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- Samurai 7 - Wash by mswyrr - (Note: This fic will have spoilers for episode 12 and this rec may contain vague spoilers as well.) I remember seeing this fic back when I was still way, way behind on Samurai 7 and saved it to read once I'd gotten at least through episode 12 and I'm so glad I did because this was a lovely compliment to Kirara and Katsushirou's scene, making the ache of it hurt just like it did in the episode. There's a certain gentle elegance the fumbling they do, to the pain they share, and the characterization and writing are just... right on for this series. I wibble just thinking about this scene and how marvellously it compliments the anime. ;____; (I'm going to call it gen, but it might be a little Katsushirou/Kirara.)

- Samurai 7 - Grains by Mina Lightstar - Oh, my fangirl heart delights that Mina wrote fic for Samurai 7, because this story was just so good and expanded on the characters so well and kept in tune with them so well. She hit all the right notes with Katsushirou, played with all the aspects of the character that make me adore him for being so much more than a pretty boy, and the relationship with Kambei was perfect. Not quite his teacher, yet still guiding him and things are a little harsh for all of them, but that's exactly the atmosphere in the series itself. That's the other thing I loved, that it captured that tone the series has, especially with the example with the rice used here, that I could so very easily see this sliding right between the frames of canon. Beautiful fic. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Samurai Champloo/Samurai 7/Gankutsuou - Or.Go [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me forever to figure this site out, but finally, finally I found the Samurai 7 fanart! I've been itching to see more of this series and to see some fanworks for it, so finding art that's actually quite well-done was a nice bonus. It's not my usual stuff, not my usual pairings (I forget their names, but Kyuuzo and the dark-haired one that works for Ukyou's father and Ukyou as well), but it's genuinely good stuff and I'm much more relaxed with fanart. There's also a couple of really excellent ones with the other characters, just really nailing the style of Samurai 7, right down to the lines and colors and feel of the series. And, oh, how I'm taken with some of the Samurai Champloo art the artist has done--child!Jin is beautiful and some of the themed stuff is wonderful (I especially like when Jin leans over to kiss Mugen), and the comics are fun. There's not as much Gankutsuou fanart as I would like, but the two that were there are fantastic; rich with detail and capturing that patterned style of the anime and... oh, okay, the one Count/Albert one, where Albert is unconscious in his arms while the Count smirks and has bat-wings totally made my night. XD XD XD Really talented artist and some really good illustrations to comb through here. (Lots of Samurai 7 shounen ai, along with Jin/Mugen, and maybe a little Count/Albert.)

- Persona 3/Samurai 7 - Southern Cross [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I tried to resist the lure of this site, because I've not played Persona 3 (and don't plan to, not unless a copy just falls into my lap) and I've only read the manga and glanced at the anime sequel. But... pretty art is like a siren's call to me. I have to. And this artist does a gorgeous job with the main character (I dunno whether to just call him "main character" or Minato aslkja;lksj) and also draws a gorgeous Pharos and there's this one of Nyx that's just amazing and-- okay, there's not a lot of art here, but it's so pretty that I had to. It's the same for the Samurai 7 art--not a lot, but damn if that art of Kyuzo isn't totally gorgeous. Worth a look through if you like either series, I think. (No warnings/pairings.)

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