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- Prison Break - Gen Fanfiction Recs - As with almost any series I actively like, I wind up liking the characters for themselves, rather than just for a pairing, so I wish to seek out genfic and there winds up never being enough. Given that I only spent about a week in the Prison Break fandom (I intend to go back once season two is finished and I've mainlined all the episodes), I've got a somewhat decent start on this section. At least enough to give anyone who wanders through somewhere to begin.
- Prison Break - Lincoln/Michael Fanfiction Recs - I... I never meant to fall for an incest pairing, I have very few of them in any fandom anywhere, I could probably count them all on one hand. But the sheer lengths Michael would go to for Lincoln, the way he would look at him sometimes, the way Lincoln would look back, the way they were just dysfunctional enough and just dependant on each other enough... I fell. This will probably be the biggest section on the site.
- Prison Break - Other Pairings Fanfiction Recs - I really liked the way Lincoln/Veronica played off each other in the series, if I weren't so attached to the other pairing, I could have OTP'd them. Well, except for that Lincoln/Sara kink I have that's so incredibly dysfunctional and completely all about Michael that I went positively starry-eyed over it. And I even don't mind Michael/Sara, because the show never forgot that Michael was there for Lincoln, that he was the one driving Michael's intense reactions. As well as anything else that I happen to stumble across and like (which probably won't be much, those four characters are about the only ones I'm interested in reading fic for), it'll go here.

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