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Skip Beat!: untitled by anenko - I probably shouldn't be reading Skip Beat! fic at this point, I'm not nearly far enough along in the story. And yet. asd;flkjaslkj I crave it. And this fic wasn't too spoilery (considering that I've read spoilers about the general direction of the series, if not very specific ones) and it hit on so many of the things that I really wanted out of fic--namely, Kyoko being awesome. And Kyoko having people around her now that actually care about her and are genuinely there for her. Moko being an awesome friend and Ren being smiley!angry and a;lsdkjfalskj I want makeouts for those two so badly and, okay, while I'm totally with Kyoko in wanting to grind Sho's face into the dirt as she steps past him to be her own star, it's also funny to read fic where the tabloids think she and Sho are an item and to watch their reactions to it. XD (No real warnings/pairings, aside from what you'd see implied in canon.)

Skip Beat!: Talk You To Sleep by anenko - I still probably shouldn't be reading Skip Beat! fic (especially because there doesn't seem to be a lot of it in fandom and I'm only hurting myself later by reading it now) but... I want the Ren/Kyoko and I want it now. So this short piece was really lovely for that, a look at Ren's feelings and the passion he has and how he already wants to say and do things with Kyoko, but holds himself back and it's just... the right amount of implications to be really lovely. *__* (Ren/Kyoko.)

Skip Beat!: Even If by lurk_stiltzkin - I was a little wary of clicking on this fic because it was labeled Sho/Kyoko, but I was curious to see how it was pulled off anyway. And I'm really glad I read it because it's more one-sided than anything and I find myself hoping that this is how the future of the manga goes, that Sho does eventually wake up, but too late and Kyoko's already happy with Ren. And, for all that I still want Kyoko to grind Sho's face into the dirt, I'm glad of this fic that made him a little more human again and showed everyone a little more grown up. Plus. Ren/Kyoko wedding! YES. <3 (One-sided Sho/Kyoko, background Ren/Kyoko.)

Skip Beat!: The Work of Chemists by Northlight - asdl;fkjal;skjljas I don't think I stopped being utterly gleeful the entire time I read this fic. I don't know which urge was stronger--the urge to shriek with glee over the OTP or to laugh out loud at the humor of the fic, which is a problem I face with the manga/anime itself as well. The fic actually really just nailed the style of Skip Beat!, of Kyouko's personality and her issues with love and yet how her feelings are slowly returning and there is something there with Ren. And, oh, the touches of humor, the moments that made me laugh and Ren's ability to see right into Kyouko's mind when she's at her worst and even President Takarada's role in the fic and just. asl;dfkja;lskjdffffff everything about this fic was brilliant and perfect and wonderful and fantastic. Oh, if only all fic in all fandoms were this satisfying. ♥ All it was lacking is a) makeouts and b) a sequel with a drama and makeouts. :D (Some implied Ren/Kyouko.)

Skip Beat!: Fools Rush by Northlight - You know what's something I never, ever get tired of? When a character's life is very, very hard because of the people they have in their lives. And Moko's life is very hard with Kyouko in her life and add to that that Tsuruga-san doesn't make Moko's life that much easier and you have a great little fic that I adored a lot. I love Moko a lot, she's still trying so hard to push people away, which you can tell even in this short piece, but also she has come so far with Kyouko. And a;sldkfjalskj the Ren/Kyouko in the background is ridiculously OTP, too. <3 (Background Ren/Kyouko, it's only half the point.)

Skip Beat!: Sunny Side Up by Golden meliades - This is a cute piece with Ren and Kyouko where she helps him out with a particular skill he needs to learn to land a role in a commercial and it's just... it's sweet and I couldn't help smiling the whole way through it, it really did a good job with their dynamic. It was nice, it was one of those that made me feel warm and happy as a fan of these two, and fit nicely into that time where they're sort of on the verge of figuring out how they feel about each other. It was very cute and I love that Kyouko's skills were highlighted in that way the series is so good about. <3 (Ren/Kyouko.)

Skip Beat!: So Ordinary by anenko - You know, if this had been a different author or if I hadn't just automatically opened the link when I saw she was writing Skip Beat! fic, I don't know if I'd have read this one. I'm not really at the point where I'm ready to forgive Sho yet. But somehow... somehow this fic got me caught up in it and it's a really great piece from Sho's point of view and his obvious attraction to Kyouko and the way his thoughts turn dirty as he sees a picture of her on a billboard and blends together with the porn aspect, all while keeping the characterization. I love the way this was done, it's so easy to see it fitting together with the characters. (Sho/Kyouko--sort of/in a sense--NC-17 or so.)

Skip Beat!: Fine Things by anenko - This is a short little fic, but it's such a lovely piece and the author does a great job at getting Kyouko's voice down. I love her joy at a simple thing like a new dress, yet there's a lot that's unsaid here that you can just feel from her character. I love how adorable she is and how much I want to give her a hug and a;sldkfjasljk I love Ren being kind of caught up in her, too. (Sort of implied Ren/Kyouko.)

