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- Sex Pistols - Lying on needles by rei_kurasaki - ....I'm sort of surprised that Sex Pistols fic exists and, yet, I'm sort of not surprised Sex Pistols fic exists. Either way, I'm certainly not complaining because this was a lovely little Yonekuni POV story that just nailed the character, both his irritation at when Shirou is away and his reluctance to quite admit that he misses him. The tone of voice, especially the way the bad mood permeated all his thoughts that you could just feel, was very nicely done here. <3 (Yonekuni/Shirou.)

- Sex Pistols - just lay it all down by Ju - *shimmers* Kunimasa POV this time, on his relationship with Norio and the weirdness in their lives, all the frustration at the way things turned out in the second volume, yet... still so Kunimasa in tone. I could absolutely picture them the entire time and it's just... it was pure Sex Pistols, yes. <3 (Kunimasa/Norio.)

- Sex Pistols - Repression by Ju - Very nice Yonekuni/Shiro fic, it does a lovely job of capturing Yonekuni's gravitation towards Shiro, the one he hates but is powerless to stop, the one he can't look away from and, ooh, the very pretty images that go along with it. <3 (Yonekuni/Shiro.)

- Sex Pistols - The line between want and need by rei_kurasaki - This was very nicely written, you really could feel Kunimasa's frustration, the more intense tone to the character (especially when he's not having sex because Norio can't control himself) woven into the narration really well and the way he looks at the world very solid. Also, I loved the ending, it was that perfect balance that the original series itself achieves, between something almost sweet and still so Kunimasa. <3 (Kunimasa/Norio.)

- Sex Pistols - At 2am by Alaceron - Madarame Yonekuni doesn't cuddle. He's never cuddled girls, so naturally, he doesn't cuddle guys. He has a reputation to uphold. I really liked this, it had the sense of the balance between Yonekuni's grumpy/distant attitude and that he honestly loves and desires Shirou. Even in such a short little piece, they're both wonderfully characterized, the writing is lovely, and I adore the imagery presented. The last few lines are especially nice. *__* (Yonekuni/Shirou.)

- Sex Pistols - Sunflowers by rei_kurasaki - Did I not yet rec this one? I could have sworn I did. Huh. Anyway, I have such a great, big love of Joshua/Teruhiko and this story is just... it shows their relationship wonderfully, that Joshua really does care underneath the grumpy attitude and the beautiful imagery of the sunflowers is wonderful and it just... oh, man, I'm trying so hard not to just simply flail with love over the fic, but I suspect I'll end up doing just that. It's lovely and it's so very much in the style of the manga and I adored it so much. ♥ (Joshua/Teruhiko.)

- Sex Pistols - untitled by Ju - *makes incoherent gestures* Norio! So cute! Kunimasa! So tolerant while still giving off the impression of being grumpy! Babbly dialogue that's actually clever, not just the author forcing the character! Yonekuni amusement even when he's not there! Totally adorable Kunimasa/Norio! Norio blushing! So perfect! XD (Kunimasa/Norio.)

- Sex Pistols - untitled by Ju - You know, every time I think I have a favorite pairing pinned down, along will come a different one that'll make me shimmer and sparkle, especially when Yonekuni and Shirou are written like this. Yonekuni is so... he's such a jerk sometimes, but he genuinely likes Shirou, but he's a jerk about it, even when it's just tossing notes back and forth in class and he's getting all hot and bothered by Shirou just being there. Also? So much love for the ending, Ju really knows how to end a fic right. *__* (Yonekuni/Shirou.)

- Sex Pistols - Questions by Yasmin M - There's something so... I don't know how to put it, something so sharp and visceral about Yasmin's writing in this story, the way it so perfectly gets into Yonekuni's head and the way he thinks, the way his 'voice' sounds. Her imagery is perfect for a Sex Pistols fic, the way I could easily see this sliding into the future canon for Yonekuni and Shiro, the way it's not exactly nice, but it's not without it's... well, not without Yonekuni's version of affection (which reads more like possessiveness, which is right for the character) and not without genuine attraction. I could feel how much Yonekuni wanted to fuck Shiro, how much it burned in him that he couldn't remember what they'd done before, how much of this was old hat and how much was new. Really good, intense SP fic. *__* (Yonekuni/Shiro, semi-graphic content.)

