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- Rurouni Kenshin - Like Snow Upon His Heart by Aishuu - I probably shouldn't be reading RurouKen fic because I'm only halfway through the manga and I don't want spoilers, but I couldn't help myself. I was curious and the fic was sitting right there... but I'm glad I did because this is a portrayal of the Kenshin/Kaoru relationship that I really like. I tend to waffle on them, sometimes I like them, sometimes I'm not sure I ship anything in RurouKen and this portrayal of Kaoru, where she's still head-strong and a flawed person, but she's trying to be understanding and somehow manages to have grown up so much. I love Kenshin through her eyes here because there's still such a heavy burden on him and everything is just... what I imagine post-RK would be like. (Kenshin/Kaoru.)

- Rurouni Kenshi - MDS [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I've only read about half of the Rurouni Kenshin manga (though, I was aware of the series not that much longer after the anime originally came out) and I don't really ship anything terribly strongly, which makes looking for fanart sites a bit difficult, but every so often I stumble across one that I just can't resist. This site does a gorgeous Kenshin, the color art is just amazing for the lines and shading in it. But I actually really loved the comics as well, the artist is incredibly talented and could easily do doujinshi, if not professional manga. And I have to admit, I'm pretty charmed by her Kenshi/Kaoru stuff, too, the comics of them are really very well-done. (Kenshin/Kaoru.)

- Gundam Wing/Rurouni Kenshin - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was really sort of on the fence about this site for a long time, I just wasn't that sure about it and not everything was working for me. And I'm not sure how it'll go over with other people. But what kept me sticking around and eventually winning me over was a handful of illustrations that were actually really kind of super pretty, the colors would come together just right and there was just enough detail and it... just worked nicely. Quatre especially tended to get some really pretty art, but there was also a really cool one of Treize/Zechs and some interesting Heero/Duo art. So. Eventually I caved. XD As for the RK art, I took a lot less time to fall, mostly because I was already warmed up to the site and its style, but alt more sole it feels like the RK art was a lot more solid. There's a lot of really cool Shishio art, some really nice Aoshi art, some interesting takes on Kenshin and Sano, and it's the kind of site that makes me want to pick the manga back up after only getting halfway through it previously. ....and, okay, I was weak to the Sano/Kenshin art, which often got kind of really pretty. *__* (No real pairing themes, maybe a little more Heero/Duo and Trowa/Quatre than anything else, but it's largely a gen site, I'd say. Some pairings for RK, maybe some Sano/Kenshin, a lot of various ones, and some gen.)

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