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- Nabari no Ou Fanfiction Recs - I'm actually sort of surprised at the lack of Nabari fic out there, it seems like a series fans would have jumped on, especially with Yoite and Miharu. But I'm also a little wary of venturing too far into FFNET for fics, so mostly I've been sticking to authors I know from other fandoms. Thus, this section will probably be pretty slim for awhile, but! I'm working on it! Mostly this will probably be Yoite/Miharu fic, but I'm not opposed to reading gen stuff and I'd love to find some Raikou/Raimei/Gau fic at least once. But we'll see what fandom comes up with. XD

- Death Note Fanart Recs - Oh, man, I craved Nabari fanart for the longest time and it wasn't until I hit up the comms and the Nabari search site that I finally started getting somewhere. There's not really a ton of fanart (not compared to some fandoms), but there's a handful that will at least satisfying the itch for a day or two. Again it'll be mostly Yoite/Miharu, but occasionally other stuff will sneak in as well, whether pairings or more gen-focused.

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