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- Scryed/Houshin Engi- [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I wouldn't have thought almost-pastel colors would work for Scryed art, but this site does a gorgeous job with them. There is an absolutely jaw-droppingly gorgeous illustration of Mimori as well as a beautiful, bittersweet image of Kazuma and Kinishima, and just... lots of beautiful art that focuses on all the characters. The colors are stunning, the original drawings lovely, the poses/illustration ideas cool, and the overall effect just... wai! One of my favorite sites. And there's some adorable Houshin Engi fan art in the "pict" section. ^_^v (No real pairing themes or warnings.) [ Site down or moved? ]

- Scryed - Gun and Swallowtail (?) [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Not all of the art on this site is my favorite, but the artist can do some beautiful things with watercolors, like this oneillustration of Tachibana and Ryuhou or one of Ryuhou and Kazuma. There's also a lovely potrait of Kazuma. ^_^v All the illustrations are nice, but there's a handful of them that are among the best I've seen. (No single pairing theme, but some shounen ai.)

- Scryed/Houshin Engi/Saiyuki - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I love the soft colors and delicate look to these illustrations, some of them almost seem to glow, which is so lovely. I'm having trouble coming up with the words to describe how much I like these images... they're just... good. Some of randome favotites include Ryuhou, Cougar and young Kazuma, and RyuhouxKazuma. The Ryuhou/Kazuma kiss illustration is gorgeous, too. +_+ Though, be warned, there's some RyuhouxMimori floating around here, too. As for the other sections, there's a ton of pretty Houshin Engi fanart, which made me a happy camper, and the first Saiyuki illustration of Goku is one of my favorites of him. (RyuhouxKazuma, RyuhouxMimori.) [ Site down or moved? ]

- Scryed - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Isa pointed me towards this one (which kicked off another round of Scryed fanart searching) and it's got some of the most adorable art in it! The one of Kazuma and Ryuhou as kids was damned cute, and the illustrations of Ryuhou licking Kazuma's face make me a happy, happy fangirl indeed. There's also a really cute little animated gif of Ryuhou kissing Kazuma, too! Oh, right, the art. Hrm. It's very pretty, a bit muted, but it works for the illustrations. I like. (RyuhouxKazuma.)

- Scryed - System Console [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, be warned, this site has some disturbing images... the one that warped me the most (and is going to require a wire brush to get out from inside my brain) is the DigiCharat!Kazuma illustration. That's just... wrong on so many levels. That said, the art here is really quite cute (if the artist does have a fondess for putting Kazuma in a French Maid's uniform), with nice solid colors and good details. The site can be a bit trick to navigate, just use the drop-down menu and the click (once) on the link you want to open. (KimishimaxKazuma.) [ Site down or moved? ]

- Scryed - ScryedRide [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - While the art here isn't my absolute favorite, it can be very soft and lovely, and there are some adorable Kanami-chan illustrations! (Or illustrations of Kanami, Kazuma, and Kimishima.) XD But the real highlight of the site is an image of Kazuma and Kimishima dressed up as Santa and a reindeer, that's just astoundingly good and funny as all hell. (A little bit KimishimaxKazuma.)

- Scryed - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *hyuuu* This site had some of my absolute favorite Kanami-chan illustrations, she looks lovely, but I honestly liked damn near all of the images here. The colors are a bit more "hazey" than I usually see, but that's actually a favorite style of mine--it gives them an almost glowing affect. I... I don't think I can put into words what made me love this site, you just kind of have to see for yourself. It's just good art. (A little bit KazumaxKanami, but don't let that put you off, it's barely noticable, and the art is so pretty....)

- Scryed - sonzairiyuu [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Despite there being three images here that I really didn't need to see (I don't mind nudity, but I do not need to see Kanami-chan's various body parts... Mimori and Xeres don't bother me, though.), I actually really liked this site. The artist is very good at a number of different styles, making for an interesting selection of artwork. The colors are almost always very nicely done, and they're very good at CG work, and the hand-drawn stuff looks lovely as well. I adored the two matching b&w images of Kazuma and Ryuhou in the background/foreground, they're the kind that are good enough to almost past for official art. ^_^v (Some nudity, but not too much.)

- Scryed - s.CRY.ed DREAM [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Sometimes the illustrations on this site didn't quite work out, but when they worked, they worked really, really well. There's an illustration of Xeres that's lovely and a wonderful image of younger Cougar and Kazuma that I just loved and a beautiful image of Ryuhou and Xeres, too. The colors are occasionally flat or a little too obviously CG, but some are handrawn and others look wonderful. Blah, blah, blah, I shut up now. Good, solid art here. (No real pairings/warnings.)

