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- Phoenix Wright - License to Turnabout + Mystery Date by mullenkamp - I... I haven't played more than about 20 minutes of the first game (just enough to get through the first case) but Tammaiya has played all four games and has been talking about them a lot and I've picked up enough by fannish osmosis to at least be able to read fic. And I've always liked this author's work in whatever fandom I read her in, so I just clicked onto the fic... and promptly laughed kind of a lot. The first fic is an absolutely wonderful fic with Phoenix and Larry that I could immediately tell was just spot-on and the second was one of those cliche ideas (two people dating on-line turn out to know each other in real life) except turned awesome. Both had me laughing so much and getting sucked into how much fun the series is. Dammit. I kind of want more now. (The first one is gen, the second has some Edgeworth/Phoenix.)

- Tales of the Abyss/Phoenix Wright - ohige [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't remember how I stumbled across this site, if I was looking for PW art or ToA art or was even on a site for something else entirely, but I'm glad to have found it. I always like having more Abyss art, but I've not really dove into PW (Or GS, I suppose I should say in the case of the j-fanart sites) art much, especially if they give me pairings or characters I've been and, well. One of the most recent images on this site is a naked professor Nebilim molesting a half-naked Dist and it's... not a pairing I ship, but I am ALL FOR Dist being drawn all soft and pretty as people stick their hands all up in his personal space. A lot of the art isn't perfect, but there's one of Jade and Dist in lab coats while working on something together that totally made the site worth visiting! As for the GS fanart, it's that cel-style coloring that looks really good and some of the illustrations could almost pass for professional. There's one of Kyouya that is kind of ridiculously hot and there is Kyouya/Housuke that is just fantastic (and might quite possibly be my favorite pairing in the series >__>) and generally just one of the best sites I've seen. ♥ (Some pairings for both, a lot of the Keterburg characters for ToA and various for GS.)

- Phoenix Wright - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, hell, I'm still just going to call them by their NA names because it's easier for me. I was randomly in the mood for Klavier/Apollo stuff tonight and was just sort of poking around when I stumbled over this site and asl;dkfjas;lkjslkj so much clean, pretty artwork! The details are kind of amazing and the artist just totally nails the canon style and the strength of it is nearly professional level and there's so much of it--! And it's a great site just for the games all the way around, all the characters in them, but it's mostly a site for game 4 and the Klavier/Apollo pairing which, mmm, the artist does a terrific job of. It's so hard to pick even just a handful of favorites... though, I'm kind of partial to the one where Apollo's shirt is undone and Klavier holds his wrist from behind and is licking his neck. That one was really nice. So, gorgeous art and my favorite pairing? Totally, totally worth the trip. *__* (Klavier/Apollo, some gen.)

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