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- Nobuta wo Produce - Warmth by acchikocchi - Because I'm the most horrible fan ever, I have yet to finish Nobuta wo Produce. However, I'm far enough in to know that I desperately wanted Akira/Shuuji fic and I know this exists in fandom and I was poking around and reading the author's awesome Pin fic and then saw Nobuta fic and... well, the short (ha!) end of that story is that aslfkjalsdfjalsdfj HI I LOVE THIS FIC A LOT. Akira is properly batshit insane, Shuuji is properly bitchy and yet still somehow won over by Akira, the writing is so sharp that it puts stars in my eyes (and makes me swear off writing anything ever, ever again) and filled my heart with so much warmth and fluffy love that I can barely stand it. Fabulous, fabulous fic. ♥ Also, reading this subthread in the comments made me the happiest fangirl on the internet today. ♥ (Akira/Shuuji.)

- Nobuta wo Produce - Falling In and Out of Sanity by Nu Hiep - [ original story + extra ] - I actually read these two posts out of order, so I read the extra ficlet first, which had a lot of commentary notes from the author on her set up of the first fic. I'm not sure if this colored my view of the original when I went back to read it, but if it did, it did so in a positive way because I wound up absolutely, utterly adoring the set-up for this post-series fic with Shuuji, Akira, and a baby. It's quite possibly the best babyfic I've ever read (the explanation of why the author chose to give them the baby in the way she did, whose baby it was, it made a lot of sense to me, it was actually sort of fascinating to read her thoughts, I would love to see more fic/commentary from her) and it just... the characterization was fabulous, the pacing was fabulous, the way they both had grown so much since the end of the series, the way they were still growing, the career paths they'd had laid out in front of them, all of it was fabulous. It was also one of the most satisfying Nobuta wo Produce fics I've yet to find in the fandom, it made me a little less hungry for that fix I needed, which sort of surprised me about a fic that wasn't actually Akira/Shuuji, which I desperately wanted out of fandom. In a way, it works better for being far closer to gen than anything, though. Fabulous all the way around. (I suppose you could call it Akira/Shuuji, but it's really more gen than anything.)

- Nobuta wo Produce - Screaming it from the Rooftops by spurious - Okay, seriously, I spent pretty much every episode of the drama I watched thinking that Akira and Shuuji just really needed to make out for awhile before I exploded. So, when I hit up fandom for fic, I really, really wanted to find fic where they actually do something about all that UST, then along came this fic where it's just.... Akira is so much fun in this fic, the way his mind works and he comes to realize that he likes Shuuji and it's just so natural and asdlf;kjalsdjalsd thinking maybe he stole the Truth Man's powers so he tests it on Shuuji and it's two seconds where that happens, but it's the kind of thing that makes Akira/Shuuji perfect here. ....also, this is one of the hottest kissing/frottage fics I've ever, ever read and quite clearly there needs to be more just like this one. *_* (Shuuji/Akira, somewhere around PG-13.)

- Nobuta wo Produce - Wind Chimes by svz_insanity - And sometimes, honestly, I really do like gen Nobuta fic! Because I really did like the story and Shuuji's evolution of character into being a regular human being again and this quiet slice of life type fic just shows so nicely why these two (Akira and Shuuji) work as friends, why it's a good thing, why it's such a surprisingly touching story. There's a very laid-back, peaceful feeling to this fic which I utterly adored, which absolutely worked for the story the author was trying to tell. It's also got lovely characterization and just... makes me love the series/characters even more. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Nobuta wo Produce - Sweets to the Sweet by Mayhap - This was an adorable, utterly sweet look at post-series Nobuta, how much she's growing and becoming comfortable with herself, while still showing that Akira and Shuuji became attached to her just as much as the other way around. And I love that they're such dorks about it, following her around without telling her, the way some things may have changed, but others never will. The characterization is lovely, the ending is perfect, and it's one of those fics that just... I could so completely see it happening, just crystal clear in my mind's eye. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Nobuta wo Produce - A Man of Conviction by Pero - There are some authors that just seem destined to write certain characters/pairings/series. I am rather convinced that this author needs to write as much Akirafic as possible because she captures that manic sort of energy that Yamapi brought to the character so incredibly well. Her sense of timing for even his little hand puppet movements (oh my god, I completely lost it at the hand-puppet bits, that was just brilliance right there) or the way he practically windmills around, it's insanely well written here, so much energy there but without making Akira a chariacture of himself. I laughed out loud at so many points during this, I delighted in the entire thing from beginning to end, the way it just rolled so smoothly along and was brilliantly characterized and funny as hell and asdfl;kjasdflkjasdfladl awesome fic. My ability to write a decent rec for it deserts me (shut up, I can too sometimes write decent recs!) in the face of such pitch-perfect Akira/Shuuji fic. ♥ (Akira/Shuuji.)