- Scryed/Gundam Wing - Cosmo Lass [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The art on this site isn't the type that'll absolutely blow you away, but it is very solidly drawn and there are a lot of really cool illustration concepts floating around that are very, very well done... like this one. The real appeal, however, is that there's a lot of art here to wind your way through, giving a good fix for the addiction. (HeeroxDuo, RyuhouxKazuma.)

- Scryed - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Another site that uses CG quite well, even if it's way, way on the cutesy side. ^_~ Actually, that's part of the charm of the Scryed illustrations... they're so damn cute! XD (The gallery can be a bit hard to find, it's here.) It also produces some interesting results, like the second to last image of Ryuhou, which I wouldn't want to see all the time, but was a really interesting illustration there. Do watch out for the loud midi files on the splash and main pages. -_- (Some RyuhouxKazuma.)

- Scryed - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I would love this site just for this illustration of Kazuma and Ryuhou. +_+ It's not the kind of art that strives to look exactly like the original series, but the artist does their own thing (which makes them all look like sticks >_>) and I kinda like it for that. Plus that prettyprettypretty RyuhouxKazuma image. +_+ (RyuhouxKazuma, obviously. ^_^)

- Scryed - selfishness [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - There are a few things I rather like about this site, the art is pretty good and it has a nice bit of selection... I don't see that many Xeres (or Sherieece or however the hell you want to spell her name, I prefer Xeres personally ^_^) illustrations. While not my favorite character and she really annoyed me in the first half of the series, I wound up liking her by the time the series was over. And the other thing I liked about the site was the this section, which had a lot of niiiii~ce RyuhouxKazuma stuff tucked into various corners... there were some especially nice ones tucked away in the gifts section, too. +_+ (Some RyuhouxKazuma.)

- Scryed - Upside Down [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I would love this site just for the freaking CUTE little chibis! *hearts* They're all cute, but the Cougar one just made me melt into a little happy squeaking puddle. ^_^;; The rest of the art is really quite adorable and there're some nice images of all the chararacters (and chibi-Kazuma in a pink nurse's outfit.... o.O) with some really adorable, soft CG work. And then there's the RyuhouxKazuma... mmmm. (RyuhouxKazuma.)

- Scryed/Gundam Wing - Angel Wing [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - .....damn. These are some amazing GW illustrations (*sigh* What I wouldn't give for just one of them to be a DuoxRelena fan. *sulk*) The drawings are just flat-out gorgeous, and the colors very rich and the drawings detailed... and just... this is why I will surf through 1xR fansites, for gorgeous Relena illustrations like these. I'm not as crazy about their Scryed art, but they're definitely one of the better artists out there that I've seen. So... lots of wonderful art. (HeeroxRelena, some RyuhouxMimori.)

- Scryed - Medicine of Love [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The drawings on this site are usually a little off, you can tell they're not quite at that super-high level of CG usage, but the colors are very pretty, and they actually do have a lot of skill. The artist is also a Tachibana fan, and there aren't enough Tachibana illustrations out there~! One of the things I do like best is that Tachibana's hair is usually very nicely detailed, and that's always a plus with me. ^_^v (No real warnings.)

- Scryed - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Whee! Another site with an adorable image of younger Cougar and Kazuma~! *hearts* I really like the pencil-drawn look of these images, so many use CG these days, and it's nice to see more of a variety. It also achieves a softer look with the images, and I'm also all for that. *grin* Plus! Ryuhou and Kazuma tied up in ribbons! You really can't go wrong with that. ^_~ (A little bit Kazuma+Ryuhou.)

- Scryed - Tetteket [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oooh, I love the little bit of a shine this artist puts on her illustrations, it makes the characters look so pretty~! I'm a big sucker for bishounen's hair done up all pretty-like, and this artist frequently puts highlights in their hair, which makes me sigh happily. ^_^; Beyond that, I'm having trouble coming up with the words to describe why I like these images so much... they're just done really well. ^_^v Nicely in proportion, nice colors, good hair, they look like the Scryed characters, and just... pretty! Gah. I'm going to stop trying now. -_- (Some Ryuhou+Tachibana, some Ryuhou+Kazuma.)

- Scryed - TATTAKATA [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Mmm, wow, this artist really knows how to use CG, they do wonderful things with the soft shades of blue and gorgeous shadings. A lot of their illustrations have this almost glowy affect to them, which I adore, and combine that with the gorgeous poses... mm, happy fangirl. (A little bit RyuhouxXeres, a little bit RyuhouxMimori.)

