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NCIS: Found in Translation by Sequitur - So. I've been mainlining NCIS episodes over the last week or so, remarking that, well, it's not really a series I would read that much fic for. So, before I've even properly finished the first season, what do I do literally five minutes later? Why, I go looking for fic. But this fic was such a fantastic DiNozzo voice and genuinely funny and the perfect combination of being such a guy and the hints of the deeper character we sometimes see. All wrapped up with the kind of humor that made me fall for the series in the first place (often at Tony's expense, which just makes it all the funnier) and brilliant characterization. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

NCIS: Endearment by Pru - I started off the fandom with gen, because I couldn't really do the slash just yet, even if I really sort of wanted to. So then I was browsing around and stumbled over Pru's fic, which is... not precisely pre-slash, but not that far over the line, either. Which made it perfect for me and how I was looking at the canon, the way Tony clearly had something for Gibbs in this bizarre sort of not-marriage-but-might-as-well-be from others' perspective. It's kind of fucked up and a little dark, the way Tony gives and gives and gives to Gibbs, but it's not heartbreaking, either. It was just. So Tony. Hilarious and kind of serious and just the perfect tone. (Maybe a little pre-Gibbs/DiNozzo, but it's not quite that simple, either.)

NCIS: Hurry Up and Wait by Pru - And then I read this one pretty much immediately after the previous fic, this time a story set from Gibbs' POV, which was... I'd say it's more gen than anything, but what it did for me was show the Gibbs side of the relationship, how he reacted to Tony being away for a few days, and did it so perfectly that I could just see it. It was the right fic for me at the right time, and a really solid piece all on its own. Gibbs' perspective can be hard to do, but this fic achieved it well, I thought. (Maybe a little pre-slash with Gibbs/DiNozzo, but it could also be entirely gen.)

NCIS: Dead marine, Gibbs… Bruised knees, New job (or, How Tony Thinks He Got His Job) by ingenius_inc - [ part 01 - part 02 ] - In the last four days, I have mainlined approximately thirty episodes of NCIS and failingly tried to talk myself out of doing the fandom thing for it, at least beyond gen or pre-slash. Which is where I usually lean towards, except... every time I would just about convince myself that I didn't need anything for an actual pairing, I would watch a scene with these two and be painfully reminded that the something there wasn't going to let me go. Yet, I'm still really, really, really wary of reading actual slash/romantic relationship actions with Gibbs and Tony, it's just so hard to get myself over that line. But something about this fic... something about this fic did it for me, both in terms of characterization and in getting me to buy into the Gibbs/DiNozzo relationship taken in that direction. It's brilliantly written, there's an aching undertone to the entire piece, never over the top about it or too ham-fisted about it, so I believed this Tony. He was all smiles and you could see the bitterness (because it can't be easy finding yourself in love with Jethro Gibbs), especially after all that's happened to the characters along the way, and it kinda hurt to read about him, but in exactly the way the author intended it. The pacing was brilliant as well, the impressive things she did with little scenes set over a period of several years, the way things kept on changing and moving forward, and the final scenes were excellent. The author built them up, making it just so easy for me to see this story in my mind's eye, making me hurt for Tony, making me believe the relationship evolved this way, even making me laugh a few times along the way. Just. I'm finally satisfied, after half a week of pining for a certain something that I couldn't put my finger on with these two. (Gibbs/DiNozzo, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

NCIS: Five Reasons... by cuke98 - Okay, this was just fun. Part of the reason I fell for NCIS so easily is because the characters were actually having fun and laughing at each other (as well as the show obviously having fun putting them in various situations) even while they were doing their jobs. This fic captures all the little ways they flirt with each other inappropriately, the kind that feels very much in the spirit of the show, and then it tacks on a more serious ending, which is actually... also kind of appropriate, the way it goes from humorous to serious and you kinda hurt for the characters, but it's also kind of perfect as you watch some of the last pieces of Gibbs' memory come back to him. (Gibbs/DiNozzo.)

