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- Odin Sphere Fanfiction Recs - The more I play Odin Sphere, the more I fall in love with the characters and the pairings, even though there's really not a whole lot of fic to be found in fandom. I pretty much go with the canon, the pairings are just too perfect and too adorable for me to stray from. Whatever pairing I love the most is the one I've just played recently--I started OTPing Oswald/Gwendolyn, but by the time I got to Mercedes' book, I thought Cornelius/Velvet was the sweetest thing ever and I would love some Ingway/Mercedes. Fandom is incredibly small right now, but I'll keep looking. ♥

- Odin Sphere Fanart Recs - The j-fandom isn't much bigger, so a lot of the sites I recommend are ones that I probably would have given a pass in larger fandoms, but I'm desperate for fanart (or anything, really) with this game. Again, I'll stay along the lines of canon or whatever the j-artists choose to draw, which is so far pretty even all the way around. There are a handful of really cute sites and I'm slowly getting my fix this way. This will probably be the larger of the two sections, since I doubt the English fandom is going to explode any time soon.

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