how turned around they make him, especially considering his upcoming marriage to Nei. I liked the way the author wrote Rei as well, he was very... unreadable and yet there's still some sense that he may be laughing at you but you can't quite tell or call him on it. Plus! Rei/Jeile! My favorite! (Rei/Jeile.)

- Merupuri - Denial by Pyjamas - After the previous fic from Jeile's perspective, it was interesting to read one from Rei's point of view, concerning his feelings for both the queen and for Jeile. The author does well with Rei's personality, especially how he secrets away feelings because of his precarious situation, because he knows what is and is not possible with the people around him. I like that it's a sort of subdued tone while still keeping the way Rei obviously considers a lot in his thoughts. An interesting piece on him. (Some Rei/Jeile.)

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