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- Sailor Moon Fanfiction - Gen/Other Recs - It used to be that I didn't have a lot of Sailor Moon fic to recommend, that I was too fussy about what I wanted but not obsessive enough to seek a lot of fic out. As time has gone by, though, I've only fallen more in love with the series and find myself continually returning to it, slowly finding fic that I really like. Most of what I read is UsaMamo or KunZoi, but occasionally I read character introspection pieces or I come across a lovely Haruka/Michiru fic or an odd pairing or even a piece that only has background pairings and is worth reading more for the gen. All of that goes here.

- Sailor Moon Fanfiction - Mamoru/Usagi Recs - UsaMamo is one of those pairings where I can hardly bring myself to talk about them because I love them almost a little too much. From the first season's bickering to the total angstfest and epicness of both the first and second season to the protective OTP that they eventually become, I am completely over the moon for them. Thankfully, the series is focused on them a lot and the fandom responds well--I love first season snarky fics, I love Crystal Tokyo fics (which usually end up being my favorites), I love the time in between when they still have that last bit of normalcy to them, I love them with Chibi-Usa, I love all of it. This will easily be the biggest section on the site.

- Sailor Moon Fanfiction - Dark Kingdom Recs - I thought about making this a Kunzite/Zoisite only section but figured, well, I love the whole of the Dark Kingdom and all the Shittenou, so I might as well put everything together. They will still make up the majority of this section, but I also want to focus on everyone as a whole, especially if it involves their past lives as Endymion's Guard--which the anime doesn't precisely contain, but I like it when anime-based fic works that in as well. I'm pretty sure I'll forever want epic fic that brings them back to life or little pieces that focus on their daily lives in the Dark Kingdom or in their past in Silver Millenium.

- Sailor Moon Fanart Recs - [ page one - page two ] - I really did not expect to find much Sailor Moon fanart, I always thought the series was too old to have many sites still around. Then I happened to stumble over a particular site one day, which had several links and, omg, there's some beautiful stuff out there. There's a decent mix here, you'll probably find something to like, no matter your favorite characters, but I will admit that I tend to try to find the Usagi/Mamoru fanart more than anything. Still, it'll provide you with a really good basic place to start for SM j-fanart. ♥

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