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- Okami Fanfiction Recs - Okami is a game that was relatively obscure to begin with, much less to have developed a fic fandom for it. However, there will be the occasional awesome little piece or fantastic little crossover that caught my attention and I'll recommend it here. I do like the idea of Waka/Amaterasu, but I don't think I've seen it done in a way that fits with the game yet (or at all, despite that people seem at least friendly towards the idea), which I don't blame people for, it's a difficult concept to make work without being weird and creepy. I think it probably could be done and I hope to find it eventually, because there are some authors who can still get Amaterasu's personality across even without her saying a word, which is fantastic. ♥

- Okami Fanart Recs - The big thing that really got me into Okami fandom (aside from doing almost every last little sidequest in the game and still needing more), because there's some utterly amazing fanart for the game out there. I'll definitely work my way through pretty much every site that's friendly towards Waka/Amaterasu or with human!Amaterasu, because I love both concepts, but basically... if it's pretty, I'm all over it. (Mostly, this will be Amaterasu and/or Waka-focused, but there's a healthy amount of Oki/Kai in here as well, because the j-fen drew some truly gorgeous art for those two and got me to cave on shipping it.)

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