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- Samurai Champloo Fanfiction Recs - So far, I haven't really read that much Samurai Champloo fic, but... well, I'd been sitting on the second half of the series for ages and I was avoiding spoilers. Now that that's not a problem anymore, I'm hoping to dive a bit more into the fandom. I'll generally err on the side of Jin x Mugen or Jin x Fuu (you can tell which is my favorite character, eh?), but I also really like gen/OT3 pieces or character pieces as well. I will try to mark if there are going to be spoilers in any of the fics, but I may not be perfect. So, if you're hyper-sensitive about that (I was vaguely spoiled for the end, I don't necessarily think it really ruined that much for me to know), avoid until you've finished off the series?

- Samurai Champloo Fanart Recs - You know, I'd be happy to try to find more Jin x Fuu fanart, but I'm not sure it really exists. So, I mostly stick to the gen stuff or the Jin x Mugen sites, because... well, yes, we (at least the slash fans, I mean) were all having our slash klaxons going off like crazy during the series, weren't we? ^_~ There's probably never going to be a ton here, it's not an immensely, immensely popular series, but there's a small handful of sites that are just beautiful and absolutely worth visiting. (I don't think there should be too many spoilers here?)

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