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- Nodame Cantabile - Volti subito by Ai Ling - Eeeeee, Nodame Cantabile fic and it's a lovely piece! I love the little touches of classical music and sophisticated foods from Chiaki and yet it goes so very, very well together with Nodame's... err... well. She's certainly Nodame here and Chiaki is just as violent and angry as ever and yet can't quite be as mean as he wants to be to her and asdfjalsfdkjalsfkasdl I flail with LOVE. he thwacked her head with the thick orchestral score in his head, apologizing to Mozart as he did so. Mozart would forgive him, he thought, if the great maestro knew what Nodame was doing to a member of his faithful. There is no way a Nodame Cantabile fic can contain lines like that and not be awesome. ♥ (Not really Chiaki/Nodame, it's more gen than anything.)

- Nodame Cantabile - I want happiness by tin - [Note: The author locks her fics, but friends anyone who friends the journal, so I'm making an exception in this case.] This is such a short Nodame Cantabile piece, only two paragraphs, and yet it's full of these little details that so accurately illustrate the characters and so beautifully captures the way both Nodame and Chiaki approach love so very differently. I instantly fell in love with this one. (Not not Chiaki/Nodame?)

- Nodame Cantabile - Impersonation by tin - [Note: The author locks her fics, but friends anyone who friends the journal, so I'm making an exception in this case.] Once again, I love tin's take on things, I love the way she writes Chiaki especially, the way he sees the world, something that resonated so startingly clearly for me, despite that the premise was such a simple thing, just Chiaki and Nodame on the train. It's this quiet moment between the two of them (well, Nodame's asleep, so <3) and it's just so... lovely. It makes me seriously consider picking up the manga once I'm done with the drama. orz (Chiaki/Nodame.)

- Nodame Cantabile - Into the care of Amphitrite, I surrender my beating heart by nutty_scribbler - There's something very pretty, almost poetic about the writing of this fic, something that fits together surprisingly well with a series like Nodame Cantabile. The author weaves together several lovely perspectives from several characters, the way Chiaki and Nodame are around each other, the way Nodame simply is, the way Chiaki has grown because of her. It's set in the Nodame Cantabile series so well, it has so many perfect little details of this set of characters and their lives, that it's just... lovely. (Chiaki/Nodame.)

Nodame Cantabile: Amoroso by Lys ap Adin - There was something really beautiful about the writing of this, something that really fit the series and Chiaki's character especially for me. I love the use of imagery in it, I love the hints of the way they touch each other and the way Chiaki thinks of Nodame, both in and out of bed. I really liked his take on her and how the rest of the world sees him, I really liked the way the two sides (introspective and the porn) blended together beautifully in this fic. (Chiaki/Nodame, barely more than a PG rating.)

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