NCIS: Twelve Steps to Understanding? by ingenius_inc - I first became aware of this author in the... either the WK fandom or the Viewfinder fandom and I've been fond of pretty much everything I've read by her since, so to see her showing up in my newest fandom has been a delight. Especially when she writes these stories that are painful and bitter and aching, without leaving me feeling unsatisfied by the endings, which is so much of what I've been looking for with Gibbs/DiNozzo. This is another fic where Tony is kind of monumentally stupid and terrible at reading Gibbs, but you believe it because Tony's got issues and there's a lot of crap for them to work through; it's not the kind of stupid where I think less of the character, it's just Tony. I like that it deals with the events of Hiatus, but doesn't draw too heavily on them, instead it's a story about the progress (or lack thereof, sometime) over the course of time and the series. A really, really good read. (Gibbs/DiNozzo, a light NC-17.)

NCIS: A Life at Sea by cupidsbow - I believe I snatched the link for this off of mklutz, but I'm so very glad I did because it's one of those fics that I read and didn't realize I was very nearly holding my breath over until the end, when I let out a long, long sigh. It's not an easy, happy fic, but it's brilliantly done. It's intense and a little unhappy, but there's a steadiness underneat that and it's so... Tony. The use of how tired he is here (and I felt tired just reading this) and the pieces of memories of childhood that float back up when he's half-asleep (which are breathtakingly done, because they're both happy and heartbreaking) and the use of a lovely original character that passes in and out of Tony's life, the ending that's just perfectly done. It's a gorgeous, gorgeous fic. (DiNozzo/OFC implied, possible pre-Gibbs/DiNozzo if you want to see it that way, but I'd really call this gen over anything else.)

NCIS: Say When by cupidsbow - In a strange way, despite that I started watching because of the humor and genuinely want that in fic, I find that I rarely go for the happier, fluffier stories when I read Gibbs/DiNozzo. It's just difficult to get me to believe it. But sometimes I still want something happier and this fic provided it with such fun, delightful characterization that I couldn't resist. I love that it's post-Gibbs' retirement (which makes the happy tone to the fic work better for me) and that, despite Tony getting on in years, he's still so Tony and Gibbs still indulges him in a Gibbs sort of way. This was just. Fun! Happy! With these two! Who'd have thought. XD (Gibbs/DiNozzo, maybe a light R.)

NCIS: Issues With Confined Spaces And Rococo Lamps by ingenius_inc - I waited until after I'd seen "Boxed In" to read this fic and, while I don't think it's necessary to do so (you can pretty much read it as an epilogue to any episode), I'm glad I did because it was a nice little add-on. I especially like the author's Tony voice here, where there's something that's almost a little manic, a rushing of his thoughts and words to cover what he's obviously feeling underneath, without having to ever explicitly say that. The whole complicated relationship he has with Gibbs, the desperate something that's there with him, especially when he's feeling rather emotionally raw like he would be after those events, all of it was very nicely done. (Gibbs/DiNozzo.)

NCIS: If Wishes Were Horses by softbrowneyes - You know, the more I marathon NCIS episodes, the more I actually really want genfic in addition to the pairing fic. And this short little piece was utterly delightful, just an easy conversation between the characters where they tease each other and talk about their hobbies and basically just shoot the shit until Gibbs tells them all to just go home already. It's delightful, the characterization is spot-on, the pacing and dialogue are very sharp, and it feels like it could have come right out of an episode. Excellent. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

NCIS: Worth Talking by voleuse - You know, there is not nearly enough interaction between Tony and Abby, especially on the show lately. I hadn't really intended to seek out fic for them, but when I saw this one, I couldn't resist clicking on it and I'm glad I did. It's set post-season two finale, centering on Abby and how she hates that things are so wrong now, so she decides to do something about it, and the author captures her quirkiness and realness so very well here, shows why so many people like her. The friendship she has with Tony is almost understated here and that makes it all the more powerful and lovely a fic. (No warnings/pairings.)