- Skip Beat! - [ English Fanart Site ] - Okay, I don't think this is technically a fanart site, since it's an account with a bunch of screencaps from the PS2 game uploaded, but. But. I couldn't resist and I had to label this rec somehow. :| There's over a dozen images on the account and it's all stuff that I looooove. Well, maybe not the Sho/Kyouko stuff quite so much, but I can live with them, I guess. Especially when the Ren/Kyouko images are so pretty and so epic and I kind of want to fangirl Ren's hair ridiculous amounts. ♥ (Ren/Kyoko, maybe some Sho/Kyoko.)

- Skip Beat! - [ English Fanart Site ] - This is the same as the previous devART account I recommended, it's not precisely fanart so much as it is a bunch of screencaps from the PS2 game, but I couldn't resist because it's such awesome art and I love this series a lot! This one has even more art in it, there are pages and pages of caps, some of which are just total squee-inducing delight. I think that's what really gets me about these, is that it's really nice art from the game, but it's also often all about the pairings and I'm alllll about the Ren/Kyouko in fandom. This was just a really cool, fun site to come across this morning. (Ren/Kyouko, maybe some Sho/Kyouko, some other.)

Skip Beat!: History by smakn - Another super short fic, I know. But I was journalhopping and stumbled over this one and it's such a good portrait of Kyouko and why she really gets to me sometimes. Because so little of herself is actually hers and it's why she's such a complex and fascinating character, because she's realizing that and slowly filling things up of her own and this fic... short as it is, does a lovely job of capturing that. (No real warnings/pairings, not really.)

Skip Beat!: The Bridge by Pero - Ahhh, I love Ren and Yashiro interaction! Especially when Yashiro is totally pushing for Ren to acknowledge his feelings for Kyouko and his life is so incredibly difficult because Ren is so... Ren. I love Yashiro's unfailingly cheerful determination, I love his surprise attacks on Ren, and I love the lolz at the Yamapi reference. Man, I know it's not physically possible, but I kind of pine for a Yamapi/Kyouko drama now! (Implied Ren/Kyouko.)

Skip Beat!: The Wink by Golden meliades - Oh, this was delightful! Kyouko has a photoshoot at the beach with the Dark Moon cast and she's really nervous about it, so Ren manages (in his way) to help her out with it. I love how spot on the dialogue and tone is with these characters, how the author gets their delicious tension down perfectly, while still managing to make me laugh like crazy at their antics. I love how very difficult she makes Ren's life without Kyouko even realizing it (and believably so!) and Yashiro is trying not to die of lolz in the background and then it's just... it can go from hilarious to really sweet and heart-warming while still feeling natural. I love it, it's one of those fics that really does justice to the series. (Sort of Ren/Kyouko.)

Skip Beat!: the lines between love and hate by smakn - This is a really beautiful look at Kyouko's character and her relationship with both Sho and Ren. It's a fantastic look at her being stuck between love and hate and trying to shield herself from any emotions at all, a wonderful look at Kyouko's complexity. I love how confused she is here, how fascinating a character she is because of it, all the little things that slowly start to seep into her cracked and dry heart (except that it's never really been cracked and dry), all the little moments with Sho or Ren that get to her. Each scene is carefully written to create this balance between the three characters that... even as much of a Ren fan as I am, I found to be one of the greatest strengths of this piece, that it didn't really lean one way or the other. Instead, it's a Kyouko piece and it's fantastic for that. (Sort of implied Ren/Kyouko and Sho/Kyouko, but it's not really either, either.)

Skip Beat!: A Killer Role by inkstone - Kyoko has a conversation with a horror fan. Sometimes I love fandom and how much I immediately perk up at a summary like this! And the fic lived up to the potential of that summary--Kyouko has a role in a horror movie to prepare for, which she doesn't really understand, but runs into Perfect Girl Evolution's Sunako and has a conversation--making for this delightful, adorable piece between two fantastic female characters. I love crossovers like this, the kind that blend seamlessly together and are fun and reveal a little bit about each character. This was just lovely. <3 (No real warnings/pairings.)

Skip Beat!: Anger Management by Tammaiya - Another fic for my birthday and I totally had to ask for Ren/Kyouko because they have the potential for one of my favorite tropes about UST-laden couples--that, just because they're together, it doesn't mean that everything suddenly goes smoothly. I love Ren being the narrative character here and how he's just so... he's so stupidly in love with her, depresses himself or gets angry when he thinks of her with other people, even as he knows it wouldn't happen. And Ren's solution to the problem? Utterly delightful, I couldn't stop smiling for the longest time. ♥ (Ren/Kyouko.)

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