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- Naruto Fanfiction Recs - Favorites - When I first started in the Naruto fandom, I had a very narrow focus and rarely read outside of those preferences, even for gen with my favorite characters. As time wore on, I gained a larger and larger focus, so I actually occasionally started to read outside my Kakashi bent. ^_~ Though, my focus will probably always be there and my recs will reflect that. While this section will the stories that I think are some of the absolute best of the various genres (meaning slash, het, yaoi, gen, whatever) there will still be a large bent towards my favorites. 'S what a recs page is for, obviously. ♥ I will try to include stories that I think are either the best of what the fandom has to offer or really good starting places for new fans, but whatever fics I choose, they'll probably be about in line with the rest of the recs below. Meaning, if there's a lot of KakaIru or KakaRin or LeeSaku, you can expect to find those here, too.

- Naruto Fanart Recs - Favorites - I blame the J-fanartists for my obsession with Naruto--because there are just so many jaw-droppingly gorgeous doujinshi and fanarts out there. So many that I'm having trouble getting through them all, yet every time I visit a new, beautiful site, I fall that much more in love with the series and KakaIru in particular. Since the art sections have become huge, I decided to split them up, but they can still be tough to navigate if you're coming here for the first time. So, this section will be made up of some of my absolute favorite sites. XD (I'll get working on this section someday! Honest!)

~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

- Naruto Fanfiction Recs - Kakashi x Iruka - [ page one - page two - page three ] I can understand the frustration a lot of people may or may not have with this pairing, it is one that seems very odd at first glance. I think a lot of people have their reasons, I know I could certainly give you a three-page essay about why I like the pairing, why I think the idea of them is so appealing (and it's not just for the yaoi), why I think they'd be good for each other, why I think they balance each other, but no one really wants to hear that, you either vibe with the pairing or you don't. And, hoo boy, do I ever vibe on this pairing, it's far and away my OTP with the series (though, KakaRin is seriously sneaking up on me *__*) and it makes up the lion's share of what I read.

I tend to have two modes with this pairing. I ultimately prefer something darker, something messier and less clean and harsh but with silver linings of a better future and, as the fandom wanders along, there's getting to be more and more of that with this pairing. Yet, I also often times go for the silly crack because that's what made me fall in love with the pairing in the first place, the way Iruka is so much fun when Kakashi is being an obnoxious FREAK at him. So there'll be a mixture of those and everything in between here, but you can usually get a feel for what the tone of a fic is by the rec for it? ♥ (Ahahaha, look, I finally broke the page down into managable chunks!)

- Naruto Fanfiction Recs - Gen/No Pairings - [ page one - page two - page three - page four ] When I started out with the Naruto fandom, I pretty much only wanted one thing and gen wasn't really it. As I've stayed with the fandom for several years now, I've started branching out and actually being interested in stories about the characters beyond my main favorites (which you can probably tell at a glance who they are just by skimming this index). While this section will probably be anemic for a long time, it'll have the occasional character piece or maybe some cute gen-ish interaction or maybe even a plotfic if the fandom will write it for me. As a side note, the Kakashi-centric pieces do have their own section below this, but they will also be in this section. The Kakashi section is solely because a) he's my favorite, so he gets his own section and b) because there's enough fic to warrant it. But if you've combed over this section, you won't miss anything there.

- Naruto Fanfiction Recs - Kakashi-centric - So. As I said above, when I started the fandom, I was only interested in my OTP and nothing else. Not even gen fic about either character, no matter how in love with Kakashi I was. Over time, I've mellowed and became interested in the characters above the pairing (though, I still have massive rabu for the pairing, mind ♥) and there's some awesome Kakashi fic out there. Because I've been reading so much of it lately (and because the character is my favorite), I've branched out and decided to include this section. All the recs here will either be mirrored in the above Gen/No Pairings section or in the Kakashi Team/Kakashi x Rin section below or often times in the Kakashi x Iruka section if there's a particularily heavy Kakashi focus. Or if there's some oddball pairing, like I'd love to read a sensible Kakashi x Kurenai or Kakashi x Tsunade, just because I'm weird, they'll be in the Everything Else section. This section is just because I'm a terrible fangirl. ♥

- Naruto Fanfiction Recs - Kakashi Team/Kakashi x Rin - This is slightly different from the above, but makes sense to my mind. Recently, especially since the Kakashi Gaiden was written, there've been a lot of really interesting fics about both Kakashi x Rin and Yondaime's team with Kakashi, Rin, and Obito. I've also come to fall in love with the Kakashi x Rin pairing and I wanted a section for it, so thus this section was born. There will be a lot of crossposted recs in these sections, a lot of what you'll find here will be in the Kakashi-centric section, a lot will be in the gen section, etc., especially because sometimes it's difficult to determine the line between a fic that's about just Kakashi or that's about the entire team. But this section may have some recs that other sections might not contain, it all depends on what you're looking for. Mostly Kakashi x Rin or fics with Yondaime and Kakashi's relationship, because, omg, that does not get covered enough in fic. *___*