- Scryed - Factor [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The Scryed stuff can be found in the Annex, and it doesn't surprise me at all that this artist does doujinshi--she certainly has the skill and discipline for it. The colors are a teensy bit high on the contrast scale for me, but it actually kind of works for the artist's own style--and she's done some gorgeous Ryuhou/Kazuma illustrations. Just... really, really good art here. ^_^v (Some RyuhouxKazuma, a couple of JigmarxRyuhou as well.)

- Scryed - Tactics [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I could have sworn I'd been to this site before, but I didn't recognize the style of the top illustration and browsing through the gallery I saw a lot of pictures I'm sure I'd never seen before. Whee~! A new Scryed fanart site that I've never seen before~! With really pretty art~! Some of my favorites are the chibi-Ryuhou with his family and the Kazuma/Ryuhou ones. *happy sigh* In this case, the brighter colors work for the artist, I think, creating a really cool effect. And, yes, I know how inane that sounds. ^_~ (Some KazumaxRyuhou.)

- Scryed - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I saw the illustration on the main page and I really, really hoped I'd be able to find the Scryed art on this site, because it was pretty! It took a bit of hunting, but they are there, and they're worth trying to find--there's this adorable one of Kanami, Kimishima, and Kazuma that I just adored. There are actually a good selection of various characters and they're all really good, and, hell, the site even has my new favorite Kimishima illustration. ^_^v (No real warnings.)

- Scryed - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is one of those sites I cannot believe I've never seen before--it has some amazing illustrations of the characters, ones that could damned near be official art... and they look gorgeous. +_+ I could go into detail about what I liked so much with these illustrations, but... I'd be fawning inanely, so I'm just going to leave it at: This is one of the best Scryed sites out there, I think. The images are really professional looking and gorgeous, and there's a nice selection of almost all the characters. (No real warnings.)

- Scryed - Natural Ego [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is another one I could have sworn I'd rec'd before, but I can't find it anywhere in my list of recs, so... here we go. The illustrations are occasionally a little off (a little too... round, I think...) and I wish there were more backgrounds for them, but they're still excellent use of CG and the site has an ADORABLE image of younger Cougar and Kazuma. I'd love the site just for that one alone. I really like the shading in the illustrations, too, along with the warm colors they usually use... and Kazuma being obviously uncomforatable in a HOLY uniform is priceless. XD (No real warnings.)

- Scryed/Fushigi Yuugi/Miscellaneous - LIVELY NEWS [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I had to add this site to the FY section, just for the gorgeous Nuriko illustration there is. +_+ There are a couple of really spiffy Tasuki illustrations as well, but my main draw to this site was the Scryed art. Not that there's much here (only two illustrations that I can find so far), but they're beautiful ones of Mimori and Kanami--which they also offer as wallpapers! *hearts* (And when I say beautiful, I mean really, really beautiful.) The other draw to the site is that they have Scryed cosplayers! I'm disappointed that they have no Kazuma, but their Urizane (watermellon boy) was frelling perfect! And when their Cougar hit the right pose, he was great! (No real warnings.)

- Scryed - ALCHEMIST [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Whoo! I loved this site! The art starts off a little shakey, the artist obviously hadn't settled into their style yet, but once they got going... there are some fantastic illustrations here. My two favorites are the Christmas one of Cougar and Mimori (the artist is a big CougarxMimori fan) and the beautiful, beautiful one of Kazuma and Ayase. Well, and the chibi-Ryuhou with his mother one, too. +_+ Just... COOL! (A lot of CougarxMimori, with occasional other pairings mixed in.)

- Scryed - Beehive [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The art of this site is a little on the simple and sketchy side, but that really doesn't detract from how much I enjoyed it! The colors are a little bit softer than I often see, giving the illustrations an almost... well, something akin to romantic feel, and there's this one image of younger Cougar and Kazuma that just makes me melt. I love those two. +_+ (NOT as a pairing. >_< The site is more RyuhouxKazuma-friendly.)

- Scryed - Drifter [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Another site pointed out to me by Isa. That meanie poo-poo-head. ^_~ Anyway. As anyone who's witnessed me go through a Scryed fanart searching session knows, I have a serious fondness for illustrations of Cougar and chibi-Kazuma, they're just so goddamned cute. This site has some of the most stunning illustrations I've ever seen, they're just gorgeous. (The top illustration of the Commander and Iilyan is awesome.) My only complaint is that they don't do enough color illustrations because while the b&w sketch ones are lovely, the color ones kick ass.

