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RH+: Theory and Practice by enigel - I've been slowly watching RH+ as part of a trade and I've kind of fallen in love with the series a lot, especially adorable Ageha. He's not my usual type, I'm not usually much for the cute little whiny ones, but somehow he just charmed his way right into my fangirl heart. So! It's delightful to me that there's a fic with him in it, especially since I'd just finished watching the goukon episode with Konoe the same night I read this fic, so it was kind of perfect timing. And this is delightful, the author totally captures everything that's adorable, fun, and amusing about the series and I just. a sdfklaslj good RH+ fic! I didn't think it'd exist! (....I suppose this could count as Konoe/Ageha, but it's not really at all.)

RH+: untitled by Mendax - I was a little wary of reading this fic, because I wasn't particularly feeling the idea of Kiyoi/Michitaka, but I wanted to see the author would handle it. So, I read. And I'm really glad I did because this is kind of a delightful little story from Michitaka's point of view and is full of quiet, almost unspoken something that Kiyoi is obviously aware of, but doesn't seem to reach him at all. I was really impressed with how clearly I saw the scene unfold in my head and how well it fit with a character that I've only just barely seen. So glad to have read this. <3 (A little one-sided Kiyoi <-- Michitaka implied.)

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