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- Mushishi Fanfiction Recs - There is precious little Mushishi fic around, which... I mean, I understand why that is, but it also pains me because I crave more of this series in just about any format. More anime, more fic, more fanart! It's such a small, small fandom for such a beautifully done series (god, the anime is positively gorgeous and the pacing of it is so... tranquil and soothing and lovely) and I don't want to let go of it yet! I love Ginko! Need more Ginko!! But there have been a couple of pieces already that have been wonderful and I'll keep searching as long as people keep writing fic.

- Mushishi Fanart Recs - There's not much Mushishi fanart, either. A lot of the sites are only decent instead of being actually GOOD, but... they're worthwhile for when I need a fix of some sort with the series. Most of the sites have a sort of cumulative effect on me--each individual image doesn't knock me over (with one or two sites of exception), but you add up many, many images and eventually I start to feel satisfied. Sort of. Still, I doubt the Mushishi section will ever be very large, just becasue if it hasn't garnered much of a following by now.... *sigh*

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