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- Prince of Tennis - Fanfic - My Favorite-Favorites - For a long time, Tenipuri was a fandom that didn't have much fanfic at all written for it but then, over time, it just kept... growing and growing. Now, I like everything I rec (it wouldn't be on my list otherwise), but... sometimes a fic becomes a favorite of mine, even above all the rest of the fic I've read, for whatever reason. The writing is gorgeous, the way the characters were written touches me, or it just kicks ass somehow. And, yeah, this'll probably be mostly Tezuka-related, 'cause I have my biases and all. (Or TezuFuji-related, because they get the best of the fic. I'm reading. XD)

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - My Favorite Favorites - I was complaining to Di about how I was going to break up this page or even if I should and one of the things to come out of that conversation was that she suggested I put together a section for my absolute favorites, which made a hell of a lot of sense to me, because this site is getting to be so huge at this point that it's probably tough to navigate. Anyway, these will be the ones I just fangirled so hard over for whatever reason, the ones I think everyone absolutely must see. XD

~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

- Prince of Tennis - Fanfic - TezukaFuji - [ page one - page two - page three - page four - page five - page six - page seven - page eight ] This will be the strongest section of the Tenipuri fic sections because... TezuFuji is my One True Pairing for Prince of Tennis and it always will be. Fascinating, complex, intense, flat-out amazing, and full of so many little facets that I am endlessly obsessed with them (as you can probably tell from my blog/journal, I am not the most subtle of people!). My ultimate Tezuka/Fuji is... not something I can sum up in a short paragraph such as this, but I think it'll be pretty obvious what I like pretty fast. This pairing... even after so many years in the fandom, even after I've mostly wandered away from it, I still come back to this pairing. I like to think I always will.

- Prince of Tennis - Fanfic - TezukaAtobe - [ page one - page two ] For a pairing (and character!) that I couldn't stand at first, TezuAto has certainly grown on me--to the point where I'm just fascinated with it. Previously, I looked at this pairing as something that was entertaining, something that had to be worked very hard to get them together, but as I go along... the more I turn this pairing over and over... the more it honestly, truly works for me. The more I see it, the more it makes me fall in love with both characters all over again and the more it convinces me that they're so good for each other. Sadly, the fandom kind of fails when it comes to this pairing and I've gotten pickier with age. Dammit.

- Prince of Tennis - Fanfic - Tezuka x Atobe x Fuji - I'm probably kind of nuts for starting this section... for all that threesome fic is rather popular in Tenipuri's fandom (as compared to a lot of fandoms out there, that is), there's not much of this particular pairing. But it's one of the few threesomes that absolutely, utterly fascinates me, largely because (admittedly) TezuAto and TezuFuji are my favorite pairings and Atobe and Fuji are strikingly similiar in a lot of ways and it would be great fun to give Tezuka the biggest headache ever with the two of them. Also, hot. Hot, hot, hot.

- Prince of Tennis - Fanfic - OishiEiji - You know, when we started, I was sure that OishiEiji was going to be one of those pairings that everyone agreed was So Married, but no one ever did anything with them because it was all already laid out for us in canon and these other characters had so much more room to play with. But, to my surprise, OishiEiji is one of those pairings that gets some wonderful attention and the fic written for it and... even if I was never quite as obsessed with it as other pairings (or other fans were), I had a great deal of fun with it at the time. This section won't be large, but it'll get you started at least.

- Prince of Tennis - Fanfic - MomoRyo - MomoRyo... oh, how I adored this pairing. Truly. Such wonderful friends, such guys, and... well, it's difficult to put into words, but I adore MomoRyo because they're two of the very few people who can put up with each other, they truly click with each other, they have chemistry all over the place, and they are so much fun. But also because it wasn't just about tennis, because their friendship wasn't mutually exclusive to tennis, even if it often was showcased through tennis. For Ryoma's character, that struck me as very remarkable. Of course, there's not nearly enough of it around, but thankfully a few of the really talented authors write it and I pounce on it whenever I can. <3

- Prince of Tennis - Fanfic - TezukaOishi - TezukaOishi is one of those rare pairings that I hesitated to give it its own section, not because I didn't love it to tiny, tiny little pieces, but because not enough people really wrote about it. But as the fandom gets bigger and bigger, more people attempt it and, hell, it's my site, I want to give them their own section. I fucking love these two--yes, yes, ultimately they're (maybe) not right for each other (....maybe), they're fantastic friends more than lovers, but their relationship fascinates me and I still maintain that they each hold a spot for the other in their heart, despite both having moved on. So people need to start writing me more fic for these two. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be happening nearly enough.