- Scryed/Hellsing - Barracuda Flats [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - It took me a few clicks to warm up to this art, but the artist has some terrifically cool Cougar illustrations (they also tend to be the best on the site--though, there was one of Kanami and Kazuma that I really liked, too) and kick-ass Hellsing fanart! The chibi Cougar sprite on the index page made me squeak in an incredibly dorkish way, too. ^_^;; (No warnings/pairings.)

- Scryed - holy crop [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The idea of RyuhouxMimori is never going to be my favorite, but I don't hate it, and I like Mimori and I like cute fanart. So this site was fun for me. Ryuhou often times looked a little off, but Mimori was adorable! She looked so pretty in the CG style this site used! BUT! The two highlights of this site were the CUTE CougarxMimori fanart and the ICONS! Eeeeeee! Those icons were fantastic! (Mostly RyuhouxMimori, some CougarxMimori.)

- Scryed/Gundam Wing - Jekylle & Hyde [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - More RyuhouxMimori fanart that's really kinda cute. Though, I would have rec'd this site for the illustration of Myouji (I can never remember that idiot's name) shoving his hand through Mimori's chest ala the Sakurazukamori. ^_~ The Gundam Wing art is pretty cute, too, it has a nice sketch-like (I almost want to say "antique", but that's not right), soft, muted colors look to it. ^_^ (RyuhouxMimori, HeeroxRelena.)

- Scryed - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Not all of the art here is to my particular taste, but some of the art is so freaking cute!! Mimori and Ryuhou both look very pretty, I love the occasional shades of blue they use (the color that's just so vivid +_+), and the chibis used as graphics are wonderful! There's also a kick-ass illustration of Ryuhou and Kazuma in the gallery if you click long enough to find it. ^_^; (It's #29.) (Lots of RyuhouxMimori.)

- Scryed - kazika's scribble book [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Whoo! Damn, again, this is some fantastic art, the illustrations here could almost pass for official ones. The colors are sharp, the lines clean and solid and everything blends together beautifully. And there's a lot of them! ^_^ I only have two complaints. One, I wish the images were bigger, they're pretty enough that I'd like to have seen the details up close. Two, waahhh! It's not RyuhouxKazuma! *pouts* ^_~ (RyuhouxMimori.)

- Scryed - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, KazumaxKanami isn't my favorite pairing, and it rather squicks me (they're so clearly brother and sister ._.), but I adore both characters and this fanart is very, very mild. So much so that most of it you probably wouldn't even notice, and Kanami-chan is so cute!!! Kazuma tends to look a bit off, but I like the art because, well, it's cute, and I like Kanami-chan a whole lot. *coughs* Not much else to say. Eheh. ^_^;;; Well, except that there's a fantastic one of the two of them in the grass that's damned good. *_* (KazumaxKanami.)

- Scryed - Desert Crown [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Damn. More gorgeous RyuhouxMimori fanart. +_+ The colors are what first caught my attention, they're so vivid and pretty! One of my favorite things about this artist is the way they do the eyes, they're so soft and lovely.... *sigh* I can't do recs to save my life. -_- Pretty art. Very, very pretty art. Nice colors, good skill, and pretty Ryuhou. Damn he was cute as a kid. So go. (RyuhouxMimori.)

- Scryed - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, my lord, this site has one of the cutest illustrations of chibi-Ryuhou and his father that I've ever laid eyes on! XD The art is often sketchy, but it really works for the artist, creating a very cool, very pretty style with some really nice colors. (Occasional RyuhouxMimori image.)

- Scryed - Water Guardian [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Another one of those sites I could swear I rec'd but couldn't find anywhere on my lists... oh, well. ^_^; There's some cute art here, with the occasional really pretty Ryuhou. Personally, I like the almost colored-pencil like drawings the best, they're very well-done! The CGs are cute, but just don't have the same charm. ^_^; (Some RyuhouxMimori.)

- Scryed - Ringo Kanon [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Despite the characters (especially Ryuhou) looking a little off in the first batch illustrations, I rather liked this artist's style--it's in the direction of CG-looking work that I like, and the duller colors worked for the art, I thought. Plus, there's this absolutely, utterly adorable one of Ryuhou and Mimori as kids and a beautiful CougarxMimori illustration. XD I wasn't as crazy about the second set (the ones linked with thumbnails at the bottom), they were a little too CG-y for me, but still damned cute and the coloring of those was great! (RyuhouxMimori.)