- Nobuta wo Produce - Simple Truth by Ilana - You know, one of the reasons I like the idea of Akira/Shuuji so much (other than the ending being really, really kind of seriously gay) is because it can lead to situations like the one in this fic, where it feels like such a natural progression of the events in the drama. In a way, it's a simple fic--Akira likes Shuuji, Shuuji is confused, it's not as complicated as it seems--but it's the way the author makes it feel like the series, the way the writing is so clean and smooth, that the story fills me with this sort of... delight at fandom, that it can produce things like this. (Akira/Shuuji.)

- Nobuta wo Produce - Bando wo Produce by ghost lingering - I did not know how much I wanted this fic until I read it! I knew I wanted more Bando/Nobuta fic, but I didn't realize how much I wanted Mariko - Nobuta - Bando friendship (or the steps towards friendship, with Bando not quite coming around just yet) until I read this fic. It's a quiet, almost understated piece post-series, where Nobuta is continuing to grow and learn how to be a friend and things are better and her friendship with Mariko is the sweetest thing and the little details of this fic are fabulous. My only complaint about the story is the rather abrupt ending, I would have liked it to be a couple more pages long and have better resolution. Which, really, only goes to show much I honestly liked the author's work here. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Nobuta wo Produce - funny how i'm thinking about you now; it's only been a year or so and after this, will you look at me as if i'm the bad guy? by rain_streaked - While watching the drama, I found that I really did like the themes of friendship and enjoyed the series for what it was, but... at the same time, whenever Bando and Nobuta were around each other, I wanted something more for them, which this fic played on nicely. It gets across that quiet yearning that Bando has for something nicer, but not forgetting that she has trouble with that. It shows how there's a certain something about Nobuta for her, the way Nobuta has a quiet sort of beauty, and it's just... very nice. (Bando/Nobuta.)

- Nobuta wo Produce - Love is by asinful - As you can see, I've been tearing through as much Nobuta fic as I can get my hands on lately and this one is just... it's one of those quiet little stories that I liked. Shuuji's younger brother is a really good device for this fic, the surprising sweetness (and genuineness?) of Shuuji's character, the way Akira is so weird but somehow eventually gets around to the right thing to say, and it's just... it was nice. I liked this fic. It felt like it captured the themes/points of the series pretty well. <3 (Maybe Akira/Shuuji a little, but maybe just gen, too.)

- Nobuta wo Produce - Youthful Love by Karma - [ part 01 - part 02a - part 02b ] - Every so often there are lengthier fics that I mean to just sit down and read a little bit, test the fic out to see if I like it, maybe come back to it later, but somehow wind up pulled into the story and utterly unable to look away. The author of this piece has a really clean, smooth style of writing that kept me fascinated with what was going to happen next, kept me connected to the characters, and drawn into the story she was weaving. Not to mention the cliffhanger of the first part is quite the nasty one, so of course I had to keep reading. The story is a great look at post-series Akira and Shuuji, how they're both growing and changing (while still being so very, very Akira and Shuuji), how their relationship goes from friends to romantic, but not without their share of bumps on the road along the way. I think that's one of the things I liked most about this, Shuuji's hesitance, Akira's confusion and hurt, the way it wasn't just an easy step to a different kind of relationship, because they're both still trying to figure out who they are post-Nobuta. The length of it was really sort of wonderful, the way the author showed both sides of the events, from both Akira and Shuuji's POV, getting inside both of their heads and nudging them along bit by bit. I also loved that I really cared about the characters, that I was drawn into the emotional aspect of the story, so that when Akira hurt, I felt badly for him, when Shuuji was afraid, I felt for him, too. It was one of those defining fics for me, I think, the way it captured everything I wanted from an Akira/Shuuji fic, the way it was everything I could have asked for from the fandom. In a way, I desperately want more now, because I know how good Nobuta fic can be, but at the same time this fic was just so satisfying, too. ♥ (Akira/Shuuji.)