NCIS: The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship by kageygirl - Oh, yes, this is what I have been waiting for! Gibbs and Abby and they are so adorable together. I love their friendship so very much, I love how Gibbs indulges her quirks and is so very genuinely fond of her and how much she trusts and cares about him and this fic got all of that down while not having to say it, it was just there as they are at an amusement park for Abby's birthday. The dialogue, the pacing, the adorableness, all of it are spot on and just pure, utter delight. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

NCIS: I'm glad you're not dead by cassanlynx - Practically since Ziva showed up on the series, I've been wanting Ziva/Abby fic. Not necessarily desperately, but just something fun and with a little spark. So I went looking for some tonight and happened to stumble over this one, which is a nice little fic set post-3x20 and has all the right elements. The hint of playfulness and danger, from both of them, the genuine caring and sweetness underneath, but also so very much with the hotness. It's a short little thing, but certainly brings to mind some very interesting imagery and makes me want all the more fic for these two, mmm. (Ziva/Abby, maybe a light R rating.)

NCIS: Drinking Games by Rainne - Speaking of things I went looking for... I don't know that I precisely ship Gibbs/Abby, but I don't run screaming from the room, either. So, I was curiously clicking through the comm, happened to stop on this fic, and it's one of those that comes along at just the right time and in just the right way to appeal to me. It's mostly a gen piece set in the first or second season, a drunk group antics fic that is utterly delightful and gets at why this cast is so much fun. I love this author's Gibbs, how much he can be a surprising amount of fun, but still obviously a Marine and so responsible without harshing their buzz. Her Abby is also suitably bubbly without being over the top, even Kate and Tony in peripheral roles are spot on. The ending is the only real Gibbs/Abby part and I was surprised at how little I reacted to it... how much I was even kinda intrigued by it. I... am still not running screaming from the room. (Some Gibbs/Abby, but it's worth reading anyway unless you violently hate the pairing.)

NCIS: Love and War by Nix - I admit, a lot of what pulled me to this fic was the lure of Gibbs and DiNozzo friendship and I'm still at the point where it's hard for me to slash them, so genfic is fine by me, too. And this was a short little fic about a piece of Tony's past coming back to haunt him and the way his friends react, especially the way Gibbs reacts, and it's nice because you can see how much they all care about Tony, even if they show it in their usual special way. And I do like the way Gibbs dealt with Tony feeling sorry for himself. <3 (This is entirely gen, but if you like Gibbs/DiNozzo, you might enjoy this.)

NCIS: NCIS by isis-sg1 - After reading the author's cute Psych fic, I clicked on one of her NCIS fics and this was a cute little thing about the team trying to introduce themselves and not exactly getting very far. It plays on the running gag of how no one knows who the hell they are and I just had to laugh when the guy was determined to get it. Very cute. (No warnings/pairings.)

NCIS: 1973 Model Mustang by James - You know. I like the show as it is, I like genfic and I like pre-slash most of the time. But other times, goddammit, I just want the porn. So when I saw James Walkswithwind had written NCIS fic (as I remember her from previous fandoms), I pretty much zipped right on over and hit up her nc-17 fic. And this is indeed pure porn and, hell, it's even got a light touch of bondage, which I don't usually go for, but somehow it was really kinda hot here. There's not even any dialogue, the characterization is worked in through the way they touch each other or look at each other, and ultimately it's just about the porn. And that's what I was looking for and what made this work for me, mmm. (Gibbs/DiNozzo, NC-17.)