Sex Pistols: Delayed Implantation by vissy - The first time I read the manga, I wasn't that interested in the Joshua/Teruhiko storyline and kind of dropped away during it (well, also that that's how far along the translations were at the time) and just sort of never quite got around to going back. Not until the first episode of the OAV was released and I fell in love with this series all over again, picked up the manga again, and somehow fell in love with these two as well. And this fic is perfect for Joshua and Teruhiko, how idiotically in love these two bears are and how the feel of the series matches the Sex Pistols world--how discussion of pregnancy and fucking is just so openly done, even when people are embarrassed about it! Plus, man, Joshua being such a kid and Teruhiko being the mature one even when he's totally gone on Joshua, too--! I just... oh, my heart at this fic! (Joshua/Teruhiko, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

Sex Pistols: Love Song to a Stranger by YasminM - There's a reason that Yonekuni/Shiro is the most popular pairing in the fandom (or so it seems to me?) because they call for lovely fic like this. As they spend their first night together, from Yonekuni's POV, you can see how much this works for him, how much he really wants Shiro, he can even see how much Shiro wants him back, how deep their feelings run, even without the author having to say any of it. It's a short piece, but it's almost a dreamy sort of thing, flashes of touches or looks or thoughts spread across the night. Very pretty. (Yonekuni/Shiro, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

Sex Pistols: Paternal Instincts by whisper132 - This is only a little over 400 words, but it was a really great piece to read because the author just kind of nailed Kunimasa's voice--this rough around the edges, really kind of a jerk sometimes, but actually not a bad guy teenager stuck in the usual cracky Sex Pistols type of situation. Also, lolololol at Kunimasa realizing that Norio being pregnant with his kid isn't maybe all that great, especially not if you get him knocked up right away and that kind of interferes with your sex life. Also, god, I love Norio so damn much. (Kunimasa/Norio.)

Sex Pistols: Superior Genetics by whisper132 - Another short fic, but it's on Yonekuni and Shiro this time and the author does just as fabulous and spot on voice for Yonekuni as she did for Kunimasa. It's a perfect blend of being a total dick and trying to be better and pissiness and a little bit of sweetness when it comes to Shiro. And also being a total dick towards his brother. I love the way he treats Shiro and I love the ending of the fic, it never fails to make me laugh just like the original manga does. (Yonekuni/Shiro.)

Sex Pistols: Boxing and Unboxing by whisper132 - Another, even shorter one, but it's so pitch-perfect that I really kind of don't care. I loved this one of Kunimasa and Norio as they go through old baby stuff and they're both so... Kunimasa and Norio. I love how Kunimasa has to deal with baby stuff now that Norio's knocked up and it's just as hilarious as the premise promises. (Kunimasa/Norio.)

Sex Pistols: Like A Cat To... by Grassy - Another short one (but that's the price of a small fandom XD) but it's a cute one! Norio accidentally spills his milk all over himself and his feline nature creeps up on him as he starts to clean himself up and, well, with Kunimasa there to watch the whole procedure, there's pretty much only one direction it can go in. And only one way it can end up. XD (Kunimasa/Norio, slight content warning.)

Sex Pistols: Minor Adjustments by ju - Have I mentioned enough times that I'm kind of over the moon for Joshua and Teruhiko? Because I am. Especially when Teruhiko is pregnant and they're just adorably stupid about each other (and just stupid in general), especially when Joshua has quit smoking because of the baby and Teruhiko finally notices. They're just. al;skdfjalskj this fic captures them so beautifully and I love them so much and whyyy is a furry mpreg manga so good? Why is the fic for it so good, too? (Joshua/Teruhiko.)

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