- Nobuta wo Produce - Supreme Commander Hikaru-chan by pinkpapyrus - Omg! More fic from the previous babyfic, with cute little Hikaru and the author here is also great at keeping what made me love these characters so much and making me adore the addition to their family. Seriously, kid!fic is SO CUTE here and Shuuji and Akira not-precisely-arguing about giving her musical instruments is fabulous because it's so perfectly them and it's funny and cute and charming and all the things that make me keyboardmash over the original series. I can't describe it any better than that. ....also, seriously, I love that the author deliberately seemed to tred the line between maybe-something, maybe-nothing with Akira/Shuuji, because you can take away your own meaning from it. Which I happily, happily did. ♥ (Technically gen, but you could read Akira/Shuuji into it if you wanted.)

- Nobuta wo Produce - Progression Of Knowledge by wintersjuly - Oh, god, Anita is so good when she writes fic, it just. It just. It fills my heart with joy and love for her. 20 short scenes from Akira's point of view as he slowly realizes his feelings for Shuuji, so beautifully done because he's still just as loopy as ever, but there's still a very definite personality under there. Anita comes up with the greatest little turns of phrase and silly gestures from him, she does a brilliant job of showing that Akira just Doesn't Get It, even though the reader is quite aware what's more than likely going through Shuuji's head, and Nobuta is so adorable, and it's all just. Perfect. It beautifully made me feel for the characters, I could feel Akira's emotions right along with him, but never overdone, instead Anita's amazing at building an atomphere, even in just a few little sentences. ♥ (Akira/Shuuji.)

- Nobuta wo Produce - untitled by Ilana - I think I somehow managed to miss this ficlet the last time I swept through the Nobuta fandom for fic and that is a shame because this is a wonderful, wonderful piece. The Akira/Nobuta side of their triangle is probably the one I pay the least attention to (I like the trio, but I can't help being a shipper at heart), but Ilana writes it so beautifully here that I was immediately sucked into it. It's got a perfect tone for a series like this one, Akira's whimsical ways and yet how he sees so much, and Nobuta's emotional progress shows so well but she's still Nobuta and she has her belief in them, and it's just-- it does justice to the drama. It's wonderful. ♥ (....possibly Akira/Nobuta, but it read as gen to me.)

- Nobuta wo Produce - untitled by Ilana - And this one I am at least getting to in a somewhat timely manner. ^_~ It's a short little Nobuta fic with Akira and Shuuji and snow (which is perfect for the time of year) and the two of them just being themselves as they bike/walk their way home. It's adorable, it's so easy to picture Akira standing in the middle of the street to catch the snowflakes and Shuuji's "you're weird" look, and then the ending... the ending is lovely and makes my fangirl heart warm. ♥ (Some Akira/Shuuji.)

Nobuta wo Produce: These are the Facts by Pero - You know, it's been ages since I've read Nobuta fic, so I wandered over to this one pretty much as soon as it was posted. And I really love it when Pero writes Nobuta fic because her humorous writing and her fantastic timing are put to such great use with this series, she writes a fantastic Akira pov here. I love that it's almost sort of just an ordinary day as they go on with their lives and school and everything else, Akira being Akira and Shuuji being Shuuji and then somehow it just sort of hits Akira, how he feels. It seems like that's totally how it'd go. I don't think I stopped smiling through this whole piece. <3 (Akira/Shuuji.)

Nobuta wo Produce: Illicit by Rinny - I was attracted to this fic because I just wanted one Bando/Nobuta fic, I didn't even care if it was particularly good, I just wanted one good makeouts fic. So the NC-17 label called to me and I though, well, maybe. But a;lksdfjal;sk I did not expect to get a fic that was so exactly what I wanted that I can rest a little easier in Nobuta fandom now. Because her Bando and her Nobuta are both spot on, how there's an almost painful quality to this, but it's also so good, just like the drama itself. Bando trying to deny what she wants and Nobuta trying to work up her courage and then, on top of all that, there's porn. Femslash porn! Really good femslash porn! It's like the author loved me and wanted me to be happy. *__* Gorgeous writing, gorgeous characterization, just. Awesome all the way around. And did I mention hot? Because it was. (Bando/Nobuta, slight implication of background Akira/Shuuji.)

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