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- Professor Layton Fanfiction Recs - As soon as I finished the game, I dove straight into fandom, kind of half-suspecting that I wouldn't find much of anything. But, to my surprise, there are a handful of people producing some really wonderful stuff and this is turning into a nice little fandom for a couple of whirlwind weekends! ♥ Like with most game fandoms, I tend to go for the gen stuff or the het and that's probably what I'll do here as well. Ultimately, I really would like gen fic the most (which fandom does provide!) but I'd also do some Luke/Flora if someone could convince me of it.

- Professor Layton Fanart Recs - There's not a whole ton of Professor Layton fanart, but there's a handful of artists who produce a semi-steady stream of it and as;ldkfjalskj holy crap are some of them amazing artists. I'm still poking around the j-fandom, but it seems even quieter than the English fandom. Still, there'll be enough to at least be somewhat satisfying and it'll be about an even mix of English and Japanese art, which I'll be more lax about when it comes to pairings. I like the het and I go for gen most of all, but whatever happens in fandom... that's probably where I'll head.

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