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- One Piece - Fanfic - Gen - [ page one - page two ] - Now, I like a fair amount of One Piece pairings (several of which you'll find littered across these pages), but the gen/friendship stuff is the reason I fell in love with One Piece in the first place. I love that it's not about romance or things like that, but about true friendship and the lengths one goes to when they're you're commrades. While I love the pairing stuff as well, it's usually the gen fics that really get me revved up to the point I think I'd choose them over even my favorite OP pairing. Most days anyway.

- One Piece - Fanfic - Other - Sometimes I'll read a fic that's not about one of the pairings below; it might not be my favorite pairing or it just might be too rare to get a seperate catagory or some other reason, but I liked it enough to want to shove it at other people, so here's where it'll be. ^_^v This will hopefully include some Zoro/Robin fic (which seems to be rather rare), anything that involves pairings with non-Going Merry characters (like Smoker or Kuro or some other other side characters I really like), maybe even a little bit of Zoro/Luffy. (I waver on that one, I can't quite decide if I like it or not.)

- One Piece - Fanfic - Zoro x Sanji - [ page one - page two ] - Hahahaha, yes, I'm another one of those obnoxious ZoroxSanji fans, but, yes, I also know that it's not really what the series is trying to go for. I just like their interaction--I have a thing for antagonistic relationships when I can feel undercurrents of attraction, when you know that they'd fight to the death for the other person, even when they annoy the crap out of them. (They remind me a bit of Ranma and Akane in this respect, I guess.) I don't like antagonistic relationships for their own sake (plenty of rival slash makes me go, "WTF, dude? ~_~"), but this one sends me over the moon.

- One Piece - Fanfic - Zoro x Sanji... Except Not - I'm probably nuts for starting this section, but I really kinda wanted to, because there are a handful of stories that are being written these days that deal with Zoro and Sanji interaction, but aren't actually yaoi, so I hesitate to put them into the Zoro/Sanji section. I mean, I'm all for actual romantic entanglements with the characters, but I also genuinely enjoy their interaction on its own. I didn't want to mislead people by putting them in the ZoSan section, but I also know that I would want to find them more easily. So. There'll probably be crossover between this section and the gen one, meaning stories will be placed in both sections most times, this is just to make it easier for fans like myself to get at stories that aren't actually yaoi, aren't meant to be yaoi, but are fun to read just for the dynamic.

- One Piece - Fanfic - Luffy x Nami - When I first started watching the series, I was pinging rather madly on this one (at least I was during the Arlong Park arc, but it never really went away and I got some interesting vibes off Skypiea and now the water city arc again), but thought it was just one of those odd notions I get into my head sometimes. I have a tendency to like some random pairings just because I think they'd be interesting and fun. But the more I get into the series, the more I watch Luffy and Nami's interaction, the more I genuinely like this one and would like to see it tackled more often. There's a very serious dearth of Luffy/Nami fanfic out there, so this section will probably be anemic for awhile. >_>a

- One Piece - Fanfic - Zoro x Nami - Another pairing that I didn't think I'd be able to find enough stuff to be able to justify it's own section... but then decided, what the hell, it's my site, I do what I want. Zoro/Nami is one of those pairings that... I don't know where it comes from in my head, but something about it appealed to me and I just can't let go. I love the snarking and smirking at each other that they could have, but I also like that there could be a certain sort of understanding that few of the other crewmates could have. They seem... slightly more jaded about the rest of the world, but not cynical. Well, whatever it is, it makes sense in my head! >P

- One Piece - Fanfic - Sanji x Robin - Sanji/Robin is one of those pairings that always sort of... didn't set me off in a bad way, it had a vague sort of appeal and I could never put my finger on why. At least not until the Water 7 arc and then it just sort of brained me on the back of the head, her jaded view of the world but wanting to believe in something better despite that she thinks she doesn't deserve it, his idealism and sheer belief and he would forgive her no matter what and she deserved that. The potential romance of the pairing appealed greatly to me, in that swooning fangirl sort of way. Also, homg, hot.

~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

- One Piece - Fanart - Gen - For the same reason I like gen OP fic, I also like gen OP fanart. I like the pairings, but I also just like seeing pretty art of the characters, especially when it's a fandom like OP that attracts such amazing talent. I've already run across several sites where the art is just of phenominal quality, ranging from stunningly beautiful to brilliantly funny to art you could swear was official. May I never run out of pretty pictures to look at.

- One Piece - Fanart - Other Pairings - And sometimes I stumble across fanart that's not one of the pairings I seek out, sometimes it's a small part of a site that I went to for something else (like maybe some Sanji/Nami on a site I went to for Luffy/Nami) or I just happened to stumble across it and it was pretty--I'm a lot less fussy about what I'll rec with fanart. Whatever it is, this is all the other pairing stuff--whether het, yaoi, or yuri, whatever I come across--or stuff that just doesn't fit anywhere else, like a pretty Smoker site or something based on one of the villains.