- Prince of Tennis - Fanfic - YagyuuNiou - Yagyuu and Niou started out slow in the fandom (and the fandom was getting pretty long in the tooth by the time they caught on, I want to say), but I held quite the soft spot for this interesting (and hot!) pairing and I like to make seperate pages for the pairings I deliberately seek out. I don't think I'll ever know what made me sit up and take notice of these two at first (...aside from Yagyuu totally being my type), but I know that I vibed off the interaction they have, especially because it seems very intelligent and understated. I totally geek on pairings that have this obvious connection and instinctual understanding of each other, so I suppose I have some idea of why I fell for these two.

- Prince of Tennis - Fanfic - InuiKaidoh - Inui and Kaidoh... in a lot of ways are the most obvious pairing of all, because... wow. Right before the Hyoutei arc and even in the Hyoutei arc itself. Blatant suggestions all OVER THE PLACE. XD XD XD And... I like this pairing a lot, because Inui is one of the few people who never condescends to Kaidoh, simply states the truth with him and helps him get better. I think that's a lot of what won me over to the pairing right there, when Inui understood Kaidoh's motivations and didn't try to change him or fight back against him, which is one of the reasons Kaidoh actually seems to accept Inui. Which makes for an interesting relationship dynamic.

- Prince of Tennis - Fanfic - AkutsuTakashi - I honestly didn't think that I would be able to find enough AkuTaka fic to be able to justify this section, but over time there've been more and more. Not that it'll ever be a huge section, but... eh, mostly I just like the pairing enough that I want it to have its own section. Good enough for me! And I really do adore this pairing because... well, hell, Akutsu is almost something like approaching not being an asshole around Taka and Taka seems to genuinely like him and isn't afraid of him and it's one of those pairings that just speaks to me, with all that hard intensity and something that should be so hesitant or breakable and yet isn't.

- Prince of Tennis - Fanfic - FujiRyoma - ....I kinda give on this pairing. There are enough fic authors in the fandom writing this pairing that I've come to have read a good chunk of it and a lot of it is really good and fun stuff to read. Jennifier D and some of that pretty fanart and that it goes so well with TezuAto all sort of combined together to make me less prickly about seeking out the pairing and becoming interested in it. It's an interesting dynamic between them, definitely rife with a lot of potential and I like pairings that leave a lot unsaid but the undercurrents of it are intense. Which FujiRyo definitely falls into, I feel.

- Prince of Tennis - Fanfic - SanadaYukimura - So, yet another section that I didn't think I'd be able to dig up enough fic for (at first!) because I wasn't sure my interest could be sustained for quite so long, but then a handful of people wrote really pretty fic, then Pengie started writing this fantastic SanaYuki humor fic that I loved to read each and every one of hers and then I got enough of a handful that I felt I could finally make this page. Will probably always be a little anemic, but at least it's going now. You should hopefully to at least get started with this list!

- Prince of Tennis - Fanfic - RyomaSakuno - The inclusion of this section on my site is probably as much a surprise to me as it is to anyone; I honestly never thought I'd read/like this pairing. I'm still not sure why that switch in the back of my head got flipped on one day, but... well, here we are. A lot of it, I think, is that I genuinely like Sakuno (probably better than Ryoma even!) and if she's crushing on Ryoma, well then maybe she should have Ryoma sometimes. Toss in a handful of really cute fics to be found in fandom and I figured, what the hell. It's actually really kinda cute once I get past my knee-jerk OTP reaction and his initial complete ingoring of her presence.

