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- Princess Tutu Fanfiction Recs - Not that there's much Tutu fanfiction out there, but I desperately crave it. Originally, I was a Fakia/Mute fangirl, but as I watched more and more of the series, I completely and utterly fell for Fakia/Ahiru. However, I still have a soft spot for Fakia/Mute (and still go a little o_O over Fakia's attitude towards Mute early on XD), so that'll pop up from time to time. I tend to avoid anything too spoilerish (as I'm lazy about finishing the series), but every once in awhile I find fic. ♥

- Princess Tutu Fanart Recs - When it had been over two months since the fansubbers had released a new episode of Princess Tutu... I got desperate. Which meant, of course, seaking out Tutu fanart! And, wow, is there some gorgeous, gorgeous stuff out there. And YAY! The fandom seems mostly dominated by Fakia/Ahiru, with a good dose of Fakia/Mute thrown in (and a little bit Mute/Claire.) I am a happy, happy Fakia fangirl. XD

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