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- ReBoot - the nights after by eree - ....ReBoot fic? Matrix/AndrAIa fic? *squees* Oh, man, after so many years of being alone in the fandom, there are finally other people who like this pairing and these characters. ♥ There's this beautiful connection between Matrix and AndrAIa, one that's filled with so much loss yet so much love between them, forced to grow up before their time, but still so incredibly solid in who they are. Even with such a short fic, the author captures that beautifully. Also, totally with the squee. Seriously, so much OTP squee. And the second fic is Mouse and Dot and I wouldn't have thought of that on my own, but, holy hell, it works here and it slides together with how I saw the series and it's just... it's good. (Matrix/AndrAIa for the first, Mouse/Dot for the second.)

- ReBoot - Abort Retry Fail by Dan Green - A couple of caveats about this story. First, it was written before season four was animated, so it branches off from the end of season three and goes its own course from there. Second, the writing could stand a little polishing (toning down the overusage of epitaphs and just going with "said" instead of varied response descriptions), but it's not nearly enough to keep you from reading the fic. In fact, I'm probably being horribly picky to even say that much, given that it became less and less distracting the further I got into the fic. A lot of this, of course, may come from that I was starry-eyed over this fic when it was first written and it was held up in my mind as one of those epitomes of fandom fanfic that I wanted. That said, I still get goopy over this fic because the voices are just so damned good and the author is terribly clever about the computer terms being worked into the story. One of my favorites is when Dot calls Ray "Mr. Tracer", he responds with, "Mr. Tracer was my test program, Pretty Lady. I'm Ray." Somehow that just makes me squee.

There's also a plot here and right from the start, the author combines the questions that had to be raised between little Enzo being back and Matrix there as well, so much awkwardness and discomfort because there's so many issues there. Enzo not knowing what's going on, frustrated that he's being shut out, Matrix seeing his weaker self every time he looked at him, Dot dealing with two brothers and desperate not to lose them again, Bob struggling with all the changes in his life, all done really amazingly well. And there's a game! And problems that need troubleshooting and more little details worked into everything so that it really, genuinely feels like a continuation after season three.

And then! There's halfway through the second chapter and, god, I just sat there and stared at the screen, reading as fast as my eyes could absorb the words because it was intense and brilliant and it was a story choice that could have backfired on the writer, but, damn, did he nail it. Not to mention the way the situation with Matrix and Enzo unfolded and, rereading this story, I'm just noticing how brilliant it is, how you can see Enzo in Matrix and Matrix in Enzo and that's something I wanted so dearly from fic. How the author really builds and builds to the intense moments of conflict between them, a scene you know has been coming for ages, and when it finally gets there, it's brilliant.

Nothing is left out with this story, there aren't characters or obvious dangling plot threads that needed to be taken care of, but neither did it get dragged down into lagging along. The pacing of this story is a thing of beauty, the characterization is amazing, and everything absolutely feels like it did justice to everything that happened in season three, it was absolutely a story worthy of springing off that ending. This just... it's so satisfying in a way I can't coherently describe. Right down to my squeeing over the progression of the couples in the fic and, omg, the story. ♥ (Matrix/AndrAIa, Bob/Dot, a little Ray/Mouse in the background. However, romance is about as much a point of the fic as it was in the series itself.)

- ReBoot - Chosen Paths by Morrigan - The beginning of this fic starts out really strong, but the rest of it wandered a lot and do a lot of telling rather than showing. It left me feeling a little like I wanted to get out a red pen, but... more than that, I agree solidly with the characterization of AndrAIa, especially her feelings towards Enzo Matrix and herself. I love that she's strong without being perfect, she's not just an extention of Enzo, she's not just his sidekick, she's her own person here and that's what I ultimately take away from this fic. Everything she thought about, everything she felt, I agreed with. And I loved that she totally knocked him out with her nails when she wanted him to stay down, that she'd do it again if she needed to, that she didn't give a damn about much beyond Enzo while still being a warm-hearted, caring, good sort of person. It was a solid fic, especially for those of us who love her and Matrix. (Matrix/AndrAIa.)

ReBoot: Tearless by writingpurple - Man, it's been ages since I read any ReBoot fic, the novelty alone was worth picking up this fic for. But I loved it for rekindling my love for the show, I totally hit up YouTube to look up the second three recap again, the wedding scene (as dumb as that whole plotline was), the reunion scenes, all of it made my love for this show come exploding back. And the fic itself was a solid piece on Dot's life during most of season three, all the hardships she went through, how much she changed and how she lived those days, which reminded me that I really loved Dot's character a whole lot, too. (Implied Bob/Dot, it's not entirely the point, though.)

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