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- Saiyuki Fanfiction Recs - Gen - Yes, yes, the Saiyuki fandom is overwhelmingly yaoi, but occasionally there are actually some really, really good fics without yaoi/shounen-ai in them and I really, really enjoy a good gen fic. Especially if there's plot. +__+ Now, there may be some hints of Something More in the stories, but a lot of people think there were hints of Something More in the series, so if you're not seeing those, I doubt you'll see them in any of these fics. (And, honestly? The more I read of Saiyuki the less I want yaoi. Which is a strange sensation for me, but... well, it's just not a series that I really see that much yaoi for. But, then, I'm a Sanzo fangirl, so I tend to look at Saiyuki in terms of his character and... well, yeah, he's not an easy character to pair up. To put it mildly.) This will probably be the biggest section on the site. Or at least I hope so.

- Saiyuki Fanfiction Recs - Other - I... have no idea what other pairings I'll be into (besides the three I have now), given that I have yet to really move beyond the Sanzo-ikkou. However, who knows what the future will bring. I may find a Kougaiji pairing I like. I may find a Nii pairing I like. I may even find a het pairing that doesn't revolt me. ^_~ Maybe someday there'll be a Gonou/Kanan fic that I actually like, because, god, that would be nice. Or even Kougaiji/Yaone or, omg, Goku/Lirin would be the cutest thing ever. Or Nataku/Goku waffies. Though, the section will probably be small until the Saiyuki fandom stops pissing me off. *sheepish*

- Saiyuki Fanfiction Recs - Sanzo x Hakkai - ....I tried not to like it, I really did! But... but... it was just there and practically screamed at me and then I found good fics and just... *hangs head* I was lost. I really, really like this pairing and I'll probably spend a good amount of time with the fandom trying to find all the little hidden gems, because it's just... it's one of those pairings that's full of spark and chemistry and hidden understanding and surprising depth. And, honestly, is probably the only yaoi pairing in Saiyuki (aside from something like Nataku/Goku) that I can actually believe, given that the Burial arc just completely and utterly killed everything else for me. There's a sort of... quiet understanding with these two that really appeals to me and makes it work in that subtle way I love so much.

- Saiyuki Fanfiction Recs - Sanzo x Gojyo - For the longest time, I avoided this pairing like it contained the plague itself, something about it just itched at me. And, perhaps, the majority of the fics still do, I find that a lot of the fics are OOC in a subtle way that's just the right tone to drive me to frothing rage. This was supposed to be why I like 35, wasn't it? Right. I spent hours and hours talking with Noel and she was a blessing and made me calm down and made me realize that there was potential here. I generally prefer my 35 to be gen snarking, but I don't mind the occasional smut. I don't dare touch most of the fandom, so this section will always be small most likely and not what I'd like it to be, but... well, these are the fics I liked? I swear, sometimes this pairing threatens to eat my brain with how much I've grown to love it.

- Saiyuki Fanfiction Recs - Hakkai x Gojyo - I don't rec a lot of Hakkai x Gojyo fic, mostly because it's a pairing that I have the hardest time seeing. I want to see it, but it just doesn't work for me and the Burial just completely killed it dead by the time I got that far. Still, there are fics that tred a careful line or I'll read for another aspect or that one shiny fic that'll convince me, for a moment in time, that it's possible. Which sounds so condescending/intolerant of the pairing and I don't mean to be--just think of it this way: 95% of the Saiyuki fandom says 85 is the OTP, what does it matter if one lone 38/35 fan disagrees? ♥

- Saiyuki Fanfiction Recs - Sanzo x Goku - 39 is... honestly, this section is always going to be small because 39 is just, quite emphatically, Not My Pairing. Especially not the way so, so much of the fandom writes it, it just rings more and more false every time I try to read it (even the fic that's beautifully written!) and pushes me further towards disbelieving that it could ever happen. So why am I bitching about it and then having a section for it anyway? Because occasionally, it comes up in a longer, plotful fic and I think 39 fans would enjoy it. Or there's the occasional interaction fic that's vague enough for everyone to enjoy. Or maybe I'll change my mind someday. Don't kill me for being a twink? :x

~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

- Saiyuki Fanart Recs - Gen/No Pairings - Originally, I just lumped everything in together because I didn't really expect to find much fanart that I liked. Hell, even now I'm not really very wild about the j-fanart because it doesn't hit the right vibes for me so much of the time. But I do enjoy a good gen site and occasionally the Saiyuki fandom indulges me a little--though, there will probably be pairings mixed in with the gen links a lot. But they're sites that I hoped would have a high enough content of single characters or group illustrations that they'd appeal to gen fans along with the pairing fans. This section will probably never be as big as I wish it were, woe.

- Saiyuki Fanart Recs - Sanzo x Hakkai - Speaking of sections that will never be as big as I wish it were... 38 is my one pairing that I really get enthusiastic about in Saiyuki, the one I'll actively seek out fanart for time and time again. There's not a lot, the fandom tends to be made up of other pairings a lot more, but if there's shiny 38 fanart out there, I will eventually hunt it down and rec it. Which means some of the stuff isn't going to be to everyone's taste, but it'll have at least scratched my itch. (And, hey. There are a handful of absolutely beautiful sites for the pairing. ♥)

- Saiyuki Fanart Recs - Sanzo x Goku - Strangely, I'm more easygoing when it come to fanart than I am when it comes to fanfic, something about the individual styles of artist being more distinctive than writer's (which means I know it's a fannish derivative more clearly than fanfic) makes it easier to swallow the 39 fanart. But it's also because, omg, Sanzo is far and away my favorite character and if I want good Sanzo fanart, I have to brave the 39 sites. And, man, do they ever have some of the prettiest fanart on them. *_* (Gaiden art will be included here.)

- Saiyuki Fanart Recs - Hakkai x Gojyo - Same as the above, I'm a lot easier when it comes to fanart and if I want to find good Saiyuki fanart, eventually I have to start hitting up the 58/85 sites for the pretty stuff. Hakkai and Gojyo probably get the best fanart in the fandom, both in terms of quality and quantity, there are some sites that are just practically stunning with how lovely they are. And there are days when I'm fine with surfing through a ton of sites, because I just want more of the series and the characters and, hey, I like both Hakkai and Gojyo, you know? ....I swear, I'm less obnoxious when I'm writing the actual recs. Honest.

- Saiyuki Fanart Recs - Other Pairings - There's not a whole lot of diversity in the Saiyuki fanart circles, but occasionally I'll run across something like the absolutely stunning Gojyo/Goku site and maybe someday I'll find a Sanzo/Gojyo site that doesn't make me run away screaming. I would also pounce on Nataku/Goku art and I think there might be some Doku/Kougaiji or Kougaiji/Yaone someday. Oh, and I'd love some pretty fanart of Konzen and Homura that doesn't make me run away screaming. :D

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