- Prince of Tennis - Fanfic - Other Pairings - [ page one - page two - page three ] Sometimes I actually read outside of my five favorite pairings and sometimes I actually read gen fic. The more I go along with this series, the more I fall in love with my favorite pairings, but I also fall more and more in love with the characters purely on the level the series presents us with. I like their friendships, I like the characters for themselves, not just for the pairing fic. It doesn't happen as often as I'd like, but... well, at least I'm up to three pages of it now! And, okay. I have this thing where I love reading random pairings (if an author can make it work), so I'll probably always give oddball pairings a chance. (Probably the biggest pairing here will be Yuuta/Mizuki or maybe Saeki/Yuuta. But this is also where I'll stash the odd bit of het fandom comes up with.)

- Prince of Tennis - Fanfic - Gen - [ page one - page two - page three - page four ] It used to be that I would jam the gen fics in with the "other" section, because Prince of Tennis was such a "gay" series to me that it didn't seem like there was much point to genfic. I know, I know. I've since learned the error of my ways. Now, I actually often prefer genfic over most other types of fic with this series, because I truly like the characters and the friendships of the teams. I'm primarily a Tezuka fangirl (yeah, I know, I've hid it well until now) and that will be reflected here as well, but... there's a lot of Seigaku fic and a lot of stuff from the other teams. I like a lot of different kind of fic as long as it's well-written. Thankfully, as the fandom ages, there are more and more fics focusing on insight into a particular character or those who simply have affection for team comraderie. Thus, this is one of the bigger sections on the site. ♥

~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - TezukaFuji - [ page one - page two - page three - page four ] Ahhh, TezukaFuji, the pairing that has stolen my heart with this series and by far the biggest section in the Tenipuri catagory. I freely admit that I'm biased in favor of this pairing, but I do a lot of fanart surfing and I swear that I've found more gorgeous art for these two characters... I mean, I'll look at anything that's pretty, but it seems like TezukaFuji is always the one that has the most gorgeous, wonderful art.

Which is part of what drew me to the pairing, but I cannot live on pretty alone--TezukaFuji is one of those pairings that completely and utterly works for me, they're just absolutely perfect for each other and make me sparkle like mad when I come across an artist who can capture that. So, there's going to be kind of a lot of art here. XD Also--everything I recommend isn't going to be for everyone, I have a weakness for pretty!Fuji that might not sit well with some. I've been trying (these days) to make that clear in the recs ahead of time, but, well. You may have to step light in this fandom.

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - OishiEiji - Ahhh, OishiEiji, how they once captured my heart and refused to let go for some time. XD Honestly, I expected to be a little bored by this pairing, because it's so obvious and they're so... married, and usually that doesn't leave much for the fans to play around with. But somehow Oishi and Eiji keep from being dull and I find myself fascinated by them and can't get enough of them.

Part of it is that I'm absolutely in love with Oishi (it surprises the hell out of me that he quickly became my second-favorite character) and I want to squish Eiji into tiny little pieces by hugging him, but it's also that the dynamic between them is just... sparkle-worthy.

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - TezukaAtobe - [ page one - page two ] Honestly? I didn't like Atobe Keigo at first. He hurt my precious darling and he was annoying. Then I watched all the way through the end of the Atobe - Tezuka match and I fell hard. Imagine my great surprise when this pairing rocketed up into second place with me (and actually nearly displaced TezukaFuji for a short while), because it's everything I want in a pairing.

Two characters who have beyond-the-surface commonalities, who click and give off sparks like crazy, and yet would be so damn good for both of them. And, you know. Also incredibly, incredibly gorgeous and... hot. And I don't meant that purely aesthetically (though, that, too), but in the way they interact, in the sheer intensity and passion that would be there. *fangirl*

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - TezukaSakuno / AtobeSakuno - TezukaSakuno.... No, I'm not kidding, yes, I am serious. XD Do I think this pairing could honestly happen? Hell, no. Sakuno would need to get a spine before Tezuka could ever even think of her that way, but... I still laugh like a loon and fling myself at every TezukaSakuno illustration I can find.