NCIS: Like Coffee by James - Gibbs/Tony fic is difficult to convince me of from Gibbs' side of things, much less in his perspective... or, hell, maybe that's why this one works. Because it fits together with the way he treats Tony that I saw on the screen, the way he seems to genuinely enjoy smacking Tony on the back of the head sometimes. I love that he's so obviously Gibbs here even while he has a lot of respect for Tony, the way he notices all these things about Tony. It's a short fic and I really liked the way the author wrote about what Gibbs wants, it just... worked for me here. (Gibbs/DiNozzo.)

NCIS/Highlander: Abby and The Immortal by Strangevisitor7 - For some reason, the idea of an NCIS/Highlander crossover made me zip right on over to this fic, god knows why. Possibly the idea of Abby meeting an Immortal was just too cute to pass up. And this fic was really fun, just the right amount of seriousness that it wasn't parody, but it was definitely light-hearted and enjoyable. Abby's just so bright and curious and Richie can't really resist that, not entirely, and their light flirting is adorable. The two worlds come together nicely and it's just. Well. Fun. *g* (No warnings/pairings.)

- NCIS fanvid - Inspector Gadget - I picked up the link for this video from darkeyedwolf's post on NCIS, just expecting something maybe a little cute and maybe a little fun. Instead, what I got was a fantastically awesome and well-put together fanvid for this song that really captured the spirit of the song, the show, and the character, it was a little bit cool, a little bit dorky, and a little bit slick, the editing of the clips was well-done and just. asdlfjaslkjalskj awesome fanvid!

NCIS: Slow Day by Idyll - You know, I still have my ships for this show, but sometimes I think I want genfic more than anything. So, reading this fun little piece that's just about one of those days at work with the NCIS cast where they don't really have anything pressing to do, no cases, just finding things to keep busy, was perfect for me. The author's interaction between Abby and Tony was especially delightful, that sense of fun these characters have with each other. The scene in the lab, especially when talking about Gibbs, was spot-on and so much fun. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

NCIS: Glory Box by Idyll - After reading the previous fic by this author, I wanted to give this one a shot as well--it's post-Angel of Death and deals with Tony's reactions to the aftermath of everything with Jeanne, set through Gibbs' eyes. I loved how right in line everything felt to me with this fic, how Tony's reactions were something I could so easily see fitting in with the canon, how Gibbs' way of dealing with Tony, still a real bastard and yet he's not, that blend that's just... Gibbs. The dialogue, the use of description, everything felt like a little slice of the series that never quite made it to air for me. (No warnings/pairings.)

NCIS: Gunshy by Idyll - I said this in the previous review, but it's also true for this one, in a different way--this is the kind of fic that I could really rather easily see sliding right in between the frames of canon. Tony quit NCIS once., set pre-series, and it's just this one simple scene, but that's all the fic needed. The feeling of going from a relaxed air to the growing tension and then determination at the end, the way there's all that something between Gibbs and Tony and I love that this fic is gen, but it's so like the series that I could read more into it if I wanted to. I love that scene in both ways, because it was really creepy and yet really kind of hot (for me, being a fan of those two) and because it was just well-written in the way the author intended it. All in less than a thousand words, too! (No warnings/pairings.)

NCIS: The Living's Easy During Summer Time by wintersjuly - I went through my mad dash at the NCIS fandom and while there was some really good stuff, there was also a lot of mediocre stuff that just sort of made my eyes glaze over. But Anita makes me almost want to go back to the fandom because this. This is what Tony fic should be. I love the line it walks, it's pre-Gibbs/DiNozzo, but that's not the real point of the fic, the point is Tony being Tony set pre-series, as he tries to adjust to being part of a team for more than a year or two. I love her take on the character, you can tell how much she really likes him and gets him, but I also love her Gibbs in the background and the Tony - Abby scene is delightful. And Ducky! Even Ducky is perfect in this! *happy sigh* (Some Gibbs/DiNozzo pre-slash, but it's not really the point.)

