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- The Simpsons - Green-Eyed Homer by Person - So. The reason I decided to read this fic is a touch convoluted--bell had done some recs for The Simpsons fics from the 2007 Yuletide, but the authors hadn't been revealed yet (which I don't read because it would be too much of a pain to go back and edit all my recs) despite that I was really quite intrigued. So, instead, I was browsing through the 2006 Yuletide fics I hadn't yet read and saw there was a couple there and picked one at random to read. And what I got was really sort of brilliant. I was also talking with bell about how the show didn't really get much fic, for various reasons, and it was hard to imagine how a series like it would translate to fanfic form, but... somehow this fic did it and did so brilliantly. Homer's perspective in this is fantastic, it is both hilariously funny and emotionally moving, he is very obviously not bright and a cartoon character, but there's a real person there. And Lisa just shines in this fic, her enthusiasm for all her pursuits and her intelligence, and the connection she has with Patty's new girlfriend and Homer's jealousy over it and his relationship with his daughter, all of it amazingly done. Even when the author lightly touched the fourth wall (as the show is often wont to do itself), it was fantastic. This was just brilliant all the way around. I-- I could really go for more The Simpsons fic if it were like this. (No real pairings/warnings.)

- The Simpsons - The Fearless Moral Inventory of Milhouse Van Houten by meyerlemon - It seems like so many people recommended this story from Yuletide (and it's the one that got me to go back and read the 2006 Simpsons story, since I don't read until the new year reveals) and it really was an interesting, fascinating look at the characters as their grown up selves, all those hints of darkness that you see starting to come out when they're kids, except having flourished in adulthood. It's especially interesting because it's not like it's a serial killer fic or anything, it's just taking what was potentially implied in the series and really running with it. This Milhouse is not a happy person, he's got so many issues, but they're done in a way that fits with the Simpsons world, it's really easy to see these people ending up who they are here, right down to how his love for Lisa never really went away. (, some Milhouse/Lisa, but sort of one-sided.)

- The Simpsons - Night of the Living Maude by Dead Composer - measuringlife recommended this fic/author after I'd been reading some of the Simpsons fics from Yuletide and I'm glad she did. While the fandom isn't one I necessarily need a whole lot from, it's nice to have a fic once in awhile, now that I'm kinda in the mood--and this was a great Halloween horror-esque story that was absurd and funny and threw the family into a crazy situation and made commentary on it and even ended on a perfect note for the series. The author really gets the spirit of the show--plus, how can you not want to read about the Simpsons living on a space station where the dead are seemingly coming back to life? XD (No real warnings/pairings.)

The Simpsons: What Remains by geonncannon - So, I have a thing for The Simpsons fic, which isn't something I actively seek out, but every so often, I'll stumble over just the right piece on a particular meme. And, well. How was I supposed to resist a Simpsons/Supernatural fusion? Honestly, I don't want to meet the person who isn't at least a little bit tempted by that! And this piece was amazing, with Bart and Lisa as the kids who lost their mother and, in some ways, their father, as Homer is a changed man, and they have to fend for themselves a lot now and Lisa is steadily growing more... well, something. The contrast between what they used to be and what they are now is beautifully done and what I wouldn't give for more of this. (No warnings/pairings.)

The Simpsons: i recognize that girl by bossymarmalade - More fic on The Simpsons! The focus is on Lisa and Maggie this time, especially Lisa wanting a sister to do things with, the way she tries so hard (in a very Lisa-like way) to bring them closer, but it never quite works. I love the details of this, the way it's so very The Simpsons, the whole entire family, so easy to see this set a few years down the road. Bart and Lisa as teenagers, Maggie as the younger sister, and the way it's not quite what she expected, even the references to Millhouse or Homer in the background, the dialogue, all of it is just perfection. (No warnings/pairings.)

The Simpsons: Idle Playthings: From The Devil's Mind by wasabi_girl1 - One more The Simpsons fic from the meme because I can't resist it when it's this well written! I adore this piece, because it's all about Maggie and the ridiculous adventures of this series and growing up, about how Maggie was just a little too little to really remember all the crazy things they did back in the days and how she's not really part of that as much as everyone else is, but she's going to have her own ridiculous adventures. I love the little detail of how she doesn't really talk around the others, but when she gets around her own friends and has her own adventures, then she does, it's one of those things that makes this work for me. I love how well this fits with the series and, ahhhh, who knew fic for this series would wind up being so good? (No warnings/pairings.)

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