And AtobeSakuno... is just an unholy union that makes me laugh my ass off and twirl around in happiness when I think about how ungodly teasing he would be with her. Not cruelly, but making her blush and stammer, and she would be so cute when she looked up in awe at his prowess. XD ....and, yes, I know I'm on crack. But so are the TeniPuri Radio things and those are much loved, so nyah. >:P

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - TezukaOishi - I honestly didn't think I would be able to find much of this pairing, but after a little poking around some of the Oishi webrings, I started to find some wonderful stuff. I realize this pairing isn't for everyone, but I'm absolutely enamored with it (even if I still do love other Tezuka pairings and the GP), so much history and meaning there. Every time Oishi thinks of Tezuka and it picks him back up again, I wibble with love. Every time Tezuka acknowledges Oishi as his friend in a way he doesn't with most others, I wibble. When Tezuka wakes up in Germany after Oishi (and Fuji >_>) and the aozu... I wibble even more. *twirls*

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - FujiRyoma - I blame this one entirely on Jenn and her slowly chipping away at my resolve. ^_~ That and the anime in the crack filler arc training in the mountains had a few interesting moments that came along at juuuuust the right time and this pairing... intrigues me. There's certainly a sense of competition and ability to keep up with each other that they both need and if nothing else, it's very pretty.

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - InuiKaidoh - Ahhh, InuiKaidoh... almost as canon as OishiEiji. Hell, it's even more blatant in a lot of ways. XD How could I not love this pairing? Yes, Inui took me awhile to warm up to, but how anyone could not love him after watching him gleefully inflicting his juice drinks on others, the way he purrs when molding Kaidoh into the perfect uke for himself... I'll never know. ^_~ I adore this pairing and so it makes me happy that there's a lot of InuKai art out there! *sparkles*

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - YanagiInui - Okay, okay, I'm honestly an InuKai fangirl at heart, but from the moment I read Inui and Yanagi's match, I've had a thing for them, because they knew each other so intimately, because they could predict each other on practically an instinctual level. Sadly, there's not much fanart for them yet, but eventually I hope to find more. ♥ (Most of it seems to be individual illustrations tucked away on Rikkai sites rather than as an actual theme, so this section will probably be anemic for quite awhile. T___T)

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - MomoRyoma - MomoRyo! MomoRyo! I *heart* this pairing so, so much. Momo-chan and Ryoma are... such guys with each other, yet Ryoma will lie down on the roof of the school and watch Momo-chan with the cutest damn expression or he'll actually go after Momo-chan when he's been missing from practice for a long time. And Momo isn't put off by Ryoma's snarky, bratty exterior, can actually be his friend and partner in things beyond just tennis, because while that may have started the relationship, it's really not about just tennis later on. =^___^=

Prince of Tennis - Fanart - RyomaSakuno - I've been in the Tenipuri fandom for a long time now and RyoSaku has never been a favorite pairing of mine. It just never seemed like Ryoma was interested and I wanted something better for Sakuno (as I tend to like her a lot more than I do Ryoma), so I avoided it and the series never really went there and everything was fine. Until one day when I woke up and it was like a switch had been flipped in the back of my brain (along with reading a light one-sided RyoSaku fic that made me realize this) and suddenly I thought, "Y'know, that'd be kinda cute. I wonder if there's still any good fanart for it...." I'm probably never going to OTP the pairing, I'm still too firmly in the camp that says MomoRyo is the best pairing for both those characters, but... that doesn't mean I can enjoy this pairing and how cute it is. This section won't be huge, but it'll be healthy certainly.

Prince of Tennis - Fanart - TezukaRyoma - I've avoided the TezuRyo fandom for quite some time because the fans always seem to behave atrociously and I wanted nothing to do with them. (This went hand in hand with that vague essay in the back of my head titled Why TezuRyo Would Be Interpreting The Text Incorrently that no one wants to hear. XD) But when I started hitting up the RyoSaku sites, I figured, what the hell. Let's go for a bunch of the odder Ryoma pairings, if I'm going to open myself up to new playgrounds, I at least want to get some hot Tezuka fanart out of it. Which you'll notice will become a recurring theme in this section--I like Tezuka, I like Tezuka fanart, if that means TezuRyo fanart, so be it. ....which is more condescending than I meant it to be, sorry. Anyway, this section probably won't be huge, but it'll certainly be decent/healthy and a good place to start (or pick up a few extras) if you're browsing.

