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- Saiunkoku Monogatari Fanfiction Recs - I fell pretty fast and hard for SaiMono, which meant diving into the English fandom for fics, especially anything to do with Kouyuu, who quickly became my favorite of the series. (Which you'll definitely sense as a running theme throughout these pages.) I'm pretty across the board with the series in general, I'm happy to read cute, sweet het or slash/yaoi, but I love gen as well. I love all the characters, but it's the sense of family that tends to get me the most with this series. ....meaning, if it has Reishin and Kouyuu in it, I'm probably going to be all over the fic. *_*

- Saiunkoku Monogatari Fanart Recs - Because there wasn't nearly enough SaiMono fic available yet, I had to start digging into the j-fanart circles. Which is actually almost sort of good because there's some really fabulous sites for the series out there and I'm determined to find every last one of them! ^_~ Again, there'll be a large focus on Kouyuu, but not exclusively. I'm also happy to stumble over cute het or Seiran/Ryuuki-focused art. ♥ There's even a small corner of Ryuuki/Shuurei art that's really pretty! The majority of the sites will be Reishin/Kouyuu and Shuuei/Kouyuu focused and, surprisingly, Kouyuu/Shuurei seems to be a smidge popular. But, again, whatever's pretty and I can find it, it'll go on my list here. ♥

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