- Naruto Fanfiction Recs - Everything Else - Things you will find here: Mostly SasuNaru, LeeSaku, and the random bits written about other characters. Eventually the LeeSaku and SasuNaru sections were expanded to their own pages because I'd found enough of them, but there are still things here that don't quite fit anywhere else--random batshit pairings, but also pairings I wish there were more fic for (Jiraiya/Tsunade) and ones that I wish I had more time for (ShikaIno or InoSaku) and, of course, the occasional gen piece that leaves me a silly puddle of fangirl goo on the floor.

- Naruto Fanfiction Recs - Lee x Sakura - I just... I fell for Lee pretty much right from the start--he's so earnest and brightly shining and so sweet and loved Sakura so much and in such a funny way that... well, hell, how could I not fall immediately in love with him? He made me laugh but he also made my fangirl heart flip over. And every time Sakura would start to look back at him just a little bit... those were my favorite moments for her, because those were where she was at her most mature. And there were just enough LeeSaku fanfics out there that were really fun and excellent that... well, hell, I had to give them their own section.

- Naruto Fanfiction Recs - Sannin-centric - [ page one - page two ] This section will be both for Sannin-centric teamfic and Jiraiya/Tsunade fic, because often times the lines blur between the two and it's just easier to group it together this way. I'll do my best to label each individual fic, but the overall catagory will be a mishmash of pairings and gen with all three characters. But expect most of it to be Jiraiya/Tsunade because they hit my Naruto pairing buttons even when I know they shouldn't. It's just... they have all this history and chemistry and they're two of the strongest people around and they've been through so much and they wouldn't be perfect or lovey-dovey, they'd fight and yell and she'd hit him and he'd grope her and it'd be messy and gorgeous. I pine for more fic with these two.

- Naruto Fanfiction Recs - Sasuke x Naruto - SasuNaru is a pairing that... it's one of those that's so well-done in the series itself that I have a difficult time reading fic for it because the fic often doesn't measure up to the canon. I also expect we'll get a regular fix of SasuNaru-ish stuff from the canon, so I don't need that same fix in the way I might for other couples I 'ship. Also, they're not my passion. >_>;; But SasuNaru does get the lion's share of really great fic in the fandom (which is a fandom that gets sadly little really good fic), so eventually I found enough to give it its own section.

- Naruto Fanfiction Recs - Neji x Hinata - NejiHina is a pairing that I sort of wobbled back and forth on, I could never quite commit or I never quite found the right fic or NejiTen kept distracting me or I wasn't sure I was comfortable with the cousin/cousin stuff... until I found the right fics and somehow it all clicked together. There's an important relationship there and the older Neji gets, I think he understands more and more that Hinata doesn't deserve his anger and he'd be such an adorable emotional retard over her and she'd be so sweet and kind and... yeah. I'm a doofus for this pairing now. ♥

- Naruto Fanfiction Recs - Ino x Sakura - Ino/Sakura is one of those rare yuri pairings where there's enough weight to the pairing that I'm not just, "Oh, that'd be interesting/kinda hot." and instead I'm actively interested in it. Part of it is that I like Ino's character a lot, but even more than that, it's the way they have a surprisingly complicated relationship full of unresolved issues and feelings. It's not just rivalry, but it's not just friendship, either, it's a twisty, messy, anything but simple tangle of feelings these two girls have wrapped up in each other. And, finally, I'm starting to find more fic that I like, so I can justify this section now. ♥

- Naruto Fanfiction Recs - Naruto x Sakura - I actually liked the idea of Naruto x Sakura from the beginning of the series. It's not necessarily my OTP, but it's the one I've always sort of wanted for them in canon, despite that I've been really quiet about it until now. (Naruto was so cute with his crush on Sakura back in the beginning of the series.) Now that they've come so far and their dynamic has been tempered into something much, much deeper and they're so connected to each other... slowly, I'm starting to find more and more fic that fits with my idea of them. If one pairing happens in canon--and it can't be LeeSaku--I want it to be this one. They'd be adorable together.