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - Seigaku - [ page one - page two ] Rather than attempting to sort out all the intra-Seigaku pairings that show up on my recs page, I'm just going to lump them all together, since that's more streamlined. Pairings you'll see popping up: FujiEiji, TezukaInui, TezukaRyoma, EijiRyoma, EijiMomo, TezukaEiji, and whatever else happens to cross my path that I like. (I'm actually sort of surprised at how big this section came out to be. But, then, I'm a Seigaku girl and I look for art for them the most.)

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - Hyoutei [ page one - page two ] You know, it's odd. I didn't like Hyoutei that much at first, but after awhile... I fell so hard for them and I just absolutely adore the gorgeous fanart. Eventually OshitariGakuto will probably get its own catagory, but for now it's still in here; along with a fair amount of AtobeJiroh (as this is my second-favorite Atobe pairing, though, it's waning with time, JirohOshitari (I can't help it, I like it), and the occasion pairings like AtobeKabaji or AtobeShishido/AtobeOhtori.

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - OshitariAtobe - This pairing will probably never be one of my favorites, but there's some gorgeous art for it out there that can make me go *____* happily. It gets its own section because it's probably the most popular Hyoutei pairing after ToriShishi and because artists draw it so damn pretty. As time goes by, I hunt it down less and less (whether because my interest has waned down to practically nothing or because I'm just more into other things, I'm not sure), but this'll still give you a good place to at least start. And, y'know, once in awhile, I still find pretty sites.

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - ShishiTori - Aww, how could I not love the sweet, fluffy, gorgeous ShishiTori? They're so amazingly obvious, much in the same way OishiEiji is, and they're wonderful for each other. They have a sort of... sweet sexiness to them that I just love to see and thankfully there's a nice stash of art out there to feed my cravings. ^_~ I don't hunt 'em down as often as I might hunt down other pairings (part of this is that I'm more fond of ShishiTori and the fandom skews towards ToriShishi, which just sparkles less for me personally), but a lot of that is just having moved on from Hyoutei in general, I think?

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - OshitariGakuto - This one took me awhile to warm up to (and to find enough art for), but as I go along it grows on me more and more and I suspect it's become the only pairing I can honestly see for either of them. It's oddly sweet, the way Oshitari seems to trust and care about Gakuto (and letting him call him "Yuushi"! XD) more than any of the others, the way I just get the vibe that Gakuto really likes Oshitari, looks up to him. There are some gorgeous sites for this pairing out there, so I finally caved and went ahead and made it.

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - JirohOshitari - This pairing is solely about the J-fanart, it really is. Well, okay. And a little about Jiroh sleeping on Oshitari to ruin his cool and how much I love that mental image. XD I mean, yeah, the first time I saw it, I was very much, "WTF? Why is this so pretty for such an incredibly bizarre and rare crack pairing???" Then somewhere along the way.... There are a handful of sites that have the most incredible fanart for the pairing and they just managed to somehow win me over on the fanart aspect... so, err, yes, complete crack, but still fun crack?

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - Inter-School Pairings - While TezukaAtobe is my big intra-school pairing, I like just about anything as long as it's pretty, and there's been some really, really pretty stuff out there. MomoKamio, the occasional SengokuAtobe that I liked (though, the popularity of that pairing baffles me), etc. And, I admit, I cackle and pounce on any TezukaOshitari and would dearly love to see one good FujiJiroh site. So, things like that here.

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - Fudomine - Because Fudomine wasn't as well-developed as, say, Hyoutei, there doesn't seem to be as much art for them out there, but given how slashy Tachibana, Kamio, and Shinji were, some certainly has cropped up. I admit, I do tend to be geared more towards Kamio/Shinji, it makes the most sense to me (and is the most popular, so that's what I'm most easily able to find, of course, but Tachibana is actually my favorite of the three, so if I could find it, I'd gladly pounce on it), but I'm really open to a lot of stuff. Hell, the gen stuff's probably my favorite of the Fudomine works.

