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- NANA - untitled by hydrogen - I found this fic by journal hopping and, as far as I can tell, it's about the only NANA fic in existance, so that it's Takumi/Nana-chan just makes me a little bit thrilled with the fandom. Admittedly, it's a little rough or a little prone to a dramatic moment in some of the entries, without the build-up, but overall I thought it was very faithful to the dynamic between them. Sometimes it's love, sometimes it's affection and little more, sometimes it's heartbreaking, sometimes it's bittersweet, and sometimes it's happy. It's fifty different aspects of their relationship, some nice and some not so nice, that reflect that this relationship is far from a perfect one, but it's not wholly unlikable or unsympathetic. Maybe I can settle down with the frothing defense of them now. ^_~ (Takumi/Nana-chan.)

- NANA - Ichigo by Tammaiya - I think I wrote squeeing feedback that was as long as the fic itself when Tammaiya showed me this NANA fic. I was just that madly, passionately in love with its perfection of the characters and the themes/tone of the manga. Nana-chan and Takumi and strawberries and Nana and it's beautifully written, it made me laugh one minute, then the mood shifted a moment later and I was ready to cry, then I was feeling bittersweet, and then it was crying out of being so damned touched and then right back again. Tammaiya captures both Takumi and Nana-chan brilliantly here, neither of them are perfect, there are moments when I wanted to shove a brick in Takumi's face for the truth of the words she wrote, but the next minute I was melting into goo because he and Nana-chan do work in their own way. It's a story I feel like I could read over and over again, it feels like it could have been a scene lifted straight out of the manga itself, right down to the subtle references with the strawberry theme. Just... beautiful. (Takumi/Nana-chan.)

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