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- Peace Maker Fanfiction Recs - This section will probably largely be HijikataxSouji because that's the pairing I've fallen in love with and, hell, they're CANON. They're a fabulous pairing--the strong, reserved, stoic, serious seme to the cheerful, ever-smiling, secretly very, very scary uke... hmmm, where have I seen this before? *coughs* ^_~ At any rate, they've neatly stolen my heart away and while I'm interested in the other characters as well, expect a lot of what I rec here to revolve around them.

- Peace Maker Fanart Recs - Unfortunately, I haven't had much time to go through the PM fanart sites out there, so this section is quite, quite lonely right now, however, I suspect that I will eventually slide back into the anime (once I catch up) and then I will HUNT THE FANART DOWN. Because I like do to that sort of thing. ^_~ (Part of the problem is also that when I first went looking, there wasn't much pretty PM fanart to be found--that seems to have changed, but I'm still distracted over in the other corner.... ^_~)

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