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - St. Rudolph's - While after the St. Rudolph's matches, I really think Yuuta deserves someone better than obsessed with his older brother, I admit that in fanart, I still find YuutaMizuki to be adorable. There are at least one or two really nice sites out there (and probably more if I could tear myself away from TezukaFuji/Hyoutei to find them >_>) for that pairing, as well as a healthy amount of Akazawa/Mizuki and the occasional Duckie fanart. (Mizuki is probably the most popular character for St. Rudolph's fanart, but I tend to gravitate towards Yuuta more, so this section'll probably always be a bit anemic.)

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - Yamabuki - Sadly, while I absolutely adore Akutsu Jin, the majority of Yamabuki art is Akutsu/Sengoku and that pairing doesn't really do much for me. (I'm an AkuTaka fangirl. *waves flag* I have nothing against the AkuSen pairing, hell, I'll even browse some of the sites because the art can be really pretty sometimes, it's just... my fondnesses lie elsewhere. *grin*) Still, every once in awhile a gen-Yamabuki site or an AkuSen site comes along that's just too gorgeous for me to resist and I have to rec it. ^_^;; But this section will probably be rather anemic for some time. (Like so many of the other sections. ;__; Though, part of that is that there is a healthy SenBe section of the J-fanart fandom, but that all gets chucked into the Inter School pairing stuff.)

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - Rokkaku - This section will probably actually wind up being largely gen, since beyond Bane-chanxDavide, I don't really have too many Rokkaku pairings that I like (Any SaekiFuji will go into the inter-school pairings section, I believe... and KentarouRyoma would go there as well if anyone would draw it for me ;__; ), since I'm sort of one the fence about SaekixKentarou. However, there've been some adorable Rokkaku fanart sites so far, so I wanted to give them their own section. *♥ the adorable group illustrations*

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - Rikkai - I admit, I'm falling more and more and more for SanadaxYukimura, so this section will be heavily biased towards that. (Especially since the rest of Rikkai seems to be fairly cardboard so far, they haven't much intrigued me yet.) However, they've had a few nice sites for them spring up already and I've been stumbling across a few of them. If they keep expanding and I get enough, I may eventually give SanaYuki it's own section, but for now this section is small enough on its own.

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - Other Shounen Ai Pairings - Sometimes I'm not sure where else to put a particular rec, because it might not really fit into any other catagory and I don't want to just dump it into the 'no pairing' section. These are those sites that have really, really gorgeous art, but don't really have a single theme to them, they might have one TezukaFuji illustration, a couple of ToriShishi, maybe an OshitariAtobe, and then one or two Fudomine boys tossed in. There are a lot of sites like that out there, so I wanted to make a catagory for them, because they can have some of the most beautiful art. *_*

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - YagyuuNiou - I am determined to find as much YagyuuNiou fanart as I possibly can, because I'm already obsessed with these two. There's not much yet (a lot of the Rikkai art seems to be very mix-and-match, so it's hard to find the specific things I'm looking for), but I've found a couple of sites I like and I expect that they'll garner more and more fans as people have time to get used to them and start drawing stuff for them. ^_^v I've already got a decent amount of sites for them (and, wow, there's some lovely stuff, too), but I want mooooooooore. ;__;

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - SanadaYukimura - SanaYuki is a pairing that I'm being a little slow on, but damn if I'm not completely and utterly convinced after all that the manga and anime have both shoved at us over this pairing. They want us to slash them, I think. ^_~ Like YagyuuNiou, I've yet to find a whole lot of art for them (some here and there, but I haven't hit the jackpot like I have with some of the more established pairings), but I'm waiting for it to happen and then I think I'll be all over these two.