- One Piece - Fanart - Zoro x Sanji - I was pinging on the idea of Zoro and Sanji even before I hit the J-fandom, so to see so much amazing fanart for this pairing on the sites was a real treat. And, holeeeeeee shiiiiiit, there's some incredible Zoro/Sanji fanart out there, it certainly seems to be the most popular pairing in the J-fandom. Some is just so incredibly in the style of the original series, some is stunningly beautiful, some is absolutely hysterical, and some is just squee-inducing and I am determined to take in as much of it as I can. This is probably going to be the largest section of the OP pages just because of the sheer volume (and my own fascination with the pairing >_>). ^_^;;

- One Piece - Fanart - Luffy x Nami - Finding the LuffyxNami J-fanart sites only further fed my love of this pairing and my inability to dismiss it as a flightly whim on my own part. It's just... some of the art is so cute and really gets at the feeling I get from these two--a little bit snark or craziness, a little sweetness, and a little bit touching drama, it's pretty much the kind of art that hits me where I fangirl. It's surprisingly popular, considering that just about anything aside from ZoSan in the OP fandom doesn't tend to be that popular, one of the three or four biggest pairings, I'd say. And one of those that I keep going back for again and again, so someday this section will be decently sized! o/

- One Piece - Fanart - Zoro x Robin - ZoroxRobin isn't something I've seen a lot of, but I'm hoping that I'll at least see enough that I'll be able to make a decent sized section here. Given that I haven't seen them interact much, I don't know what it is that makes me just FEEL like they'd be a good pairing, but I'm vibing on them. Something about them just tugs at me, so rather than trying to fight it, I'm going to embrace it whole-heartedly, since it seems at least mildly popular.

- One Piece - Fanart - Zoro x Nami - ZoroxNami is one of those pairings that I'm not really sure WHY I like it, I just DO. And there's enough fanart out there for it that it's getting it's own section, so NYAH. XD Anyway, a lot of it is that they have that spark that I like, they can annoy the hell out of each other, but they would also both put their lives on the line for each other. I also have fun with little scenarios--she can extort money out of him or drive him INSANE, he can pick her up and carry her off if she's refusing to go somewhere, much to her screeching at him, but they can also be almost sweet and more gentle-ish with each other; little things like that that make me sparkle ridiculous amounts.

- One Piece - Fanart - Captain Kuro - I admit I have an odd fondness for Captain Kuro--he's the only villain I've ever wanted to win against Luffy, because I just have a thing for his type of character (Tall, dark hair, looooooong legs, glasses, business suit, professional demeanor, with razor sharp edges? Mmmmmm. *____*) and because I appreciated the time he spent with his plan. Ultimately, I would lovelovelove to find Kuro/Kara art, but I'm also willing to wander into Kuro/Jango sites if that's where I have to go for art of him.

~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

- One Piece - Fanvid Recs - Somehow, over time, I've managed to build up a surprising amount of AMV recs for One Piece. Who knew. Occasionally I just get an urge to go trawl through YouTube for awhile until I find a bunch of videos I like, which aren't always going to be masterpieces, I admit. I tend to favor silly videos that make me laugh, often times songs that have been done a million times for a million vids, but I don't consider a fandom complete until it's had certain songs done for it. I like the silly vids that make me LOL, the harder the better. ♥ Well, occasionally I'll go with a tear-jerker, OP fandom is surprisingly good for that sometimes.

- One Piece - Doujinshi - Gen & Other - For as much as I started this section for the Zoro/Sanji doujinshi, for as much as I like ZoSan in all of my OP fangirling, I am still a gen fangirl at heart, too. And occasionally fandom rewards me with this! Not that there's a lot of doujinshi scanned or scanslated for group interaction, but I'll eventually find it. As well as I'll put all the miscellaneous pairings in here (stuff like Zoro/Nami or Sanji/Robin or Zoro/Robin or Luffy/Sanji, since none of them are really big enough to warrant their own section yet) and it should be somewhat decently sized. ♥

- One Piece - Doujinshi - Luffy x Nami - You know, I sort of expected to find maybe one or two doujinshi for this pairing, I knew I'd seen a few floating around before. I did not expect to find a somewhat decent sized collection for them! Which is fantastic, because I grow to be more and more in love with them every time I delve into the Luffy/Nami fandom. I'll recommend both scanslated and raw doujinshi here, because they're a smallish pairing (well, everything is compared to ZoSan, I suppose XD) and because I'm really hungry for more of them. But there'll be a decent amount to find!

- One Piece - Doujinshi - Zoro x Sanji - Ahhh, the ZoSan doujinshi. Pretty much the reason I started this section in the first place and... okay. When I read the manga or when I look at fic or even sometimes when I go trawling for art, I'll slip away from this pairing somewhat. But when I go look at doujinshi? Nobody nails the canon style like the ZoSan artists and that's what really keeps me addicted to the OP doujinshi. This section will probably be almost purely scanslated because fandom has totally spoiled me on that, because there are enough to just focus on the scanslated ones instead of going to the raws. XD And yet this'll still easily be the biggest page of the doujin section. Easily. XD

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