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- Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Minami by tin - I wanted PGSM fanfic so badly. I mean, I wanted it from pretty early on, ever since the UsaMamo relationship started heating up, but after episode ~32, I craved it and seeing it from tin made me get my hopes up. I hoped they weren't false hopes, and reading... man, she delivered. The story woven into this fic is absolutely beautiful and just... I keep thinking how absolutely and utterly perfect it was for the PGSM story. The story within the story was sad and tragic and beautiful and an utterly fabulous parallel to what Usagi and Mamoru were going through, along with tin's writing just... capturing the feel that PGSM has. It's slightly different from the UsaMamo in the manga or the anime, it's something unique to PGSM and tin did a wonderful job capturing it here, which is something I desperately craved. I wanted fic from PGSM. I could just see this entire story in my head and, oh, god, I can rest in fangirl happiness now that she's written it. ♥ (Usagi/Mamoru.)

- Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Lover by Konitsu - I was a little wary of reading Shitennou fic for PGSM because I have such a fondness for the relationships presented in the anime and the live action series is such an entirely different creature, but... the author manages to keep my fondess for the characters and their relationship while making this a PGSM fic. There's a certain delicateness or something to Zoisite's POV here, the music playing, Kunzite's anger, Zoisite's frustration/resentment/resignation/hope the barbed conversation, the dangerous line they all walk... it all came together beautifully here. (Implications of Kunzite/Zoisite.)

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