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - Gen/No Pairings - I've often said that as long as something is pretty, I'll look at it and most likely rec it, so even though I'm a raving yaoi fangirl with PoT, I'll just as easily look at something that's not about a pairing at all. There may be hints on these sites, but the kind of hints that could just as easily be gen or that there was no real discernable pattern, so I couldn't get a bead on it. Basically the "gen" section of the fanart. (Though, occasionally, things get mixed in with the 'other/het' section because I have a tough time keeping them straight.

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - Other Het Pairings - Every so often, a het pairing site comes along that I really, really like. I mean, I like Sakuno and so seeing her paired up with anyone but Ryoma makes me laugh happily and pounce on the site. And then there are the occasional pairings like Kamio/Ann or Momo/Ann that I'll like if done prettily enough. ^_^v There'll also be a lot of gen/no-pairing stuff here that probably should be in the Gen/No Pairings section, but I get confused by the 'other' easily and when I can't get a bead on the pairing of a site, I chuck it into one of these two catagories. So if you're looking for that, try both sections?

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

- Prince of Tennis - Fanart - Favorites - TezukaFuji - While I already have a "favorites" page for TeniPuri, that is for everything, culled from the rest of my recs, and this is something a little bit different. While, yes, my "favorites" page is going to be made up largely from Tezuka-related art sites, since he's my favorite character, I also wanted to do a section for pairing-specific favorites.

This started because I wanted a list of my favorite TezuFuji art sites since there are SO MANY of them. Even looking at the list myself, my head starts to spin and I wanted a way to help give new fans a way to get to the best stuff right away, because not everyone has had as much time as I have to go through these sites. (But, then, I like to power-surf and some people prefer to take their time. XD)

These are the sites I feel are the best of the Tezuka/Fuji art sites out there and hopefully new ZukaFuji fans will find this useful or perhaps someone who wants to see if they like the art for this pairing will be able to use this as a guide. (I know I would have liked something like this for ZukaRyo to see if it was just me or if it was a lack of pretty art out there.)

Eventually, I would like to do more of these for other pairings, but a lot of them don't really have enough sites; ZukaFuji tends to be the big kid on the block as far as fanart goes. >_> Not that, uh, I'm complaining or anything. XD XD XD

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- Prince of Tennis - Tezuka/Fuji Doujinshi Recs - During the last couple of months of 2008, I was working extra hard to meet my goal and I had the thought that, well. Doujinshi is totally a type of fanwork, right? And once I started recommending doujinshi, it pretty well immediately occurred to me to go hit up the Tenipuri doujinshi links because there's some gorgeous stuff for this fandom and it actually got scanslated a lot! Naturally, Tezuka/Fuji is going to be my big thing, partly because it gets the most attention, but mostly because it is and always will be my great love with this fandom. I'm pretty easy when it comes to doujinshi, what I like isn't always going to be what everyone thinks is the best stuff, but even when I love something because it's so silly or I'm enjoying it in an ironic way or I'm laughing my ass off because it's so delightful OOC, my affection for it is still very genuine. I like more serious works, too, I'm generally pretty easy for art (unless the characterization is meant to be serious and yet is so OOC that I want to vomit, then no amount of pretty art can save it) but I also love crack. I try to give a good description of what mindset I was in when I recommend something, though, so you should be able to pick out what you like based on that. I'll rec both scanslated and raw doujin.

- Prince of Tennis - Other Doujinshi Recs - Tezuka/Fuji takes up the majority of what I look for in the fandom, most of the other pairings I like are fairly rare. Unfortunately, by this time (so many years after my time in fandom) I'm not as active as I once was or as willing to look around outside of my fairly firmly established pairings, but there are enough of them to give them their own section, at least! Sometimes they'll be mostly sensible (Tezuka/Atobe is my baby or sometimes Momo/Ryoma or maybe a Shishido/Ohtori doujin that I liked) or sometimes they'll be on complete crack (I blame Japan for my thing for Jiroh/Oshitari), whatever I feel like or whatever fandom manages to put out. I'll also stick in the multi-pairing ones (TezuFuji + GP + MomoRyo + InuKai, etc) here, even if the main focus is on TezuFuji. I don't expect this to be huge, but it should at least be fun. I'll rec both scanslated and raw doujin.

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