~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

- Naruto Fan Art Recs - Gen/No Pairings - [ page one - page two - page three ] The size of the "other" section was getting to be a bit ridiculous, so I eventually had to seperate out the gen stuff, but... well. The thing is, there's probably going to still be a fair amount of sites with pairing art here because I felt the sites were still worth visiting if you were a fan of a particular character in the pairing and so I'll put the rec in both sections. I usually label everything pretty well, so you can probably avoid most of what you're not interested in seeing and there are actually a lot of sites with no real pairings on them that are interesting. The longer I'm a Naruto fan, the longer I'm interested in just plain old art for the characters, rather than pairings. I actually expect this section to be about the same size as the KakaIru section (which is a hugely popular pairing j-fanart-wise). ♥

- Naruto Fan Art Recs - Kakashi x Iruka - [ page one - page two - page three ] Ahhh, yes, the KakaIru J-fanart. The reason I fell so fast for Naruto in the first place. XD KakaIru is very much a staple of the J-fandom as far as I can tell and the thing I love about it, is that even without words, you can get a feel for the characterization and... it fits so well with the characters I know. Not always perfectly, sure, there's a lot of schmoop, but there's also a lot of gritty stuff and a lot of beautiful stuff. No, they don't interact much at all in the series, but it's all about the idea of the pairing. About the potential of it and how much fun it would be.

- Naruto Fan Art Recs - Sasuke x Naruto - Given that art takes less time to go through than fic does, I tend to find more fanart sites than I do fanfic, hence SasuNaru gets its own section. I adore this pairing because I think the two of them are two of the only people who could ever keep up with and/or understand each other and the way they were raised. They also balance each other beautifully--Sasuke is more driven, hardworking, and focused while Naruto is friendly, outgoing, and hasn't sealed himself off from the rest of humanity. They can each bring to the table what the other lacks and then have a shitload of chemistry while doing so. I *heart*. Not as big as the KakaIru section, but definitely growing. XD

- Naruto Fan Art Recs - Neji x Hinata - Much of what I said about NejiHina in the fic section applies to the fanart as well. There's not a ton of it, nor do I obsessively search for it, but every once in awhile I luck into a circle of sites I hadn't seen before and get a total NejiHina fanart high. On the bright side, NejiHina is one of the most popular pairing for both characters and there's some really beautiful fanart for them if you look around long enough. Hopefully, this section will continue to grow as I branch away from just the Kakashi-centric art more and more. *sheepish*

- Naruto Fan Art Recs - Shikamaru x Ino - You know, it's not like I don't appreciate Shikamaru/Temari (or think that that pairing has a far stronger base in the series) or that I'm all that focused on ShikaIno (though, it is one of my favorite pairings for both characters), but that I just happen to stumble over art sites that have it fairly often. Part of it is seeking out team 10 fanart which often have ShikaIno fanart as much as they do gen, sometimes it's that I just happened to get into a set of sites that have good links. For all that I don't deliberately seek it out, I am quite happy when it falls into my lap, so maybe this section will have more than three links someday. Hopefully, anyway.

- Naruto Fan Art Recs - Yondaime-centric - I'm not sure why I'm giving Yondaime his own fanart section... except that I kind of want to. The recs here will also be originally put into the gen or other pairings section, they'll be dumped here as sort of a secondary filter (and I may miss some), it's just... I really like the character a lot, despite that we haven't been given nearly enough information about him. I'll probably tend towards anything with the Jiraiya - Yondaime - Kakashi teacher/student thing because I totally vibe on their relationships with each other and I desperately crave interaction with them since E-fandom doesn't give it to me nearly enough. >P

- Naruto Fan Art Recs - Everything Else - [ page one - page two ] "As long as it's pretty, I'll pounce on it and rec it." XD Okay, there are some things I won't rec, no matter how pretty (occasionally, there are pairings I Just Don't Care For, but that's everyone, honestly), but just about anything else goes. I like yaoi, but I also like het. I also totally heart the gen stuff, because I honestly like the characters beyond the yaoi, too. Expect a mishmash of stuff here, I guess. This is where the gen stuff gets chucked because I don't really have that much diversity with the Naruto fanart, it's pretty much 1) KakaIru, 2) SasuNaru, 3) Everything Else, and I've already broken this page down enough for now. Still, if any of the above freak you out... well, you're probably not viewing much Naruto fanart in the first place, I assume? *wry grin*

~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

- Naruto - Doujinshi Recs - I gave thought to breaking this page into separate sections, organized by pairings, but then realized that at this late date in the fandom, I'm probably only going to be recommending Kakashi/Iruka doujinshi. That may change in the future, I may start working my way towards other pairings or raw doujinshi, but for now... pretty much purely scanslated doujin. Unfortunately, I'm starting this long after my main time in the fandom, so it's somewhat slow going, but... well, it's going to be big enough as it is already!

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