NCIS/Supernatural: NCIS and the Haunted Computer by Tassos - This is actually more of an NCIS fic than a Supernatural fic, but Sam and Dean do show up and are really fun. But the main point of it is a totally rocking light-hearted NCIS fic about a haunted computer that has loads of fun little scenes, some great Abby lines, a truly great moment for Gibbs, and just the right attitude about it. It's happily on the silly side of things and yet the author does a great job with making me able to totally picture everything in my mind's eye and really nails the fun of a group fic, rather than looking for a character study or a pairing fic. I enjoyed the hell out of this, it was surprisingly long, but an actual quick little read! <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

NCIS/Supernatural: NCIS and Five Encounters with the FBI by Tassos - [Note: This fic is a follow-up to the>previous one, it would help to have read that one first.] Since I liked the first one so much, I pretty much immediately zipped over to read the sequel and it was totally just as much fun. I really like it for the crossover aspect--this time Hendricksen is hot on the tail of the Winchesters, which leads him to NCIS--especially how the author uses NCIS' previous encounters with the FBI (and Fornell! Who is also awesome in this fic!) to totally spin this great little yarn, but it's also... the way that the author just nails the fun of a group fic. Everyone is spot-on and she manages a large group of people really well, making this just so much fun again. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

NCIS/Supernatural: NCIS and the Bus Stop Phone Booth by Tassos - [Note: This is part of a series of crossovers, so it would probably help to have read at least NCIS and the Haunted Computer first.] There are some friendships that you just sort of can't really fathom until someone writes a crossover between the two series and it just works marvelously, like this fic does with Abby and Sam's slowly growing friendship that is so delightful and perfect for both characters. The author has a great Abby voice, the kind that makes this fic just sail right on by, the kind that makes the two shows blend together so very well. It's a mix of all the things I'm looking for in a crossover--sharp attention to little details without overburdening it, great characterization, a cool little plot to bring them together, and connections between characters that wouldn't have otherwise happened. I ♥ this author and this series so. (No warnings/pairings.)

NCIS: Protection by The Hoyden - So, Tammaiya pointed out that Hoyden had written Gibbs/DiNozzo fic this morning and, wow, did I totally rush right over to read it. It's wonderfully characterized, the author's Tony is so fantastic, he's got that energetic and upbeat personality without being hyper about it, his inner dialogue is really easy to hear Michael Weatherly's voice with and it's sharp, clever, and funny. I adore her Gibbs as well, he's exactly what he should be--he's a hardcore badass, yet you can't help liking him. And, really, the best thing about this fic--aside from the team discussing whether or not Gibbs wears a cup to work every day or not--is that the writing made me satisfied with this fandom again. ♥ (Gibbs/DiNozzo.)

NCIS: NCIS Snapshot, Post SWAK by Pru - Little by little, the NCIS fandom isn't so bad anymore. And this was a nice piece to read this morning, set post-SWAK and I can buy Gibbs' reactions (that are a lot louder and more vocal than usual) because it's both set off-screen (and I love the way the story floated back to the narrator) and because it's set after the episode where Tony very nearly died from the plague. And I really liked what Pru did with the narration here, setting it from the POV of an original character who is very clearly a stand-in for all of us, someone to watch from the outside and make observations that way, and it worked really well. This was a delight to read. (This is sort of gen, sort of Gibbs/DiNozzo.)

NCIS: Eclipsing by Layton Colt - What's with the sudden spate of NCIS fic that grab my attention? (And, yes, two fics in the same week counts when it comes to this fandom. ^_~ But, admittedly, I don't look around as much as I should.) I clicked onto this fic because I'd read the author's Fringe/Pushing Daisies crossover and thought that was fabulous, but I didn't expect such a breathtaking Tony fic here. I read it because I wanted Gibbs/DiNozzo fic, but I actually came away from the fic loving the complicated friendship between Tony and Ziva even more. There's a reason Tony is fandom's beloved, because he is really complicated and while the beginning gave me some pause in Tony's interaction with Gibbs (but this is a personal thing, mind), the second half of this was really a gorgeous, gorgeous fic. (Gibbs/DiNozzo, it's only half the point.)

