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- Shaman King Fanfiction Recs - Gen/No Pairings - I don't really know where I fall with Shaman King pairings (except that Yoh/Anna slowly won me over) and I would actually really, really love friendship fic with Yoh and Manta. I was shocked when Manta was one of my favorite characters in the manga (because I couldn't stand him in the anime) but I don't think too many people write fic about the character or the friendship between him and Yoh and Anna? Or, if they do, I'm too scared of the fandom to really poke much at it. I'm also interested in Hao & Yoh fic, as well as anything with Ren.

- Shaman King Fanfiction Recs - Yoh x Anna - I was really unsure about how I would feel about Yoh/Anna, given that I don't usually like bossy girls who make demands of the boys or just insert themselves right into their lives. But Anna was anything but typical in how she did it, she was just so... beautifully herself and not clinging or posessive (I love that she knows Yoh needs to be with his friends sometimes) and really does care about him yet shows that care in her own... special... way. And Yoh does so well with someone like her and... yeah, I fell for the pairing totally.

- Shaman King Fanfiction Recs - Other Pairings - Someday, I want to read a one-sided Ren --> Yoh story just because I could completely, utterly see it. Or maybe some Hao/Yoh in a weird, creepy way. Or Hao --> Anna being implied. Or Faust/Eliza fic would be cool. There aren't really a lot of pairings I go nuts for with Shaman King, it's hard to even think up this many as possibilities I'd like to read, but if there's something implied in the background or something one-sided in a fic, it'll likely go here. Which means it'll be small and rather anemic, but with the occasional little gem tucked away.

- Shaman King Fanart - There's not really a whole lot of Mankin fanart, I don't think? I've found a few sites here and there, but not nearly what I would have hoped for. I'm less picky with fanart, so I'll probably visit just about any site as long as it draws pretty characters--which explains the ton of Horohoro/Ren I've put into my Mankin fanart folder. The pairing isn't my thing, but, damn, if it's not pretty. <3 Occasionally, there'll also be Yoh/Anna fanart, which totally makes my day because, squee, I love that couple. Even if sometimes the fanart gets a little loli-ish or too sappy... but, shush, I'm easy on my favored pairings, I know.

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