- Weiss Kreuz/Scryed/Gundam Wing/Saiyuki/Hikaru no Go - Wind Climbing [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Eeee! So much cute art for so many series~! I don't even know where to start... but the art is really good and there's quite a bit of here. My favorite is probably the Scryed art, the artist did some gorgeous ones of Xeres and Mimori and a lovely one of Ryuhou and Kazuma. +_+ There's also other stuff here--a couple of really pretty Saiyuki illustrations, and, ooh~! Lots of prettypretty Hikago illustrations, too~! .....aaaaaand I just found the WK section~! Ooohh, and good stuff here, too--probably one of the best Japanese WK sites I've seen. The artist has a lot of skill and does some really solid work with the colors and... it just makes me happy. (There's a really cute Ken one in the gallery that I quite liked. ^_^ Oooh, and preeeeetty Schuldich.... +_+) ....and I'll move on now. ^_~ (No real warnings.)

- Scryed - YM's homapage [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Isa was the one to point me towards this site, and I really like it. The lines are clean and smooth and very professional-looking, the colors nicely shaded, and great poses. Kazuma and Ryuhou in chains. Can a fangirl really as for more than that? ^_~ (Ryuhou/Kazuma.)

- Scryed - Native Concept by Isa - Part of the problem I have with rec'ing friends' fic is the way I often go about reading the stories. If I read and comment directly to them, I tend to forget to write a proper rec. (I did the same thing with Di's "The Things We See" series, recently.) A lot of it has to do with how I write recs--almost none of them are done on a computer that has 'net access, I do them on my laptop in my room, where I won't be distracted. So... forgetful. But enough of that.

Isa has a writing style that I don't think a lot of people get because they're not used to approaching the concept of fic in the same way that she writes--which is often times non-linear and laden with cultural references so broad that you can't pinpoint a single place where it's referenced. I suspect people just aren't used to that idea in fic, they've come to expect fic to be written a certain way, and while it's not bad to go outside of that style (it's good, actually), it just takes adjusting to.

Jeez. I'm writing a review here, aren't I? Anyway. Isa's a good writer (when I'm not avoiding her NoYOU'RETheOneWho'sWrong!Wrong!Wrong! pairings ^_~), she knows the series damn well (I'm quite impressed at how much she managed to wrestle out of the confusing fansubs ^_~), she writes the characters really well, and she doesn't just focus on the two pretty boys, the other characters make their way into the fic, too, and are treated with respect. Kanami actually has some of my favorite lines and she's so adorable that I just want to hug her like I did watching her in the series itself. My curosity over where the plot is going has been piqued, and I have to admit that kind of surprises me. Scryed fic with a plot? Will wonders never cease? >_> .....I shut up now. *nods* (Ryuhou/Kazuma, li'l bit graphic content.)

- Hunter x Hunter/Scryed - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Goodness, are these illustrations adorable. Very clean, cute, warm, and smooth, and some of them are even just... love. Gon and Killua are adorable, make me want to huggle them and squeeze them and never let them go. XD XD XD There's an illustration of Killua with wings that's lovely, and I really quite like the way the artist draws Kuroro. With Scryed the art is even cleaner, very nice, smooth lines and lots of solid colors that sort of blends together for a style that really works for Scryed, I thought. So... yeah, a good site, definitely some of the better HxH art that I've seen, and nicely enjoyable. (Some Killua/Gon and Kuroro/Kurapika.)

- Scryed - Delayed Reaction by shiva_chan - It pleases me immensely that a couple of Scryed writers have been coming out of the woodwork, and I've been looking forward to finding the time to read them. This is another set of drabbles that worked really well with the five minute chain drabble challenge, it showed a series of connected moments that gave you a better feel for the overall storyline than a regular fic would have, I think. And the writing was just lovely and I really adored the characterization of Kazuma here. Tough as nails, but not a complete bastard. He cared, in his own Kazuma-like way, and the story was... sad, but a bittersweet sort of sad that wasn't a bad way to end at all. And I really did adore the ending, such a Kazuma reaction. XD (KimishimaxKazuma, RyuhouxKazuma.)

- Scryed/Gundam Wing - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - *blinks* Is this page not on my Scryed recs page? Bwuh? This is one of my favorite Scryed sites because the art is just... it's pretty! The artist does one of my favorite kind of CG styles--it's not overly clunky, instead the lines are cleaner and smoother, the colors more subtle, and it looks very professionally done. The lines and the inking are fabulous, but the artist also just draws really cute illustrations sometimes and really smutty ones other times. Very, very pretty smut sometimes. *__* There's a slight kink factor running through the art, but I can't find myself minding too much because they're so pretty. .....bah, my rec for this site sucks, which is too bad, because the art here is lovely and are my favorite pairings for each series, which always makes me happy to see pretty art of. XD;; ♥♥ (Heero/Duo, Ryuhou/Kazuma, some content warning.)

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