NCIS/Supernatural: Out for Blood by SBG - [ part 01 - part 02 - part 03 - part 04 - part 05 - part 06 - part 07 - part 08 - part 09 ] - It probably wasn't the smartest move to read a ~40,000 word story when I'm kind of crunched for time and could probably have read, well, 40 other fics in the time it took me to read this one, but. I couldn't help it. It was just so engrossing and all the things that a good crossover should be--two series that maybe shouldn't blend as seamlessly as they do, yet it was so easy to picture both NCIS and Supernatural characters in the same scene. It's also all about the h/c with characters like Dean and Tony, who sort of just ask for it with the secret vulnerabilities that they hide under sarcastic comments and, boy, did the author ever deliver on that. Actually, she delivered on all the characters, the various povs and all the details that she put into an actual CASE FIC, without bogging it down or forgetting what the crossover was really about--the glee of putting these two characters in the same space--was really, really fantastic. And did I mention that there was an actual case? With actual action scenes and vampires and murders and casework and investigation? Because I don't get to read that nearly often enough. And it was actually a good one, this felt very much like it could have been an episode out of Supernatural (for all that it tended to focus more on the NCIS side of things, but I actually thought it was pretty well balanced between the two) and just. as;dlkfjal;sklj I want to write an epic rec for this fic, because it was just so good and it had absolutely everything it needed to leave me feeling incredibly satisfied by the end of it. Right down to an actually satisfying ending! But trying to pull specific moments out of it or talk about specific things from it is kind of impossible because it was a fic that just sucked me right in and would not let me go. Seriously, one of the best fics I've read lately, go read it now. *__* (No warnings/pairings.)

NCIS: These Things Do Happen by X-parrot - Admittedly, Tony/Tim is not my pairing, but... well, I'm easy for fic when written by the right authors sometimes. And this fic was more about making poor McGee's life just totally hellish at the hands of Abby and Ziva, who are both extremely wonderful in this fic. I don't think I stopped grinning the entire way through this, their voices were just completely nailed and McGee's narrative is wonderful, just so. So humorous and adorable and really funny. It was the kind of fic that's packed with a ton of jokes, but none of them felt rushed or crammed in, they were actually paced really well. And just. a;sldkfja;lskjslkj AHAHAHAHA, so much fun. (DiNozzo/McGee.)

NCIS: NCIS Snapshot Post-Ep for Agent Afloat by Pru - Like probably a lot of people, I have a complicated relationship with NCIS fandom--I love the show a lot, I ship Gibbs/DiNozzo, but, wow, does the fandom kind of make me want to crawl under a rock with distressing frequency. So, finding fic I actually like is a bit of a real treat and this. as;dlkfjals;kj Gibbs all posessive and jealous and just a shade of something really intense and almost painful, because he wants Tony and seeing him with someone else kind of sets Gibbs off. And it's all the hotter for that, right down to YES FINALLY. There is a fic about Gibbs bending Tony over a desk and just finally fucking him (and, oh, poor, poor McGee) that's actually really good. Also, Abby gets some A++++ lines in this, one had me nearly spitting out my soda with laughter. (Gibbs/DiNozzo, NC-17.)

NCIS: Interrogative by The Hoyden - Somehow I managed to miss this fic previously, but stumbled over it again this morning and I'm glad I did. I really like The Hoyden's take on both Gibbs and Tony here, how Tony has all this depth going on that you might not realize at first, how Gibbs isn't as flat of a character as he might seem at first, how the little things say so much and both of them know that. It's got just a dash of h/c in it (set a little ways into season three, after Tony's brush with the plague) without wallowing in it that I loved it and it was... it was just a really good, solid, IC story and you have no idea how rare that is in this fandom, much less with writing as lovely as this. (Gibbs/DiNozzo, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

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