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- Yami no Matsuei/Gravitation/Ai no Kusabi/Trigun - Croik's Music Videos [ Anime Music Videos ] - I think she (I assume....) has to be one of my favorite music video makers... the Ai no Kusabi one convinced me of that right off the bat. The song was perfect and, holy shit, was the editing amazing, especially given the lack of footage for AnK. (It was just a single movie, after all.) I have... Issues... with AnK, but that is one of my favorite musicvids. So, last night Dian pointed out towards this website, trying to get the YnM one to download (which takes a bit of figuring... go to the main page of that link, then the downloads section, and you'll find the link there), which we eventually did. Again, I say holy shit, that is some masterful editing. *shivers* And Muraki is creeeeepy. Just... you have to see it for yourself; Kyoto Doll is a beautiful video. And then there's the Gravitation one! *dies laughing* "Shuuichi's Back" is, again, masterful editing, and the whole thing is just fucking hilarious. Want more videos. Now. *_* (Li'l bit yaoi-ish. But it's AnK, Gravi, and YnM. If you didn't know that.... ^_~)

- [ Anime Music Videos ] - I've been having fun with music videos lately--there are some truly talented people out there. Among my favorites: ErMaC Studios does some incredible videos, I'm especially fond of the Eva ones and the X one. The "Closer to God" videos are amazing. "The Anime Polka" used various footage brilliantly, I cracked up several times. Oh, oh! And the Dual Opening Credits one was inspired!

Another group I really like is Doki Doki Productions. Their "Right Now" video was priceless, and I don't think anything will ever top "Senshi on Springer". That was classic. "Jinnai and the Bugrom LIVE!" is another favorite (though, actually, I'm not sure if that's theirs, Studio Hybrid's, a collaboration, or what.) Their editing is superb, they really make the videos look like they were meant for the songs.

MaachaQ's videos (at least those I've seen) have been really great, though I can't find a URL for them. There might be one in the videos; I'll check later. Anyway, their "Hair" video was one of the funniest things I'd seen in a very long time. It was fantastic and so, so funny. (I had fun trying to see how many of the bishounen I could name. I think I got over half of them. ^_^;; )

Kestral's music videos are also wonderfully done--I especially like her Utena ones. "Never Meant to Be" was a masterfully edited video and is one of my all-time favorites. It was just... perfect.

Otaku Productions did an incredible Trigun video, "Eden", that made me want to cry all over again. Good lord, Vash's life sucks.... (Contains a few spoilers, and isn't nearly as impactful if you haven't seen the whole series.) Their X video, "Children of Fate", kicked ass, too. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

- Lori McDonald - [ Music Videos ] (yes, the Lori McDonald of X-Men, YYH, Gatchaman, FF7, and other series fic) did a gorgeous Yami no Matsuei video that I love to bits. The music was lovely and the clips fit to it very nicely. Pretty! *_*

- [ Music Video ] Cardcaptor Sakura - Ain't It Funny by //||\\atrix Studios - I was on a music video kick the other night and decided to check out some of the CCS ones... and this was one of the few I really liked. The quality of the pictures was fantastic, the clips were set to the music wonderfully, and it just had that nice, warm CCS feel to it.

- Gravitation - Your Song by Marshmallow God Productions [ Anime Music Video ] - Okay, I'm not crazy about the whole 'apply-Moulin-Rouge-to-other-series' thing because it's been done a lot, but I really, really liked the choice of this song to go with Yuki and Shuuichi. The clips were also arranged wonderfully, they made sense, and even often times fit with what was happening in the original scenes. There were some subtitles, obviously the source was digisubs, but I found that it didn't bother me too much, especially because raw Gravitation videos are hard to find, and it didn't really affect the quality too much. I was also surprised by how much I liked the blending of the OAV and the TV series, it didn't jar me like I thought it would. And I mentioned how wonderfully the whole thing was put together, ne? *hearts* (YukixShuuichi-themed.)

- Fujimi no Orchestra - Fire [ Animegher ] - .....damn, what a gorgeous KeixYuuki video. +_+ I crave Fujimi no Orchestra fanworks, and this helped immensly... the editing was damned good, especially considering what a (relatively) short OAV this was. The song fits amazingly well, the clips almost look like they were made for the song/video, and the whole thing captured the dynamics of the OAV and the Kei/Yuuki relationship beautifully. I don't love this video just because it's yaoi or because it's Fujimi no Orchestra, but also because it's so well-put together and the song is incredibly infectious. +_+ (Semi-graphic yaoi.)

- Multiple anime series - Mystery Yaoi Theater 3000 - Which Backstreet Boy is Gay by Zarxraz [Anime Music Video ] - I randomly downloaded this on a whim... well. More like my desire to have every Gravitation music video in existance, and I was intrigued by the title. I hit play and about thirty seconds into the video I started giggle. Sixty seconds in and I was laughing my ass off. The creator says this video doesn't have a high replay factor, but I don't agree at all--I've played this thing over and over and it still makes me laugh. Great dialogue, great sense of humor, great concept, great editing, fucking great song, and just overall a brilliant video that left me on the floor laughing wildly. Not that I mean to build it up too much, but it really made me laugh. (Lots of suggestive imagery, but nothing too graphic.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Bad Tsuzuki by alkampfer81 [ Anime Music Video ] - Okay, before you look at the song on this video, let me assure you that this was actually a really good video, the scenes fit the tone of the music and lyrics perfectly, and, okay, yes, it's Britney Spears, but when the song hits the really upbeat parts and Tsuzuki is summoning one of his shikigami... it's freaking cool. +_+ The quality of the video used is excellent, and they really did a bang-up job of using the limited footage to such a great extent. It's not necessarily a song I would have chosen (as Tsuzuki is still just as vulnerable and lonely as he always was), but it's a credit to this video that I really bought into it at several points. Really, really good Yamimatsu video. (No real warnings.)

- Anime Music Video (Gravitation) - The Acceptance Speech by SarahtheBoring - I... almost don't want to say what this AMV is about, to say just skip the intro and go straight to downloading it, because that's the way I watched it and promptly laughed my ass off and sparkled at the genius of it. Brilliant choice of song and anime to bring together, really beautiful quality, and the lip synching and scene choices were fabulous. There are moments in this AMV that make me laugh every single time I even just think about them. Just... Gravitation and Avenue Q together, brilliant! I laughed so hard. I shall attempt to stop gushing now, lest I spoil any more of it. ^_~ (No warnings.)

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